Friday, June 21, 2013

What will Be...

What a week!  As crazy as this week as been, I've been in an incredibly good mood, for the most part... Here's what's been going on!

Favorite Dad Moment:  It's an EMERGENCY!

   REASON #7 Why I love my Dad: "So, I get a voicemail on my phone when I got off work, that I needed to call my dad back as soon as I got off work, because it was "really important". So, I called him back to see what was up and he said...(wait for it...wait for it...) I need to pick out his POWERBALL Numbers for him...He had a dream that I gave him winning numbers... #ICantMakeThisStuffUp

Favorite Quote: From My Judy-bugs

"Creativity is intelligence having fun!" You must be the smartest girl I know! This quote made me think of you! Have a great day! - Judy Dale.

      Few people are as blessed as I am to have such an awesome friend.  I truly feel sorry that not everyone gets to know her like I do. Judy & I met in College over 13yrs ago, and we've been through it all!  We've seen each other laugh, she's wiped my tears when I've cried (which, I might do, now, lol) and she's been through the mountains & the valleys of my life & vice versa. I was in her wedding (where this lovely pic is from) and undoubtedly, if that day comes for me, she'll be in mine.  I've been able to celebrate the births of all her children, holidays, and other "family events".  And above all things, she's one of the most thoughtful people I know.  In the craziness of her busy life- she still takes time out to check in on her friends & family. She sent me the above text out of the blue this week, and I would venture to say, it possibly made my week. She's my Superstar, and I love her!

Favorite Song: Thrift Store by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  (Please excuse the Language)

  Along with other songs (like, "I've Got That Boom Boom" by Britney Spears... don't judge me! lol)  that have kept me moving this week, this is one of them. I love SILLY songs. This one is semi-reminiscent of Eminem's "Slim Shady"- as far as having a quirky video and silly lyrics.  It also makes me laugh, because the first time I really paid attention to it was in Zumba class, and it struck me as a fun quirky song- especially with the funky dance moves my Zumba instructor, Angela, choreographed.  The next week, I made a special request for this song... and couldn't remember the song.  I ended up saying, "Can we do 'Trash Bag'... or 'Trash Can'... What's that song, again???"  They finally came to the conclusion that it was "Thrift Store", when I realized the thought process I was trying to have. Most people take clothes to Thrift Stores in trash bags... so CLEARLY that was what had me jumbled... CLEARLY... *coo coo... coo coo* 

Favorite Moment:  Possibilities... 

     Doesn't this pic give you the sense of moving on to something better?  That's the calming effect it has on me... and although I don't want to spill the beans on what's in the works, I want to Thank God for carrying me through some really hard times.  I wanna thank God for giving me just enough faith & just enough will to hang on & keep my head above water.  What I'm feeling now, is a peace. The peace of knowing that so many of my deep rooted desires are still possible & possibly right around the corner, you know?  The clarity that I'm back on track with a lot of my goals & able to know that I'm able to come back from near death.  I've always said that I'm a "phoenix" (if you haven't read the story of the Phoenix, you should- It's powerful)... But basically. a Phoenix is known as the "Firebird"...and known to be able to reinvent & transform itself from the ashes of a fire. (I'm still looking for the tattoo design I want... because, Oh yeah, this will be one of my tattoos). But these past few weeks, I've been having hope again-- which has been obsolete the past couple of years.  But don't feel too sorry for me, because I'm a "Stuart", and I will always improvise & come up with a different plan. But the good news is... now, I'm kind of feeling like I might not have too... and that it might be better than I had even thought. (PS- no, I'm not pregnant, lol). It just feels good to be able to see things in a new direction.

Welp, it's a CRAZY weekend for me this weekend. I wish I could write more, because so much has been hilarious! Today was a virtual slap stick show in my office! I'm glad to be going home on a cheery note.. which is far more than I can say a few weeks ago, when Judy & I were parked in front of a fire pit with 3 bottles of Moscato, cheese, crackers, grapes & what was left of our sanity! 

Have a great weekend! 


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