Friday, October 25, 2013

I Can See Up Jay-Z's Nose & Other Fun Things...

   This has been a rough week & and even rougher day...but... we've made it through & should celebrate that, right? Here is what's been going on in my world!

Favorite Movie (or is it?): Safe Haven

   Ok, so this movie was NOT my favorite, but I did watch it this past week.  I have to say, that it had it's good parts & it's bad parts.  If you're not nauseated by a  super sugary sappy drama in true Nicholas Sparks fashion, then this movie is for you! For those of you who are afraid of getting diabetes, I urge you to please watch with caution.  So, as for the good points, the videography is great! The scenery is beautiful, the acting really isn't that bad, and the plot is actually interesting... However, if you need a story to be realistically sound, you won't find it here. The chic  does a complete 180degrees from being super cold  & keeping to herself, to being the belle of Southport, NC.  Then, when her love interests finds out she's a person of interest in First Degree Murder investigation, he gets mad for like 10seconds, then comes back to her, like it's not a big deal ... Then, there is a surprise twist to the ending that made me just say, "Oh Hayle NO!" If you're a kind of person that does well with fairy tales, then you can maybe stomach this movie... but for someone who likes for things to be more on the realistic side, you may just have to appreciate what you can out of this.  I would've given it 3 stars, but the fact that the ending took an abrupt dive into delusional plot-land, I had to take away have a star.

Favorite Obsession:  My New Keurig

   I love the Keurig at my office, and so I finally broke down & decided to get one for myself. I am obsessed with K-cups & all the different varieties of warm-weather beverages. Of course, on warmer days, these "warm-weather beverages" quickly become Iced Beverages-- but I love that it's so quick! Not only does this ensure a cleaner coffee allocation, but sells assorted variety packs.  I don't know if I'm proud or not, but I now have 50 different new varieties of coffee, fruit drinks, cidars, cocoas and teas... I may be a K-Cup Variety Pack junkie... I'm in beverage heaven! 

Favorite Book:  Water for Elephants

   From the first chapter Water For Elephants actually had me busting out laughing!  Being that this is a drama, I really didn't expect for it to be so comical.  I love the writing and Sara Gruen really engages you with the dialogue and colorful description.  I'm glad that I saw the movie first, and am now reading it later, because now my idea of what to expect is not to be disillusioned by what is now on the cutting room floor, and not longer in the movie. Can't wait to update you on what I think of the entire book, once I'm done reading... and speaking of a book I'm dying to get to...

  One of my favorite shows is The Mindy Project, and I really love Mindy's brand of humor. So naturally, as soon as I saw this book, I had to get it!  I mean, she has an interesting background (I know, b/c I already Wikipediad her [I Wikipedia EVERYONE) lol.  And her approach to life & the circumstances it brings, at times, reminds me of a girl I'd love to be friend with.  More to come on this great book!

Favorite "Controversy":  The People of the United States  vs. Jay-Z & Barney's and 'nem... 

   Apparently, there's controversy with the morale of Jay-Z's fan base & Barney's Department store.  His fans are asking that he discontinue his business with the store, due to an alleged racial profiling incident.  It may be, may not be... The only thing I saw when I first saw this story was, "I can see up Jay-Z's nose!" lol.

 Yes, I know... very mature, Tiffani... But seriously. My opinion on this controversy, is that I could care less about how Jay-Z spends his money. I think he would never squash a business deal for an incident that happens in Anywhere, USA and will proably blow over in a few weeks. He also doesn't strike me as "Power to the People" type of guy.  I think that if those who feel strongly about this stop shopping at Barney's to ease their consciousnesses, but I doubt Jay-Z will even acknowledge the issue.  

So- I'm gonna go now. I have a massive headache & I've gotta go siddown somewhere!  Stay tuned for next week, my loves! 

XOXO- Tiffani

Friday, October 18, 2013

Can I Get a Witness??

