Monday, August 19, 2013

Blog Break...

   So, I am well aware that I didn't post last Friday. Things got really hectic at work (as they do every year during "Fundraiser Time") and I was just too exhausted to stay any longer to type a blog... Sorry ya'll... but I can't promise it won't happen again, lol. So for now, this is what we're going to discuss:  

Favorite Movie:  We're The Millers

   Before my brother went back to college, I took a day off to spend some time with him & hang out.  He & I are pretty close, so it was awesome to get some time w/him.  We'd been so busy, and the summer just flew by!  We were going to see The Heat (which I had already seen, and thought was hilarious!) but it was sold out, so we decided to see We're The Millers, instead.  So glad we saw it!  Ok, ok... if you get squeamish or offended easily about lots of "adult humor" and moderate cursing, this movie may not be for you... but if you can get past that, it's hilarious!  The humor itself is funny, but I think the thing that makes it pure comedy is that the humor is unexpected.  So many movies are predictable... or you kind of know what's gonna happen next, by the way things are set up... But this movie is different. It keeps you on your toes the whole time, alongside making you crack up!  The ending is not predictable, yet also didn't leave any cliffhangers.  Check this movie out, if you're in the mood for a good laugh!

Favorite Celebration:  My Satellite is fixed!! 

    Thank God for my Dad, who taught me how to "rig" things up, temporarily when my electronics are broken, lol.  There is another culturally used term that I will not use, since everyone who reads my blog won't really get the true meaning... but some of you know what phrase that his, ha ha... but Anyway- thanks to my McGyver skills, I was able to at least have temporary Satellite reception, while I waited the long week for the Satellite company to come out & fix me up.  Apparently, my wack-o neighbors severed my satellite pole when they were digging up their garden.  I'm so glad that God gave me the grace to endure it, because I really wanted to tell them off for not saying anything about it.  When the satellite guy came out, we pulled out the pole & I could tell my theory was right.  Don't act dumb, like you can't feel a spade or shovel cutting through a pole in the ground... *cutting my eyes at them w/my mouth twisted up* Neighbors!  But the guy came out... and recruited a few new customers (hopefully).  If that's the case, I get cash, and no one is hating on that!

Favorite Pet Peeve:  Procrastinators are infectious

      One of my biggest pet peeves is mass procrastination... I'm not talking about the little things that only affect us, I'm talking about "because of you're poor planning a number of other people are inconvenienced or stressed out".  There's a bad energy of "panic" and "frantic behavior" that spread throughout an environment, when people do this.  Most things are easier to figure out, than they seem, if you just learn to quiet your mind, calm down & think it through!  Then, learn from your lesson.  Why is it that some people "wing" EVERYTHING they do?   You've had so long to prepare, but you wait until the last minute to get things together, fail to orchestrate a plan, then induce panic on everyone around you.  All that happens when people do this, is that any problem that arises is magnified.  Learn to plan better & you won't have these problems! Geesh!

Favorite Dance:  "Blurred Linesdance" 

 So, it's been awhile since I've been "in the clubs"... but I can say that I'm so excited to learn another Line Dance!  For so long, all people really had was The Electric Slide.  Then, slowly but surely, there were things like "The Macrena"--- who, by the way, EVERYONE complains about, but EVERYONE still has fun doing it, lol... Then there were explosions of other dances like The Booty Call, The Monorail, Cupid Shuffle, The Wobble... So many different dances that [kind of like the music] hit the scene fast! So, here's another to add to your repertoire... and since it's fairly new, you'll look like a Rock Star! Just make sure you practice, so you don't look like a Beginner :)

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  Basketball Wives Season 2013

    I love it when one guilty pleasure ends, it's not too long before another rears it's naughty head!  I'm super excited about the new season (premiering TONIGHT)! I spent a good portion of the weekend re-watching part of the 2011 Marathon showing on VH1 over the weekend, and discussing female behavior w/my boyfriend.

SIDENOTE:  Can I just say, that I LOVE that he watches that show, too? LOL  My kinda guy ;)

  I saw the previews for the next season, and it seems to sizzle just as the past few have! I wanna know if anyone learns never to tell Suzie anything... Really? The girl can't keep a secret to save her life! If you want your business told, say something to Suzie! I also want to see what my girl, Tami Roman, and her crazy self is up to.  There's a new lady in the group, Tasha, who seems to stir up a lot of drama... Could this be "Meeka 2.0"??? Guess we'll have to see! Check out this SUPER Trailer!

Well There's tons more to talk about! But I have so much more to do today, before I leave! Don't forget the Basketball Wives Premiere Tonight at 8pm! I'm Sure you'll get updates in here from time to time... Those women are Cray.... 

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