Friday, July 26, 2013

Time Flies, When... Nevermind :)

   So, this week has been busy, busy, busy for me! Lots of new developments, lots of changes, a few set backs, but we're good!

Favorite Food:  Sausage & Peppers over rice

      So, I did a lot of cooking last week, and my favorite dish was the Sausage & peppers with rice that I made.  When I say it was excellent- it was more than that...  It was so good, I had to ask my mom if it was ok that I was obsessing over food I cooked, lol.  I made it with Hickory Farms Smoke Sausage, ground beef, green & red peppers, Scallions, & onions.  with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, along with some other seasonings. I laid this out over some buttery rice & it was ON!  I am definitely making this dish again!

Favorite Song:  Throwback- Lauryn Hill's "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You"  

  I have always loved this song... but this week, someone made it special for me... And that's all I'm saying, lol.

Favorite Movie:  The Heat

    I had been dying to see this movie! And I loved it so much!  Most of the time, I enjoy anything with Sandra Bullock or Melissa McCarthy- and let me tell ya, this movie did not disappoint!  Although the language may be a little harsh for some, it was hilarious!  I went to $5 Movie Day at Cinema 14 (in The Greene) and was so happy I decided to go!  I love "buddy" comedies, so this unique one [of two lady cops] was definitely on my radar.  Sandra Bullock has always been one of my favorite actresses, and Melissa McCarthy has proven to be highly talented & multi-faceted in her acting abilities.  From the lovable "Sookie St. James" on Gilmore Girls,  sassy "Molly Flynn" of Mike & Molly to her role as quirky & eccentric cousin "Megan" in Bridesmaids, I've been truly impressed by Melissa McCarthy.  I really laughed out loud a few times, and have decided that this movie will make it into my home collection! 

Favorite Realization:  Parents Will Be Parents... 

     So, clearly- these are NOT my parents, lol... but this is kind of what I felt like this weekend... and I'm 32yrs old.  Needless to say, it made me think of some things.  I opened up a little more about things going on in my personal life, to my parents, and it did not go as expected.  I was actually taken back, because they didn't seem to be as supportive or welcoming, as I hoped they would be.  I know part of it is my fault, because I am not very open with my parents in certain areas of my life-- which in turn, is a direct result of how they raised me. So I guess we can take equal responsibility for how awkward things can be, when you open up doors that had been closed off in the past.   I know, ultimately, that my parents want the best for me.  I just hate them making me feel they question my decisions, when there are years & years of good choices I've made, that they've not been a part of.  Even though it hurt me that they were challenging my judgment, I still respect them for caring a little. Everyone has a lot of growing, adjusting & learning to do here- but I'm glad my family is family & my parents are parents... even though I'm a grown a** woman, lol.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (Please don't take my sophistication card!)  

    Everybody knows it's a train wreck, ok.  I was embarrassed the first season, that I subjected myself to such ratchetness... but it's so gripping, I stuck around for the second season! LOL  Forget rubbernecking at an "accident" this show is a 10-car pile up!  You can't do anything but watch, once you start.  There is drama with pretty much every character. I think this season is all about Rasheeda (the lady most forefront) and her husband Kirk.  They've been married for 13ys, and their marriage has taken a serious nose dive. Kirk has done Rasheeda diiiirrrrrrttttty! I won't go into details- you just have to watch though... if you promise to remember that not all black people act like this! lol But we sure will watch it, won't we??

   Have a great weekend, everyone! Leave comments about what's going on around your way! 

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