Friday, September 20, 2013

The Baseball Butt-Tag

Ok, so I couldn't go TWO weeks, without filling you guys in on what's going on in my world... It's been a crazy week (which week hasn't???), and it's been full of fundraisers, volunteer projects, a few events & More... but don't just take my word for it... Check out what's up!:

Favorite Truth:  Yo' Mama!

   I loved this!! It's so funny, but also truthful... and hopefully will help mothers (and fathers) to be more mindful of things they post on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, etc... I'm always a little surprised by what some folks who call themselves parents put on Facebook, at times.  Sure, you're human & you're still who you are, despite if you have kids or not... but the fact that there are people who go to the extreme of posting things that could potentially embarrass their kids-- and not in the way that all kids are embarrassed at times... but in a way that they should be embarrassed. SMH.

Favorite Person:  Rachel Bolvi McGhee

     It was Sept 7, when I was at a Football game with a friend of mine & also co-worker.  As we were leaving, we got a call that our dear friend, Rachel (above) went home to be with the Lord.  Rachel was one of the sweetest, funniest, and caring people I knew.  She had a rare form of brain cancer that is mostly found in children 5 & under.  She had it once, and beat it once... but this time, we were not so fortunate.  I say "we" were not as fortunate, because she is now far more fortunate. Rachel had a strong belief system and walk with Christ, and I know she is now in heaven.  Rachel would've been 29yrs old on Sept 16th of this year.  She'll be missed greatly, but her passing also brings joy & celebration, that she is no longer suffering. Rachel had a passion for children & adoption (as we both work(ed) at a Foster Care & Adoption Agency). Her family has created a fund in her memory. Also, she had donated her body to science, in order to find out more about what causes & cures can be made with her form of brain cancer.  Most families do not want to donate their loved one's bodies, because they are usually children...but Rachel wanted so badly to be cured and for others to be cured as well.  If you'd like to send donations, Please follow the jump!  

Favorite Games:  Only with Ohio...The Infamous Butt-Tag

Jonathan Villar of the Astros gets a little too aggressive and winds up with a face full of fanny, sliding head-first into Brandon Phillips’ backside Tuesday night.

       Ok, so my boyfriend & I were sitting on the couch the other night watching Pardon The Interruption (or as those savvy to ESPN call it, PTI...)  Normally, I do not watch PTI, but he was into it, so I decided to watch with him. I enjoyed the commentary, and the rapid fire topics that came to mind. I have to say, that this clip had us laughing so hard. Neither one of us watch Baseball, but when Jonathan Villar (Houston Astros) ran into Brandon Phillips' (Cincinnati Reds) butt and STILL was called out, I KNEW it was going to have to make it in my blog, this week!  I'm glad he wasn't hurt... but I could watch this a couple more times for laughs...How about you? lol

Favorite Laugh:  You Can See Me?

   I saw this & got a kick out of it!!

Ok- So it's a bit of a short blog this week, but my boss said I can leave early, and I'm incredibly tired. I had a 3:45am wake up call this morning! So See Ya!! 


  1. Hello Tiffani. I had met Rachel a few times as she babysat for my sister in Kettering. So sorry to her of her passing. My sister Gilda is trying to get in touch with either Ryan or Rachel's parents so if you could help in any way, she would be very grateful. Please contact me at or call me at 402-850-4236 if it is easier for you. Thank you in advance and I hope this finds you well. Berto

    1. So sorry Berto! I didn't see this until today! Its crazy how Blogger works! LOL I usually get the notifications for comments in my inbox. I hope you found all the info you needed! I can't believe our girl has been in heaven a year! Wow!