Friday, June 28, 2013

Be Careful What You Do...

  This has been a pretty awesome week, despite some disturbing news I received today.  But it just goes to show that you never really know what kinds of demons people deal with.  As much as you'd like to judge the person, you have to judge the actions, and not the person who needs deliverance. None of us are exempt from doing despicable things. It's only by the grace of God that we are able to determine right from wrong... moral from immoral.  Some of us aren't that fortunate. But aside from that, there were mostly good things that happened in my life this week:

Favorite Meme:

   I thought this was hilarious, when put into the simplest of terms, lol.  At the end of the day, I know I crave a balanced guy.  A guy that knows how to be serious & hilarious. A guy who knows how to take care of business & protect the family- but also, who knows how to cut loose and make you bust a gut laughing.  I loved seeing this Meme.

Favorite Opportunity:  Being a part of Bryn's  Party

     I'm so excited for this weekend! Above is one of my favorite pictures of my friend Christina & her daughter, Bryn.  Bryn is a fighter & a tough little cookie. She & her twin brother, Everett, light up my life :) It's been a year since I've seen them, and I'm so excited to be able to spend some time with them, for a special occasion this upcoming weekend/week.  Their family means a lot to me, and its the little moments you have with them that count! So excited. 

Favorite Countdown:  12 days until I see Bruno Mars!

    I've been waiting for this moment for MONTHS and it's almost here!  I'm so excited that I'll be able to go see such a talented artist.  I believe in putting events in your life that you can look forward to. At the end of the day, it's not the money you have, the clothes you wear (as much as I love fashion, lol) it's the experiences that make life memorable.  No one ever says, "Hey, remember that time I bought that shirt..." without some kind of memorable event to follow or funny anecdote. I'm excited to make this concert as reality. I sure hope it doesn't disappoint! I know we got awesome seats! 

Favorite Lesson:  Oh, Be Careful What You Do...

    I wrote about this on Facebook, but it was just a fact that hit home for me. This is my best friend, Judy's daughter, Cayla. I've been in Cayla's life since she was born. Now that she's 2yrs old, and she's coming into her own personality, I've noticed that she copies EVERYTHING, probably more than most kids. I call her my little Mocking Bird :) It was her big sister Carlee's party this past weekend, and I was helping her mom get ready for the party.  I started vacuuming the floor, and after a few minutes, I turned around and there was Cayla, with her toy vacuum cleaner, pretending to vacuum, just like me.  She was no where around, when I started vacuuming.  If that wasn't cute enough, when I was done vacuuming, I put the vacuum on the wall. 5minutes later, I saw her put her little toy vacuum on the wall, right next to mine.  It touched my heart, but also made me realize how much little ones really do notice.  Something as mundane as 'vacuuming a floor', is something they notice. Judy made me laugh by saying that, that since then, Cayla has now started "vacuuming" when she does, now that she sees how cool it was when I did it... All she needed was for me to make it "cool". I told her I wasn't coming over to wash her dishes, lol.  But that little incident was a reminder that we really are under scrutiny by the children in our lives.  Even if you do not have children (like me), but you have friends who have children that you're around a lot, you need to make sure that your language, actions, and intentions are obvious to the children, and should at least match the parents'.  No, you're not raising their children, but it's your responsibility to be a good example.  And if for some reason you fail to be that good example, there's no harm in saying "you're sorry" and admitting you were wrong, even to a child.  It shows character, and also that adults aren't always perfect, either.  

Favorite Song:  Loving Me 4 Me

    This song came on my Pandora today, and it was the first time I saw it. I was really feeling the smooth vibe. And the lyrics are pretty cool, too. Who wouldn't that? lol I probably need to get this CD, because I was in love with "FIGHTER" from this, as well, and run to it almost daily.  I know this isn't new, but I'm loving that it isn't like all the other stuff we're hearing right now. It's got an ol' skool R&B slow grind vibe, that's pretty soothing. Check it out! 