Welcome to another edition of my blog! I was totally set to get soooo much work done today... but my mind wouldn't let me, lol. So finally, I decided to succumb to the nagging feeling I had to write my blog. So, let's kick off with:

Favorite Book Series:  'Worth Series' by Mara Jacobs

  So it appears I've rediscovered my Kindle, lol!  As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite past times is to browse amazon for free Kindle books.  What I'm finding, is that a lot of these new authors are creating books in series sets.  They'll sell the first book to $0.00, then any subsequent books are at a low price.  Ultimately, it's ingenious!  Not only do you get the pleasure of escaping, as you dive into a world other than your own, but if the author is any good, you'll remember their name for future purchases-- and why not provide those future purchases?  Well, that's what happened with this series! I love them, and I find that as soon as I finish a book, I can't wait to go on Amazon and make a One-Click purchase for the rest of the set!  Mara Jacobs has a riveting series, here... The first book plunged home some realities for me & a lot of other women who have struggled with weight issues, especially pertaining to weight issues + relationships. People who have never been in those shoes never really understand the depths of where those problems lie.  I loved that Ms. Jacobs was clearly able to depict that in Worth the Weight, the first book in the Worth series.  I'm currently on the second book, Worth the Drive, and it's definitely a page turner! If you love to read, spending some time picking up random free books on Kindle is great way to peak your book collection!

Favorite Song:  You Are the One by Elliot Yamin

    Ok, I'm a sucker for ballads, let's just say that. Trust  me, I am surprised that I really like Elliot Yamin's album, lol. For one, Elliot was on American Idol; where I haven't been a fan of American Idol since Ruben Studdard was upstaged by the flamboyantly eccentric, Clay Aiken.  Granted, back then, it seemed to be more Ruben's preference for Clay to be featured at EVERY one of  his appearances; Ruben is a better vocalist than Clay, however Clay is more of a performer.  My sister, Tamara, loves music, too-- but she and I have diverging musical tastes at times.  She had owned this CD for years, but I never really listened to it. A few days this week, I had a hard time with my musical choices. I didn't "crave" any particular artists... So, that's when I like to explore new artists. When I discover a new artist I like, I get so excited to expand on my selection. This song, I love because of the flat notes Elliot hits (intentionally)-- It's unsuspected and when done right, pretty enjoyable.   

Favorite Album:  The Sea by Corinne Bailey Rae

     Everyone knows I love a good British Artist... I've written in my blog before, that I feel that British artists tend to focus more on the art of music BEFORE their image.  They actually have talent, versus a lot of American talent who tend to be gimmicky and do things for shock value.  Don't get me wrong, one of my favorite artists, Amy Winehouse, was pretty shocking, and her Pinup Girl look was definitely a gimmicky signature for her-- BUT, she also had the talent to back it  up.  Anyway, Corinne Bailey Rae is another one of my favorite go-to Brits.  Her second album is more romantic than her first, in a way.  I really enjoyed it!  

Favorite Accessory:  Fake Nails

     We've come a long long way from Lee's Press On nails, ladies!  I'll have to admit, I lost interest in false nails especially when my sister became a Nail Tech Goddess! Acryllic nails are so bad for your nail beds, so I never get them.  She does such a great job on my nails, that it seems a sin to muck up her handiwork with false nails... However, my co-worker came in with awesome zebra print nails that looked really natural, and being that I don't see my sister as often as I liked, I thought I'd try them.  I always had an aversion to falsies, due to the movie I'm Gonna Get You Sucka, where the girl was pretty much fake inside & out... also, the fact that I have really great nails, naturally- it just seemed a bit of a bother to try and maneuver those double-sided stick'em strips and plastic nails that are a generic "one shape fits all" quality-- where we know this is not true. People have very different shapes.  But with the new innovations done to the false nails, I gave them a go, and I love them!  I think of all the countless times I've had to do a quick fix mani-pedi before a date or before going to some function.  I will still have my mani-pedi done by my sister, but in the interim, I've definitely committed these nails to my memory for future nail emergencies.  With the nail glue and new styles, who wouldn't try them?  Right now, I'm rockin' a pretty sexy looking Blue Leopard french manicure! 

