Thursday, August 29, 2013

I Gotcha on a Thursday!

Don't be looking for my blog tomorrow, cause THIS IS IT!! lol I won't have time to write tomorrow- but I wanted to make sure to get this in, while I could! Here we go:  

Favorite Picture:  Pin Up Girl Glam/ Rockabilly Style

     Doing a Rockabilly/Pin Up Girl photo shoot is definitely on my Bucket List! I just love the this style! It's fun, flirty, and a little provocative.  Sure they have plenty of photos in this genre that are more "Boudoir"-- but my favorites are the ones that are "accidentally" sexy (not really, though, because they're pretty intentional lol).  The kind where they are kind of funny, but you "accidentally" see her underwear... I just think it's a little more subtle than a lot that we're dealing with today... (I mean, really Miley Cyrus???)  I like this era, because-- although it was racy for it's time-- it's still feminine & sexy.  Its a time that celebrates a woman's curves & femininity-- instead of  the time we live in now, where everyone wants to either be androgynous or making everything unisex.  I kind of like the idea of women & men being seen separate, but equals; yet praised & celebrated for their differences... 

Favorite Debate:  Mylie Cyrus Vs. Sarah Baartman... 

"... against her will, she has to mimic savagery and expose her body, first in carnivals, then in the aristocratic salons of Paris, later on among the libertines and finally in brothels where she ends up being a prostitute. In the meantime, French anatomists will have taken an interest in her unusual anatomy (enormous buttocks and labia) only to declare her the missing link from ape to man. In 1815, aged only 27, she dies alone, of a combination of pneumonia and venereal disease..."

  Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.  
-George Santayana, 1863–1953, philosopher

  Ok, so a group of friends & I had a bit of a heated debate over an article, about whether or not Miley Cyrus' VMAs performance could be considered racists (Solidarity for Miley).  Overtly, no... I don't think young Miley ever considered that her performance could be seen as racially offensive in the least bit.  In fact, I believe that she loves Black culture... I believe that she is now trying to submerge herself in it, as well as make a profit off of it... and I believe, despite her admiration for what she thinks embodies our culture, she has caused some groups to compare the display to what Sarah Baartman had to go through, during slave times... Granted, the women who danced for Miley were fully willing to participate, however there were subtle signs of racial manipulation. There was a lot of ignorance up on the stage from pretty much everyone in that performance... I mean... all this from a girl who didn't even now who Jay-Z was a few years ago...  but I digress.. 

     I've attached the link, if you actually want to read the article... and although I personally didn't agree 100% w/the article, and felt it was a bit reaching, I felt that a lot of valid points were made.  I enjoyed having the discussion w/ some of my friends-- and even though it seemed like most people were "staying out of it", and a lot of people who were "on my side of the debate" seemed to just be calling & texting me, instead of expressing themselves on Facebook-- I was proud to be able to stand up for what I believe, and still know that the people who participated still respect me & are still my friends.  It did bother me that no one (who commented) seemed to truly understand where I was coming from- especially given the historical accuracy in comparison, but at the same time, I kind of didn't expect them to, either.  But to each his own... and we all will always see the world through different eyes & world views, and that's the way it should be.  God  didn't make us all the same to experience all the same things in life... I'm just glad that at the end of the day, we know that our different opinions don't define us as a whole.  

Favorite Laugh:  No, Grandma, NO!! 

Favorite Music:  Latasha Lee & The Black Ties

     I'm sooo excited about getting into Latasha Lee & The Black Ties!!!  I accidentally stumbled on to this group & absolutely love her music her Rockabilly Style & her unique twist on songs.  She is very comparable to Amy Winehouse... and as much as I love Amy, she's no longer with us. No one can ever replace Amy Winehouse, but I'm so happy to have found another singer who embodies the same type of sound & style.  It makes me laugh that people on her page were getting mad, because people were comparing her to Amy Winehouse-- but there's no doubt about it.  And if you're an Amy Fan, you're probably gonna be a Latasha Fan.  Her music seems to have more positive lyrical content, than Amy's-- We all know Amy Winehouse had substance abuse & relationship problems that she wrote about all the time... because Latasha didn't live Amy's life (musically) her content is a lot different-- but both are amazing.  Amy was definitely more raw than Latasha-- but Latasha brings it, too!  So excited!! So check it out & tell me what you think!

I decided to do my blog today, because tomorrow I will be starting long weekend with a friend I haven't seen in 7yrs! So to everyone out there in Cyberspace, have an awesome Labor Day Weekend!   fun-filled with a friend I haven't seen in 

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