Friday, May 24, 2013

While My Co-Worker's Away...

    Every week, I want to say that the week has blown by so fast-- it just allows me to pause & remember how short "life" really is. Its always a good idea to remember to fit in things you love to do, because regardless of crappy jobs, crappy family situations & crappy friend dilemmas, it's still our lives. We still have to enjoy the time we have on earth.  That being said... One of the things I love doing is Blogging! I don't care if anyone reads it, I'm still going to do it. (Ok, I care a little, but I wouldn't stop if no one read it-- that's probably what I should've said, lol) So, let's go! :

Favorite Buy:  Vonnie, My new best friend! 

    I'm so excited about this purchase! A good co-worker was buying shoes online this morning, and told me about the sale they were having! Buy one item at regular price, get a pair of shoes for $5. Since she didn't find any shoes that she'd be comfortable wearing, she extended the offer to me! I found these cutie pies and was smitten!  I can't wait until they come in! 

Favorite Punishment:  Lack of Jamaican Beef Patties

    Ok, this section of the blog might literally cause me to drown in my own drool, my mouth is watering so badly, lol.  I've been craving these allllll week! This is a staple when I visit Brooklyn, NY. Gloria's has them, and so does Allen's Bakery, which is located behind where my grandparents used to live, until recently.  Every morning, we'd awake to fresh sour dough bread, biscuits, Coconut Bread & other baked goods. Waking up to baked goods at Grandma's house, is by far the BEST way to wake up, when you're a kid. I miss those days... and I miss these decadent meat pies! Jamaican Beef Patties, I love you...

Favorite Nostalgic Song:  The Birdie Camp Song
     Instead of using an alarm clock, my mom used to sing this song to us EVERY morning to wake us up... and although my mom sings circles around this lady, this is probably why I'm not a morning person, lol. It was nice to recall the memory with her. She swears up & down it only happened a few times, and that we exaggerate everything. NO. I remember being woken up by this song pretty much EVERY morning until I was at least 12yrs old.  Sure, every now and then, she would miss a day or two, but most mornings, this was how I was awakened as a child, lol.  It was only when we got older and and started screaming "No!!! We're Up! We're Up! Please don't sing", that she stopped, lol.  Ain't nobody got time for that at 6am, Mom! 

Favorite Professional Song: ((Throwback)) "Great Day to Be Alive" by Travis Tritt

    Ok, so this week, I started Throwback Thursday early.  Not only did I have fun memories on Thursday, but also all throughout the week.  This song, in particular was part of my morning routine, while I was in college.  For some reason, drivng down the winding roads on my way to school, reminded me of country.  I was also in a place where I was branching out-- and I discovered that I do like certain kinds of country music.  This song always made me happy, and what's better? This video is better. It actually made me laugh when I saw how the creator put it together. It's hilarious. Enjoy!

Favorite Thing to Hate:  Dirty Connections

     Call me crazy, but I'm always amazed at how dishonest people can be. I know there is a certain type of person who gets their rocks off on making deals, developing connections, and being seen as someone who can "make things happen"... I think a little of that goes a long way.  Sure it's always fun to "know a guy" for this or that... but when you have to start being dishonest, cheating others, and stacking yourself with unfair advantages, it's just too much. I know people who "win" stuff all the time because they happen to hob nob with a local celebrity who is affiliated. I think using your connections is important, but not at the risk of being dishonest or unfair. I think it's disgusting what people's greed can cause them to do... 

Favorite Laugh:  While My co-worker's Away... 

    ***Content has been removed due to a breech of confidentiality I was just made aware of... So, just enjoy this awesome pic of Captain America! lol***

Until Then... 


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  1. Love your blogs, Tiffani!

    I looked on Justfab and the shoes that I wanted they were basically sold out. Your picks are nice! I love shoes. I indulged in other online shopping this weekend.

    Whenever I see or think of patties, I think of coconut bread and Brooklyn and then I think of Roti and escovitch fish. See now I need some in my life.

    LOL! I love your writings of your family. Your mom is hilarious. I crack up at some of the tales you've shared. That is cute, she'd sing you all awake.

    I also think it's an unfair advantage to use people for certain gain - I wish people used things and not people. I've learned to just distance myself from those type of people.

    Hope you're enjoy this holiday weekend!