Favorite Controversy:  Marvin Winans Denies a Single mom a Baby Dedication

      You can read the full article and video here, should you so be inclined... I just think it's a shame that there is so much legalism in some churches.  It's all "religious acts" versus having a relationship with Christ.  As a Christian, I know I'm not perfect-- I'm sure I do things everyday that aren't exactly "Christ-like"-- I'm sure there are things that other Christians deem as "unholy" that I don't have a problem with... We'll just have to agree to disagree on those.  The bottomline is, it's not about calling yourself a Christian and living by a bunch of "rules", while looking down your nose at others. It's not about outward works, its about a heart condition.  I understand why Pastor Winans decided this was the "policy" of their church, but it is from a place of "image" thinking.  Him blessing a child at a dedication does not condone the single-mother's premarital coitus. Her sin is between her and God.  God also says that if you ask for forgiveness & repent, that he forgets it, as far as the East is from the West.  He was worried that he would be seen as "condoning" her having a child outside of wedlock. What would he say to those who haven't been caught up with a child? I know he'd say it was wrong, but would he be willing to ridicule everyone who's had pre-marital sex in the church? Having a child is just proof of the sin, it doesn't cover up the sin to not have a child a the result of a union, just as much as it would justify if the parents were to marry after the child was born.

     I think a bigger message would be that she had the support of the church behind her...the proverbial village to help raise her son. I mean, that was what she was hoping for, right?  He slipped up. If he was so worried about this, he coud've tactfully said something (although I wouldn't have felt the need) but I think, especially in the Black community, there is such a need for support of single mothers. And to add more fuel to that thought, not everyone is an unwed mother planned to be a single mother. Some unwed mothers are divorced, some abandoned, some widowed, possibly some unfortunately taken away in the penal system.  There is a greater need to support single mothers, especially in the black community, than there is to stand in judgment of them.  Apparently, there is tons of dirt on Marvin Winans, himself-- so it's purely hypocritical for him to subject this kind of judgment on someone else, when he, allegedly, is rolling around in just as much dirt.  This is why people have to remember, pastors, deacons, ushers in the church & their counterparts are just as human & capable of sin, as the next.  It's just a shame that others feel the need to chastise you for it on a continual basis.  I hope this woman finds a church that will help her grow in her faith, and not be discouraged about something she can no longer change, and God has already forgiven her for.  

Favorite Laugh:  Can we claim the Government on our 2013 Taxes? 

    I'm not a fan of politics, in the least.  I consider myself "Independent" because at the end of the day, when voting, I vote the issues.  I take it for fact that both sides are manipulative & strategic in fulfilling their own agenda, be it patriotically or personally. I don't vote purely democratic or republican, because at the end of the day, there are views I agree & disagree with on BOTH sides.  What I can say about politics that I love, are the Memes that often result during a political feud.  This one is the best I've seen yet, as a result of the Government shut-down.  They give me a bit of nostalgia, as it reminds me of the old-timey political cartoons that used to show up in Newspapers all the time. Most of those, I don't understand, because (as I said) I'm not into politics.  But I love ones like this that pretty much unify us in the problem, instead of pointing fingers.  

Have a great weekend, Folks! Leave me comments! I love hearing from you!

Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love My...

   So Glad that Columbus "discovered" American Indians living in America, already... Not that he really discovered America, lol... But I am glad that he at least got lost & gave me a reason not to come to work on Monday!! Hoo-raaah!! Let's Get it started! So excited to start my 3-day Weekend! 

Favorite Read:  I Love My Healed Heart (Books 1-4)

   I'm guessing, there has been an emergence of romance & erotica that has sprung to the scene, since E.L. James decided to pen those racey novels of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Well, I found a series of short novels that rival the spicy sensation. I Love My Healed Heart is actually a culmination of 4 short stories (I Love my Breakup, I Love My Office Fling, I Love My Freakout, I Love My Destiny...each one is juicier than the next, and it's just starting to get good!  I found this series while browsing around for Free Kindle books (an enjoyable pastime of mine, since getting my Kindle Paperwhite).  I think the culmination title is pretty cheesy, but the contents is anything, but... Of course, I do find it a little weird, at times, when authors try to add in modernized lingo... I don't know if it's a feeble attempt to gain younger readers, but it's just kind of odd when an author mentions Facebook, lol... But This book is a fast easy read, and pretty spicy!

