Friday, September 6, 2013

NFL SEASON Has Come... Happy Football Season, Everyone!

So... I have no clever or witty introduction... I'm tired as all get out.  I stayed up all night watching Football Night in America: Kickoff 2013... and The Golden Girls, lol. Yes, I'm electic w/my tv watching, too!  So check out what's gone on... 

Favorite Disappointment:  Ravens LOST to the MF Broncos... 

  Ok, I'm mad, America... Last night, I spent most of the night watching the NFL Kickoff, and the team I was cheering for, lost!!  They not only lost, they had their a**es handed to them by the Denver Broncos.  Ordinarily, I'm not a die-hard Ravens fan, but my girl, Marie, is and when I don't care (for myself) who's really playing I go for my family/friends care about... and I CAN say, that I was excited to see Jacoby Jones... who was STUPIDLY injured by one of his OWN players, #28 DB Brynden Trawick. I mean... They had it good, up until that moment, and then they just gave the rest of the game away.  With Jones & Oher being out due to injuries, I think it really threw off the entire feel of the game.  I was hoping Flacco could get his team motivated to get their butts in gear... but to no avail... 

Favorite Dress:  Hand-painted Rockabilly Swallows Dress

     LOVE this dress!  It's casual and retro, with awesome fire-colored hand-painted Swallows.  I came across this dress, while browsing through a Rockabilly page on Facebook.  I loved clothes that tell all kinds of stories... This one says, I could be store-bought or custom designed... I could've been found in a thrift store, by a vintage lover... I could've been a man's old button down shirt, but some style savvy fashionista  transformed into a DIY project.  You never know.  All you do know, is that this is not something you see people wear, everyday.  I'm totally picturing where I could wear this dress.  Shopping with girlfriends on the weekend, at a summer concert... under a "ironic" cardigan at work... The possibilities are endless.  

Favorite Video:  @Scottbradleelovesya Covers

   The first time I saw this video (and other ones like it), I thought-- "Wow, these people really have a lot of time on their hands"... but after watching a few it is quite entertaining.  Everyone is really talented, and the songs they choose to do covers for, are trendy & being played right now. As weird as it might be, it's actually kind of cool.

Favorite Laugh:  When Twerkin' Goes Wrong... 

OMG... I've seriously watched this 32 times, lol. At first, I was like..."Oh... I know what's gonna happen... Someone is going to open the door...Whoop-dee-doo... But NO!!  What this girl is giving us is EPIC, lol.  I think I almost peed myself watching this.  I mean, I'm not gonna lie...My ratchet side was like "Get it, little gurrrrrl..." but this happened... MADE MY LIFE from 11:43 to noon! LOL

Favorite Commercial:  Eagle's Fan Tailgates with Quinoa... 

  Ok, this is not the best quality clip of this commercial, but it'll work... You may have to put your volume up a little louder.  Can I say... as an Eagle's Fan, this commercial warmed my heart...  Yes, America... I will be drinking a Bud Light during the game on Monday to cheer on my team, as we battle the Redskins :)  I mean, if dude has to grill a Quinoa patty, I'm willing to do my part, too... I'm just laughing that he called it everything BUT it's right name!

Welp, gotta get some things done for work, and my lunch break is over... Tune in next week! Share your life! :)


  1. Okay, I'm trying this again, to leave a comment that is. I'm finally not seething anymore, probably not until I encounter another stealers fan. Lol.

    That video is the most hilarious to date that I've seen and laughed at. I literally had tears afterwards. Lol

    I laughed as hard at this video I mentioned, it's Scarlet takes a tumble. I'll try posting in another comment.

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      I don't think this platform allows for embedded videos in the comments. You may just have to go to youtube.