      Anyway- I need to get more work done, but I just thought I'd roll out a blog really quickly, while I needed a break from work. It's been a wild & crazy week, but it's also been pretty fulfilling.  It promises to be an even wilder weekend! 

Take Care! And let me know what you're up to! No one ever does! lol 

Friday, June 21, 2013

What will Be...

What a week!  As crazy as this week as been, I've been in an incredibly good mood, for the most part... Here's what's been going on!

Favorite Dad Moment:  It's an EMERGENCY!

   REASON #7 Why I love my Dad: "So, I get a voicemail on my phone when I got off work, that I needed to call my dad back as soon as I got off work, because it was "really important". So, I called him back to see what was up and he said...(wait for it...wait for it...) I need to pick out his POWERBALL Numbers for him...He had a dream that I gave him winning numbers... #ICantMakeThisStuffUp

Favorite Quote: From My Judy-bugs

"Creativity is intelligence having fun!" You must be the smartest girl I know! This quote made me think of you! Have a great day! - Judy Dale.

      Few people are as blessed as I am to have such an awesome friend.  I truly feel sorry that not everyone gets to know her like I do. Judy & I met in College over 13yrs ago, and we've been through it all!  We've seen each other laugh, she's wiped my tears when I've cried (which, I might do, now, lol) and she's been through the mountains & the valleys of my life & vice versa. I was in her wedding (where this lovely pic is from) and undoubtedly, if that day comes for me, she'll be in mine.  I've been able to celebrate the births of all her children, holidays, and other "family events".  And above all things, she's one of the most thoughtful people I know.  In the craziness of her busy life- she still takes time out to check in on her friends & family. She sent me the above text out of the blue this week, and I would venture to say, it possibly made my week. She's my Superstar, and I love her!

Favorite Song: Thrift Store by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  (Please excuse the Language)

  Along with other songs (like, "I've Got That Boom Boom" by Britney Spears... don't judge me! lol)  that have kept me moving this week, this is one of them. I love SILLY songs. This one is semi-reminiscent of Eminem's "Slim Shady"- as far as having a quirky video and silly lyrics.  It also makes me laugh, because the first time I really paid attention to it was in Zumba class, and it struck me as a fun quirky song- especially with the funky dance moves my Zumba instructor, Angela, choreographed.  The next week, I made a special request for this song... and couldn't remember the song.  I ended up saying, "Can we do 'Trash Bag'... or 'Trash Can'... What's that song, again???"  They finally came to the conclusion that it was "Thrift Store", when I realized the thought process I was trying to have. Most people take clothes to Thrift Stores in trash bags... so CLEARLY that was what had me jumbled... CLEARLY... *coo coo... coo coo* 

Favorite Moment:  Possibilities... 

     Doesn't this pic give you the sense of moving on to something better?  That's the calming effect it has on me... and although I don't want to spill the beans on what's in the works, I want to Thank God for carrying me through some really hard times.  I wanna thank God for giving me just enough faith & just enough will to hang on & keep my head above water.  What I'm feeling now, is a peace. The peace of knowing that so many of my deep rooted desires are still possible & possibly right around the corner, you know?  The clarity that I'm back on track with a lot of my goals & able to know that I'm able to come back from near death.  I've always said that I'm a "phoenix" (if you haven't read the story of the Phoenix, you should- It's powerful)... But basically. a Phoenix is known as the "Firebird"...and known to be able to reinvent & transform itself from the ashes of a fire. (I'm still looking for the tattoo design I want... because, Oh yeah, this will be one of my tattoos). But these past few weeks, I've been having hope again-- which has been obsolete the past couple of years.  But don't feel too sorry for me, because I'm a "Stuart", and I will always improvise & come up with a different plan. But the good news is... now, I'm kind of feeling like I might not have too... and that it might be better than I had even thought. (PS- no, I'm not pregnant, lol). It just feels good to be able to see things in a new direction.