Favorite Look:  Vintage Hair

     So, these are just two of the looks I've tried recently that I really Really LOVE! The first pic got over 60 "Likes" on Facebook, so I must've been doing something right, right? I have always thought that I was a lady out of my time. I've always had an affinity for vintage things.  Every century has something to appreciate...whether it be hipster hair or hot pants! So, what ha'happened was... I fell back in love with my sponge curlers... When I was a little girl, my mom used to straighten my hair for the first day of school (until I was old enough to do it myself)... Now, Now, I know what you're thinking... We did not use the modern Flat iron... We used the good'ol Hot comb from the 1970's!! LOL  I never had a relaxer before I went to College, so getting my "hair pressed" was the next best thing... Our Hot Combs weren't even the updated electrical ones, they were the ones that you put on the stove to heat up... Then cooled off on a paper bag before applying to your hair & hoping it was cool enough not to singe y our hair, but hot enough to get it straight... lol... So, each year, my mom would hot comb me, then we would put in sponge rollers... I used to lay very straight & hope that my 'do  looked great in the morning... Well, I'm finding that I still love sponge rollers, and have decided to start using them more often!  
Favorite Radio Station:  Statement

         I used to be a HUGE fan of Bridezillas until I couldn't stand it, anymore... I just got so tired of people and their entitlement issues and their tacky relationships. I take my relationships seriously... and it just kind of sucked that people who acted like complete morons were gracing the aisles of churches all across America... I'm so glad that show is over, lol!  I have grown in my disdain for entitled people... I usually feel really sorry for the husbands... but if they're dumb enough to be treated that way, who am I to be against them getting what they want? Amiright, Amiright?  SMH  

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  Facebook Drama


 Ok, everyone has that friend they keep on Facebook, just because they give you so much Reality TV Realness, right?  I mean, I don't truly find "pleasure" exactly, when people have Facebook Drama; These people really are going at each other... but it's like a train wreck.... You just can't look away... I mean, if they're going to put all their business out there, why not pay attention? lol.  I'm not proud of it... but I do have a few people on my friend's lists who I keep around, purely for the drama.  Mostly, it's that I can't believe that grown people actually behave this way, especially publicly.  Of course, we cannot see a pic of what it looks like, but in my mind, it's a manifestation of a Jerry Springer Show. LOL  Feuding Baby Mamas, Playas trying to school men on how to be in relationships, controversial racial & political arguments... There's always something... And it is entertainment!

Favorite Vintage Pic:  Waiting for the Bus

Well, it's time for me to go & get outta Here! Enjoy Your weekend! And hit me up with a few comments about what you're getting into this weekend! 


Friday, October 4, 2013

Reality Wives Run-Down

  These couple of weeks have been CRAZY! This blog was actually a combination of  last week (which I was just too tired to finish & was trying to leave work early...) and this week... So, since it's a bit long... Here we Go!!:

Favorite Dramas:  Basketball Wives, Hollywood Exes & RHONJ

   Ok- so I couldn't pick JUST ONE, because each of these shows have been eventful this week! So I'm gonna comment [not-so] briefly on each one... is that ok with you? Sure it is! Bonus Blab, here we go! :0) 

