Friday, October 18, 2013

Can I Get a Witness??

Welcome to another edition of my blog! I was totally set to get soooo much work done today... but my mind wouldn't let me, lol. So finally, I decided to succumb to the nagging feeling I had to write my blog. So, let's kick off with:

Favorite Book Series:  'Worth Series' by Mara Jacobs

  So it appears I've rediscovered my Kindle, lol!  As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite past times is to browse amazon for free Kindle books.  What I'm finding, is that a lot of these new authors are creating books in series sets.  They'll sell the first book to $0.00, then any subsequent books are at a low price.  Ultimately, it's ingenious!  Not only do you get the pleasure of escaping, as you dive into a world other than your own, but if the author is any good, you'll remember their name for future purchases-- and why not provide those future purchases?  Well, that's what happened with this series! I love them, and I find that as soon as I finish a book, I can't wait to go on Amazon and make a One-Click purchase for the rest of the set!  Mara Jacobs has a riveting series, here... The first book plunged home some realities for me & a lot of other women who have struggled with weight issues, especially pertaining to weight issues + relationships. People who have never been in those shoes never really understand the depths of where those problems lie.  I loved that Ms. Jacobs was clearly able to depict that in Worth the Weight, the first book in the Worth series.  I'm currently on the second book, Worth the Drive, and it's definitely a page turner! If you love to read, spending some time picking up random free books on Kindle is great way to peak your book collection!

Favorite Song:  You Are the One by Elliot Yamin

    Ok, I'm a sucker for ballads, let's just say that. Trust  me, I am surprised that I really like Elliot Yamin's album, lol. For one, Elliot was on American Idol; where I haven't been a fan of American Idol since Ruben Studdard was upstaged by the flamboyantly eccentric, Clay Aiken.  Granted, back then, it seemed to be more Ruben's preference for Clay to be featured at EVERY one of  his appearances; Ruben is a better vocalist than Clay, however Clay is more of a performer.  My sister, Tamara, loves music, too-- but she and I have diverging musical tastes at times.  She had owned this CD for years, but I never really listened to it. A few days this week, I had a hard time with my musical choices. I didn't "crave" any particular artists... So, that's when I like to explore new artists. When I discover a new artist I like, I get so excited to expand on my selection. This song, I love because of the flat notes Elliot hits (intentionally)-- It's unsuspected and when done right, pretty enjoyable.   

Favorite Album:  The Sea by Corinne Bailey Rae

     Everyone knows I love a good British Artist... I've written in my blog before, that I feel that British artists tend to focus more on the art of music BEFORE their image.  They actually have talent, versus a lot of American talent who tend to be gimmicky and do things for shock value.  Don't get me wrong, one of my favorite artists, Amy Winehouse, was pretty shocking, and her Pinup Girl look was definitely a gimmicky signature for her-- BUT, she also had the talent to back it  up.  Anyway, Corinne Bailey Rae is another one of my favorite go-to Brits.  Her second album is more romantic than her first, in a way.  I really enjoyed it!  

Favorite Accessory:  Fake Nails

     We've come a long long way from Lee's Press On nails, ladies!  I'll have to admit, I lost interest in false nails especially when my sister became a Nail Tech Goddess! Acryllic nails are so bad for your nail beds, so I never get them.  She does such a great job on my nails, that it seems a sin to muck up her handiwork with false nails... However, my co-worker came in with awesome zebra print nails that looked really natural, and being that I don't see my sister as often as I liked, I thought I'd try them.  I always had an aversion to falsies, due to the movie I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, where the girl was pretty much fake inside & out... also, the fact that I have really great nails, naturally- it just seemed a bit of a bother to try and maneuver those double-sided stick'em strips and plastic nails that are a generic "one shape fits all" quality-- where we know this is not true. People have very different shapes.  But with the new innovations done to the false nails, I gave them a go, and I love them!  I think of all the countless times I've had to do a quick fix mani-pedi before a date or before going to some function.  I will still have my mani-pedi done by my sister, but in the interim, I've definitely committed these nails to my memory for future nail emergencies.  With the nail glue and new styles, who wouldn't try them?  Right now, I'm rockin' a pretty sexy looking Blue Leopard french manicure! 

