Friday, June 7, 2013

Let the Weekend Begin!

    I'm so glad the weekend is here! My bestie has a glass of wine & a fire pit waiting for me, tonight! It's good to have great friends like that!  I'm over the drama of this week... but... I still thought about you guys! Here's what happened! 

Favorite Drama:  The Real Housewives of New Jersey are Baaaa-aaaaack!

   So excited about this season's Real Housewives of New Jersey!  It's been so long! Obviously, tensions are still running high, since they last filmed. There is still major drama between the Guidice & the Gorga clans... This season promises to be as drama-filled as ever!  We see people like Caroline (presumably) turn on Melissa.  It's rare, because Caroline has been a pretty loyal person. The first episode was a little hum-drum... but I cannot wait until we get into the thick of the season! Happy Real Housewiving! 

Favorite Addiction:  My Kohl's Charge Card

     Ok, this is how I am. I have a really hard time buying anything for myself. Generally a lot of my extra money is spent on others. Sure, I may get a piece of jewelry here or there, and I feed myself... but rarely do I actually take a huge chunk of my money to buy things that I need.   But I recently broke down and got a Kohl's charge card.  I have been shopping right and left... It feels good for me to splurge on myself, once in awhile-- especially when I need it.

Favorite New Artist:  Andy Grammer (Keep Your Head Up)

    I have The Bachelorette to thanks for introducing me to this awesome talent!  I know that I have heard the song, before, or at least parts of it- but hearing him sing it live was a little different & caught my attention. I think it is his striking vocal resemblance to hottie lead singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 (One of my favorite bands).  Andy Grammer is like Adam Levine or Jason Mraz at the beach. He sounds like Adam but had the laid back quality of Jason. I am loving his music and he will definitely be on my list of CDs to buy.  

Favorite Dish:  West Indian Cuisine made by Chef Dad!

  This was what my dad made us for dinner last night (Thursday Night, Family Night) and it was AWESOME!! The West Indian Sweet Potatoes (white lumps at the top of the pic, lol) were to die for!
They literally melted in my mouth, and I felt my Endorphins rushing! I am truly blessed to come from such a strong Caribbean background, with a father who cooks authentic cuisine! I'm a lucky lady! On top of that, I got to have a long conversation with my sister, Shay. It was a good time had by all.

Favorite Amusement:  The Best Break Up Letter, EVER!!

     I'm willing to bet that EVERY GIRL would love to be able to conduct themselves with this much poise & control, when breaking up with someone... I think far too often, the bulk of a break up (whether we're breaking it off, or they are) is bumped up to us being "dramatic", because we get "emotional", and cry, yell, etc.  Well, here's a twist on "dramatic" for you, minus the emotion.  Not that I look forward to breaking up with anyone, but somehow, it seems as though this girl got to leave with her self-esteem & dignity in tact. I'm sure that she had her rage, I'm sure she had tears, but at the end of the day, she showed her strength & that she knew her worth.  She could've easily been torn apart, knowing he was cheating.  That is such an ego blow... but at the end of the day, he's the one that looks extra foolish.  I also like the fact that it forces him to think about his actions.  I don't know about you- I hate the fact that so many men have walked away, seemingly unscathed by their own betrayal. Depending on how "serious" it was (whether you know it or not) it can be really damaging. I personally don't believe in "karma", for this very reason.  Personally- I've been to some dark places because of a break up- and let me tell you... It's not as much as I'd like to "get back" at him for what he did, as much as I'd like an acknowledgment or apology for it. At least this way, you know for sure he'd at least have to acknowledge it...if he wants any of his stuff back, that is, lol.

So, I'm ready to leave! Judy is waiting with that wine & fire pit! Off to hang out w/my friends! Have a great weekend! Leave me a comment about things that fascinated you this week!

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