Welp, it's a CRAZY weekend for me this weekend. I wish I could write more, because so much has been hilarious! Today was a virtual slap stick show in my office! I'm glad to be going home on a cheery note.. which is far more than I can say a few weeks ago, when Judy & I were parked in front of a fire pit with 3 bottles of Moscato, cheese, crackers, grapes & what was left of our sanity! 

Have a great weekend! 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Makes Me Feel All Warm Inside... Like Red Hots!

   So, First of all... I have to apologize to my dear friend, Danelia, for skipping my blog for Friday.  It was so nice to be missed, though! I actually just love to write. I always have, since I was a little girl, so I sometimes forget that other people actually read this! ha ha.  It was such a flattering feeling that she was looking forward to it.  So- I promised to do it today- and here's what I've got... 

Favorite Friend: Nyquil Night Time

   So, I have been having a diet of mostly Cherry Nyquil, Chicken Noodle Soup & various flavors of Cough Drops over the last week, lol. I have concluded that it must be my allergies, again.  And I'm proud to say that the worst of it is over.  What's a little stuffy nose when your throat isn't hurting anymore?  It almost never fails, but I pretty much always need someone to tell me to get meds. I'll be the first one to take care of someone else, but when it comes to myself-  I'm like "Oh, yeah... they make medicine for me, too lol"  SMH... So I took my happy butt to the store & bought some of this yummy Nyquil... and the first thing I said after I took it was "MMmm, It makes me feel all warm inside like Red Hots!" That's some goooood medicine, boy... lol.  

Favorite Moment:  My Realization... 

      As many of you know 2011 & 2012 have proved to be the hardest & darkest times of my life.  But it was recently that I realized that I really am seeing the light at the end of that, now.  No- things aren't perfect and there were some casualties in the process, but things are a lot better than they were.   There's something about having your dreams dashed & thwarted, then compiled with family drama, deaths, & material losses that can send you into a tailspin & almost destroy you.  But it's been with God's love & comforting, that many of my wounds have healed. I thank God for getting me through, sometimes dragging, pulling, & carrying me...but getting me through, nonetheless.

Favorite Blessing:  Long-time Friends

    As much as I love my family, they haven't always been there to help me through my roughest times.  Even so, there is a 'Family' that you can choose that (if chosen correctly) can be the best thing to ever happen. I am lucky to have a few of those friends in my life. Today is my girl, Autumn's birthday. We've been friends since the 7th grade (19yrs).  I still feel too young to have had anything THAT long, lol. But today is her birthday, and it just got me thinking about how much we went through & how much fun we had... from making up Alcohol "Nick-Names" when we were too young to drink, to wearing the same overalls to the 8th grade dance... and crushing on Tevin Campbell & Larenz Tate, lol. And then My friend, Judy, who we've really grown up & been there for each other. She was a pivotal part in me not completely falling to dust, when my life fell apart for awhile... On top of that, friends like that include you in their families like you were born into them.  I've been able to celebrate the birth of my friend's graduations, marriages, birth of children, birthdays, holidays...etc. There's just nothing like being able to have friends to experience your life with. There will always be friends that are in your life or a season, but when you find the few that stick through them all, those are the ones that really impact your life.

Favorite Song: Fine China by Chris Brown

   So, this song has been in heavy rotation on my playlist, especially when I'm running.  It's got the playful quality of Michael Jackson's "Leave Me Alone", but the smoothness of New Edition, with a hint of a 1980's work-out montage, where someone is "getting in shape" for a big performance.  Regardless of what you think about Chris Brown's personal life- he is quite the performer.  The music video is fun & thought provoking. I'm glad he did such a unique bit- that doesn't fall into the "Club Banger" music, that is so popular right now.  And He also did another thing that hasn't been done in awhile-- he made a video that told a story. Good job, Chris... and thanks for the awesome running music!