   Basketball Wives
       So, last week, Cross-eyed Tasha Marbury had a birthday party. You would think that at her age, she would not have to have a conference that her "friends" (whom she's not even that close with) didn't stay for the full time.  The ladies stated they had waited 2hrs & left.  Not only was the party boring, but she didn't bother to answer her phone, and a lot of the ladies had things to do the next day--- to include Suzie's 6am flight.  so Cross-eyed Tasha ( <--can you tell I don't like Tasha? lol) decides to get on her self-entitled high horse & chastise the ladies for leaving early, completely disregarding that they waited 2hrs.  Not only that, Tasha demanded to know where Tami's gift was, since Tami didn't make it to the party... When Tami confronted her about it being rude, she back peddled & said "it was just a suggestion" (Yeah, she didn't want none, from Tami, lol)... Most people expected Tami to pop off at Tasha for how rudely she was behaving-- but I understood why Tami didn't unleash on her.  For one,  I felt she was probably more amused at her audacity to be so bold about a gift, and also- Tami respects blunt people. I get it- we're two peas in a pod when it comes to that... But I can say one thing, Tasha better not be expecting a serious gift from her, lol.  

    Also- There's the incident with Suzie.  I think Suzie's self-esteem has been crushed, in comparison to other seasons. She's not even running her mouth nearly as much, anymore.  I think it was incredibly rude the way Tasha blatantly dismissed Suzie, as if she didn't matter.  Suzie is not one of my favorite people, but I do think she was mistreated & that she had a right to confront Tasha... How she did it was classless, though.  She really hadn't thought the confrontation through.  She really only wanted to say "F*** You for treating me that way".  In a confrontation, after an incident, you can't just go in like that, with no build up. It's weird & immature, and seems more like you're trying to start something, rather than stick up for yourself. I commend her for at least trying, though, however childish it seemed. I think she's in a re-building stage of her life, and really didn't have the strength she once had- but at least she's getting it back.                           

Real Housewives of New Jersey

      The season finale of RHONJ was pretty much indicative of the entire season.  It was pretty much a snooze-fest, because the only juice was the ongoing feud between Teresa & Melissa.  Then, enters "Penny" with some new information. I was glad to see they appeared to be making some sort of headway into "Who was leaking the family business... Who had it in for Melissa... Who started in on Jacqueline?"  Ok- no one is stupid. All signs point to Teresa... simple as that. Of course, when the final culmination came to the confrontation between The Gorgas, Giudices & Penny, you know there was going to be a fist fight... I was hoping that Joe Gorga would wait just a little longer, before he went in on Johnny the Greek, but he didn't. I thought we were FINALLY gonna get some concrete answers, but to no avail.  In the end, Jacqueline gave Teresa a catchphrase for trying to "admit" to some wrong-doing without actually admitting what she had done.

(Sidenote: Teresa does this ALL the time.  She takes other people's words and tries to ingratiate the words to fit her purposes.)

....Apparently, the family is "ok" with her brand of apology. I guess, to those that know her, it was some progress, even though she didn't really admit to much and she was still lying about her involvement.  She kept saying that she listened to people & didn't say anything... That's true, but that's not where it started or ended. She made it seem as if "People were simply gossiping & she didn't do anything to stop it..." I wholeheartedly believe she put people up to doing her dirty work. 

     And let's talk about that whack interview at the end of the finale with Andy Cohen!!! Seriously Giudices??? Why would you go on camera and talk about your open case and not be prepared?  It seems like you were more thoughtful in picking out your "we're innocent, please don't send us to prison for 50yrs" wardrobe, than knowing what you are being accused of. (Since when does Teresa go on Watch What Happens Live in an unimaginative gray suit with barely any jewelry on???) You're not fooling anyone, Tre.  They seemed to be in denial & so misinformed about everything.  And what they weren't misinformed about, they were incredibly evasive.  It's a shame.  They really shouldn't have ever done the interview.  They looked like giant Dopes! 

Hollywood Exes

     Out of all of the Reality Housewives shows I watch- this has got to be the one with the most twists and turns of the season.  Thank God for this show for giving us AUTHENTIC reality tv.  The newest dose of drama, is what I like to call "Hoodrat-gate"... Finally, they're off Mayte's PETA obsession and on to something different.  So, here's the scoop...

     For Drea's birthday, she wanted to introduce them to some pole dancing classes.  So they were all encouraging & cheering for each other & trying to get "crunk" and Jessica yells "Go, Hoodrat, Go Hoodrat..."  

