Friday, August 9, 2013

Fast Blog

  This is a short blog this week, because I have so much going on! I'm going to leave for the day soon- but I wanted to make sure to the blog in! Enjoy!! 

Favorite Pics:  Interesting Portraits of People as they Once Were... 

   I thought this was beautiful art!  I love things that tell a story... I saw this meme on Facebook, and whoever thought of this clever idea really touched a lot of people's hearts.  The artistry in these photos are so well-done.  If you'd like to see more, follow the link to view the rest of the photos! Portraits of People As They Once Were...

Favorite Performance:  Boyz II Men at The Package Tour (Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, New Kids on the Block)

   I had an amazing time at The Package Tour! with New Kids on The Block, 98Degrees, and Boyz II Men!  Although the seating was a lot higher than I anticipated, it was still awesome to be there with my girls & dancing & singing in the nosebleed section! lol I was extremely impressed with Boyz II Men! They did not disappoint.  I knew the words to every song, and it was such a romantic vibe.  They really brought back my love for them & their talent.  New Kids & 98Degrees were good, too-- but it didn't seem like they were interested in rekindling our nostalgia. Trust me, my friends & I were happy about our decision NOT to dress up like the 90's, like some other folks who looked out of place, lol.  

Favorite Quote:  Be Authentic

    Something I can't stress enough... "Worth" is so much more than money & clout.  God gave each of us something special to offer this world-- and there's no need to pump up our image, especially if it's dishonest, misleading or inauthentic.  Real confidence comes with being comfortable & self-aware.  Know who you are. Know your flaws... Know your strengths. And be that!  No one says you have to be perfect. No one says it's wrong to work on yourself... Just know that it's much better being the person you actually are, instead of putting on a show for others.  In the end, if you really are that person, you won't have to call attention to it.

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