Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to School, Suckas!

  This week has brought a lot of organization, on my part... There are a lot of upcoming plans, in my near future that I've needed to navigate.  In the midst of this, I have still found some time to pick out the different quirks! Soooo Here we go! 

Favorite TV Show:  Basketball Wives Premiere! 

   The start of this season was pretty uneventful, however the overview of the entire season looks super promising!  I liked how this episode, beautifully narrated the horrific events that transpired between Chad & Evelyn, after the season wrapped last year.  I was surprised that Evelyn, received the amount of backlash she got, but it is typical of our fickle society we live in.  I do, however, hope that this is the last we'll hear of the Chad/Evelyn drama (which I doubt). I'm sure they'll stretch it out-- I just hope she involves herself in something else, besides that.  How do you truly heal on camera?

  I'm pleased to see that fake-a$$ Jennifer Williams is off the show! Could not stand that heifer! And I am not really feeling Shaunie's new determination of "not giving a damn." I think that's what bothered me most, on this episode. She had 4 other seasons to show "the real Shaunie". We pretty much get an idea of who she is by now-- now you want to switch it up? She's calling it "uncensored"- but I don't think that's true to her real character. I think it comes off as fake, now, in season 5.  It just feels like she's looking to stir up drama for ratings (which I'm anxious to see)-- but it looks more like a "character" she's chosen to play, rather than showing her real personality. We'll see what happens...

Favorite Decor:  Back to School Caterpillar! 

   I saw this on Facebook & thought it was adorable! I'd love to do something more permanent like this for my kid's bedroom (should I ever be blessed with a kid, lol) nursery. This looks easy & fun! I could see this on any elementary classroom or library. These are the times I wish I had kids of my own!

Favorite Laugh:  Wizard of Oz Funny

    This was too hilarious to pass up... I love these Memes! They're hilarious, and some of them truly make my day! 

Favorite Social Issue:  Relationships

   I know a few of my friends can agree with this!  It's just a sign of the "microwave society" we live in, now. No one wants to wait for anything to properly unfold, anymore. From popcorn to a relationship, it's all the same.  It's all about instant gratification & feeling good. Apparently "waiting" for anything is archaic.  What we've done is minimized the quality of our lives.  We're no longer getting to know each other deeply. Granted, there are other forms of "getting to know people" that seem to advance the process.  But still, it'd be nice if people actually "dated"... So many people want to go from sex to marriage, then they wonder why they're divorced in a year or less. I think I have a healthy dose of skepticism, but still find myself constantly sorting things in my head to make sure I'm comfortable w/the pace. Of course, it can also be challenged by the fact that you never really know who can screw you over. I was in love with a guy (who claimed to be in love w/me) for years, and he ended up destroying me immensely [for awhile]. You can give someone your all, and still end up doing a Waiting to Exhale- igniting flames to what used to be your relationship.

    For the defense of fast moving relationships, the heartache isn't as bad as when you've really invested a lot in someone & they betray you, but the trust isn't really there, either. But that's probably the reason it happens, too. We're so free with everything, that for those of us who want long-term love, we forget that you have to step back and do it ol' skool (generally).  For some, it does happen instantaneously. I don't think it's as common as people think, though.  That's why I think words are so important. Even if things are moving fast, watch your words & guard your heart, until the time is right

Favorite Gripe/controversy:  Misleading Media

"...Many rappers are promoting it to involve young people in the manufacturing, selling, and usage of the drug. "
     So, this article may have educated me more than the author realizes... For one, I gained more knowledge of the side effects & dangers of popping "Mollies"... AND I also was reminded about how sneaky & how damaging the media & publications can be... Had this author written "...Many Pop Icons; The Pop culture..." something all-inclusive, that means the same thing as what [I'm hoping] was the point they were trying to make, we wouldn't have an issue.  But by using the little unassuming word "rappers" the writer of this article immediately put a face & race to who the "bad guys" are.  When you read the word "rappers" what picture pops into your head? Is it MacLemore, Vanilla Ice, or maybe Eminem? NOPE... it's "Tupac", Lil' Wayne, T.I.,  "Snoop Dogg (Lion)", "Jay-Z... When you read that "rappers are promoting the use of mollies..." did Miley Cyrus pop in your head? I mean, there was HUGE controversy about the song she sings "We Can't Stop"", where she's clearly promoting drug use. Plenty of other pop sensations have glorified drug use, as well. It's not fair to just paint "Rappers", by themselves, with that brush.

     I'm in no way advocating for rappers. There are very few who I actually respect their music/talent (especially in 2013)... What I am advocating for, is accurate reporting with less discrimination.  It disgusts me that the media can design a picture so vividly, yet most people won't even pay attention. It's so subliminal that most people don't realize how easily manipulated they are. It's a chain of events. We [as brown folk] may not literally be in chains, but we're still under many less obvious forms of slavery & discrimination.  You think I'm lying?  Go to your county jail and browse through the inmate pics.  Go to prisons... browse through the inmate pics. How many of them are minorities? Not that I'm saying that all of them are innocent... Clearly a lot are guilty as sin, but so are so many other races that get away with it or get off with a lesser charge... If this wasn't an epidemic, prison/jail cells would be more universally diverse. Instead, there are huge amounts of our population locked up & most of them are minorities. They target certain races, then throw them in prison. If they're allowed out of prison, they have a hard time leading a legitimate life, due to lack of opportunities... so guess what? They end up doing dirt again, maybe not to be malicious this time- maybe to survive... and the cycle repeats itself.  I say this, b/c the profiling is so subtle at times-- like with articles like this.  They're basically subconsciously telling everyone who to "watch out" for, who the "bad guy" is... this perpetuates the continued discord between races.   It's so sad to see.   

OK- that was A LOT! so if you got through that, thanks for sticking by me! LOL I promise not to end on such a heavy note next week!  Don't forget to subscribe & tell me about your week! 

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