   Now, little lily-white Jessica doesn't know any better... it's clear.  She's never really been  in the environment that she would know that's not ok. She says, "I have two black friends, and they say it all the time!"-- Ok, so if you can count the number of 'black friends' you have, then that is probably a good indication that you have no idea what you're saying. So Sharee (hmmmmph) decides that she'll "address" it with her & ask her about it.  She does, and it's clearly evident that she was ignorant of exactly what "hoodrat" meant.  They both deduce that Shamicka didn't realize that she said anything, either... which, was a good thing.

(Sidenote: Hoodrat means a woman who is known in the hood for sleeping around with multiple people. Men run trains on hoodrats (side side note: line up & everyone gets a turn sexually) , type of chic...)

    So, after convincing Jessica, that it'd stay between the two of them, Sharee goes and runs her big fat mouth to Drea.  I still feel like "no harm, no foul"... Sure, it's still gossip, but whatevs... that's what reality tv is all about.  What I DON'T agree with is Sharee taking it upon herself to make it an ordeal. She tries to make it sound "right" by saying that she was going to "break it to Shamicka gently"-- kind of like to soften the blow, before she found out through the grapevine.  Shamicka's reaction is actually pretty cool-- but then here comes Nicole, and Sharee has to bump her gums to her, as well...Then, Nicole brings it up, in front of Shamicka's long-time friends... Who actually were pretty understanding of the situation.

   This week should be the juicy confrontation between the three (Jessica, Shamicka & Sharee).  I have to say, I'm ultimately team Shamicka. She seems to really be level-headed, even if  "Shamicka Sha'ron" comes out.  But I'm also team Jessica, for the first time, ever (and probably the last, ha ha).  I think she has every right to be angry at Sharee... Not only was she truly ignorant to what a 'hoodrat was, and meant no mal-intent, but when it was brought to her attention, Jessica sincerely wanted to apologize, right away.  It was probably the first sincere & noble thing I've seen Jessica do all season long... Sharee said it'd stay between them, then goes & throws her under the bus... Honey, please. She deserves the tongue-lashing she gets next week... Can't wait to see what happens! 

Favorite Idea:  1950's Wrap Dress!

      I absolutely LOVED this idea!  Of course, it's not new-- but It looks like something that could easily be recreated.  I own a sewing machine- so this might actually be a project for me to take on, eventually.  It's a vintage version of a wrap dress.  I can't help to think that this one would be a little more secure, however.  Notice, the covered button at the waist.  There is another one on the other side (on the inside) that you cannot see.  Essentially, this is two parts to a dress.  They are interchangeable. Of course, I wouldn't use this Shark's Skin fabric. I don't find the colors appealing-- but the fact that it's an interesting concept is! I'll take pics, if I accomplish this dress.     

Favorite Pic:  Take Charge, Woman!

   I love pictures like this!  It kind of reminds me of myself.  I'm such a balance between being a girly-girl, classy woman, and being a total grease monkey! LOL Not that I can fix a ton of cars or anything-- but technology & mechanics are things that I seem to be pretty good at.  I've changed my own brakes on my car, before-- without messing up my cherry red manicure, might I add...  :)  So I find things like this sort of endearing.  Of course, she could also be waiting for Prince Charming to come along & save her from her car troubles, also... but it's open to interpretation...

Favorite Gripe:  Getting Kanye-d

     This may not be the technical term for this... but One of my biggest pet peeves is being interrupted.  I'm not talking about the occasional interruption, when someone doesn't realize it... but for those who are HABITUAL interrupters!  I've coined this term "getting Kanyed"... lol.  If you interrupt someone, it's fine-- but at least have the decency to apologize or acknowledge that you know you're interrupting.  Don't just pick up and start an actual CONVERSATION with someone... Who does that??? Well, I could tell you who does that-- but you don't know her, so it's pointless. But let me just say, it has got to stop.  Rude people with no social graces slay me! 

OK- that's the end... If you've made it this far, thanks for being a true fan of my blogs! I really appreciate you hangin' with me! Take Care!!