Well- this being Monday, and me being sick hasn't allotted for me to have too much "NEW" going on... but I can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds... 



Friday, June 7, 2013

Let the Weekend Begin!

    I'm so glad the weekend is here! My bestie has a glass of wine & a fire pit waiting for me, tonight! It's good to have great friends like that!  I'm over the drama of this week... but... I still thought about you guys! Here's what happened! 

Favorite Drama:  The Real Housewives of New Jersey are Baaaa-aaaaack!

   So excited about this season's Real Housewives of New Jersey!  It's been so long! Obviously, tensions are still running high, since they last filmed. There is still major drama between the Guidice & the Gorga clans... This season promises to be as drama-filled as ever!  We see people like Caroline (presumably) turn on Melissa.  It's rare, because Caroline has been a pretty loyal person. The first episode was a little hum-drum... but I cannot wait until we get into the thick of the season! Happy Real Housewiving! 

Favorite Addiction:  My Kohl's Charge Card

     Ok, this is how I am. I have a really hard time buying anything for myself. Generally a lot of my extra money is spent on others. Sure, I may get a piece of jewelry here or there, and I feed myself... but rarely do I actually take a huge chunk of my money to buy things that I need.   But I recently broke down and got a Kohl's charge card.  I have been shopping right and left... It feels good for me to splurge on myself, once in awhile-- especially when I need it.

Favorite New Artist:  Andy Grammer (Keep Your Head Up)

    I have The Bachelorette to thanks for introducing me to this awesome talent!  I know that I have heard the song, before, or at least parts of it- but hearing him sing it live was a little different & caught my attention. I think it is his striking vocal resemblance to hottie lead singer Adam Levine of Maroon 5 (One of my favorite bands).  Andy Grammer is like Adam Levine or Jason Mraz at the beach. He sounds like Adam but had the laid back quality of Jason. I am loving his music and he will definitely be on my list of CDs to buy.  

Favorite Dish:  West Indian Cuisine made by Chef Dad!

  This was what my dad made us for dinner last night (Thursday Night, Family Night) and it was AWESOME!! The West Indian Sweet Potatoes (white lumps at the top of the pic, lol) were to die for!
They literally melted in my mouth, and I felt my Endorphins rushing! I am truly blessed to come from such a strong Caribbean background, with a father who cooks authentic cuisine! I'm a lucky lady! On top of that, I got to have a long conversation with my sister, Shay. It was a good time had by all.

Favorite Amusement:  The Best Break Up Letter, EVER!!

     I'm willing to bet that EVERY GIRL would love to be able to conduct themselves with this much poise & control, when breaking up with someone... I think far too often, the bulk of a break up (whether we're breaking it off, or they are) is bumped up to us being "dramatic", because we get "emotional", and cry, yell, etc.  Well, here's a twist on "dramatic" for you, minus the emotion.  Not that I look forward to breaking up with anyone, but somehow, it seems as though this girl got to leave with her self-esteem & dignity in tact. I'm sure that she had her rage, I'm sure she had tears, but at the end of the day, she showed her strength & that she knew her worth.  She could've easily been torn apart, knowing he was cheating.  That is such an ego blow... but at the end of the day, he's the one that looks extra foolish.  I also like the fact that it forces him to think about his actions.  I don't know about you- I hate the fact that so many men have walked away, seemingly unscathed by their own betrayal. Depending on how "serious" it was (whether you know it or not) it can be really damaging. I personally don't believe in "karma", for this very reason.  Personally- I've been to some dark places because of a break up- and let me tell you... It's not as much as I'd like to "get back" at him for what he did, as much as I'd like an acknowledgment or apology for it. At least this way, you know for sure he'd at least have to acknowledge it...if he wants any of his stuff back, that is, lol.

So, I'm ready to leave! Judy is waiting with that wine & fire pit! Off to hang out w/my friends! Have a great weekend! Leave me a comment about things that fascinated you this week!