Friday, July 12, 2013

I Know You've Missed Me... Well, I've Missed You!!

   I've missed you guys! The past few weeks have been jammed packed full of crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way, right? I've been doing a lot of traveling & running around, and it seems forever since I last wrote my blog! But I love it.  I mean, some of the funniest times are times when you're life takes unexpected twists and turns.  So, check out some of what's been going on:

Favorite Event:  BRUNO MARS Moonshine Jungle Tour

        So, this concert was absolutely AMAZING!  I was looking forward all summer to this concert. It did not disappoint, at all. Ok, maybe one thing- We had awesome seats, but the floor seats were so long, that it really didn't matter how close you could get in the stands.  Anywhere would've been too far to really see Bruno.  But it was great to see one of my favorite artists LIVE!  Bruno sounds just like he does on the radio. that's always the best. He's definitely one of my "Friends in my Head" (as Wendy Williams likes to say). He was so laid back.  they even had a segment, where they were challenging all the other band members to "Spit Game" at a lady in the audience,  and try to determine who had the best pick up lines.  It was sooo funny.  "Michelle" was one lucky lady.  Then Bruno (Peter Hernandez) did a mixed set of ol' skool songs from so many different eras. It was an awesome time of dancing & letting loose.  I really felt like I got my money's worth.  Not only that, but we left during the last song, to avoid traffic.

Favorite Food:  Crispy Chick Parm from Fazoli's

   This delicious dish is worth every bite!  What's better is that it's only $4.99!  This sandwich is so filling, as well.  It's one of the ones that I have to force myself to finish, because it's not going to taste good reheated (the bread is a  biscuit-like flat bread).  The flavors in this sandwich sing together! I highly recommend you get this, the next time your'e in Fazoli's.  

Favorite Realization: "Sometimes it's better to change your mind about how you feel about something, rather than go off of an emotional response..." 

      So, lately- I've been trying to be a more productive thinker.  For me (and probably most women)- It's second nature to over-think and over-analyze everything... Well, you know what the first 4 letters in Analyze are, don't you? Yeah- I don't want to be that girl. Furthermore, when things happen in our lives, we tend to jump, and jump quickly, to an emotional response.  I am a fiery Bajan woman, too... So, most days, I think I have a pass to act as such, lol.  But when I sit back and think of what it's gotten me- it's a whole lot of drama.  I've been focused on not being so reactive to things or spend so much time getting worked up over things.  I tested this new behavior recently, and was really at peace with my decision to change my mind about how I thought about my problem.  I decided not to take it personally.  I had to remember that not everything is about me- and at the end of the day, I knew I hadn't done anything wrong. I almost did, though... I almost gave in to what the "old Tiffani" would do-- by either "Going off" or "fishing" for answers.  You know what I mean by "fishing", right?  When you try to make half-sincere communication. It's a passive aggressive approach that I want to do less of.  And I'm not a passive aggressive person, so I always feel a little grimy when I have to stoop to that kind of manipulation. I'm learning that sometimes, our greatest asset is our mind.  Our greatest asset is to keep your mouth shut & let some things come to you, instead of going to get them.  I'm sorry- know this is all a little cryptic, because I didn't mention specifics- but I think the meaning is still intact.  

Favorite Celebration:  Bryn's 'Make a Wish' Party

    A good friend of mine's daughter Bryn & her brother at Disney World.  I was so happy that she got her trip to Disney!  The Make a Wish foundation is amazing. They've helped to make some awesome memories for my little buddies- well, actually the entire family! 

Favorite Weekend Excursion:  Idle Hour Ranch

   This weekend, I'm planning on going to the Idle Hour Ranch!  Idle Hour is an Exotic Animal Rescue in Troy, OH.  I cannot wait to see the Giraffe ("Sam") who sports my favorite animal print! (Yes- I did bring it back around to fashion... Don't hate me, lol).  They also have over 200 kinds of different exotic animals.  They even have Camel Rides!  Who else gets to do that outside of the desert?  So, I'm excited about the excursion tomorrow!  

    Well, time for me to end this.  I don't want to spill everything that happened this week-- and since writing is cathartic for me, I know eventually it will come out, if I keep plugging away! Have a favorite weekend, everyone! 

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