Favorite Controversy:  Marvin Winans Denies a Single mom a Baby Dedication

      You can read the full article and video here, should you so be inclined... I just think it's a shame that there is so much legalism in some churches.  It's all "religious acts" versus having a relationship with Christ.  As a Christian, I know I'm not perfect-- I'm sure I do things everyday that aren't exactly "Christ-like"-- I'm sure there are things that other Christians deem as "unholy" that I don't have a problem with... We'll just have to agree to disagree on those.  The bottomline is, it's not about calling yourself a Christian and living by a bunch of "rules", while looking down your nose at others. It's not about outward works, its about a heart condition.  I understand why Pastor Winans decided this was the "policy" of their church, but it is from a place of "image" thinking.  Him blessing a child at a dedication does not condone the single-mother's premarital coitus. Her sin is between her and God.  God also says that if you ask for forgiveness & repent, that he forgets it, as far as the East is from the West.  He was worried that he would be seen as "condoning" her having a child outside of wedlock. What would he say to those who haven't been caught up with a child? I know he'd say it was wrong, but would he be willing to ridicule everyone who's had pre-marital sex in the church? Having a child is just proof of the sin, it doesn't cover up the sin to not have a child a the result of a union, just as much as it would justify if the parents were to marry after the child was born.

     I think a bigger message would be that she had the support of the church behind her...the proverbial village to help raise her son. I mean, that was what she was hoping for, right?  He slipped up. If he was so worried about this, he coud've tactfully said something (although I wouldn't have felt the need) but I think, especially in the Black community, there is such a need for support of single mothers. And to add more fuel to that thought, not everyone is an unwed mother planned to be a single mother. Some unwed mothers are divorced, some abandoned, some widowed, possibly some unfortunately taken away in the penal system.  There is a greater need to support single mothers, especially in the black community, than there is to stand in judgment of them.  Apparently, there is tons of dirt on Marvin Winans, himself-- so it's purely hypocritical for him to subject this kind of judgment on someone else, when he, allegedly, is rolling around in just as much dirt.  This is why people have to remember, pastors, deacons, ushers in the church & their counterparts are just as human & capable of sin, as the next.  It's just a shame that others feel the need to chastise you for it on a continual basis.  I hope this woman finds a church that will help her grow in her faith, and not be discouraged about something she can no longer change, and God has already forgiven her for.  

Favorite Laugh:  Can we claim the Government on our 2013 Taxes? 

    I'm not a fan of politics, in the least.  I consider myself "Independent" because at the end of the day, when voting, I vote the issues.  I take it for fact that both sides are manipulative & strategic in fulfilling their own agenda, be it patriotically or personally. I don't vote purely democratic or republican, because at the end of the day, there are views I agree & disagree with on BOTH sides.  What I can say about politics that I love, are the Memes that often result during a political feud.  This one is the best I've seen yet, as a result of the Government shut-down.  They give me a bit of nostalgia, as it reminds me of the old-timey political cartoons that used to show up in Newspapers all the time. Most of those, I don't understand, because (as I said) I'm not into politics.  But I love ones like this that pretty much unify us in the problem, instead of pointing fingers.  

Have a great weekend, Folks! Leave me comments! I love hearing from you!


  1. Hey girl. I totally agree with the support of single Moms. My Mom was a widow who raised 3 kids by herself with 2-3 jobs and paid off her house. Single Moms have always had it rough an still people discriminate against them. It to bad that people are so narrow minded, I remember my Mom being treated badly and judged. Loving the nails, music and thoughts on politics. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, Lexie!! Yeah- the single mom thing must be hard to do... And the thing about it is, I know for a fact that the church wouldn't have been opposed if she was widowed.It was more about her having the kid out of wedlock. I just think there are more important issues at hand, than to keep chastising someone for something they can't change.