Friday, May 31, 2013

You've Gotta Read This One, Jack!

  What an interesting week! I'm so glad that it went by so quickly!  I wish I could write about everything I've experienced, but then I'd be here all day.  Here are the things that I chose, however:  

Favorite Buy:  These Lovelies... "Vonnie" by

  Isn't she lovely?  A co-worker of mine was being a great friend, and found these on JustFabulous during a huge Memorial Day Sale!  The sale was, you get an item for $5 with purchase of something at regular price. Since she does not wear heels, she opened up the $5 option to me... so yes, you heard it here first, folks... THESE SHOES WERE ONLY $5!!! Good looking out, Danelia!

Favorite Day: Last Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend
   One thing that I used to love doing was flying kites on the hill behind Studebaker Middle School, when I was growing up.  It was kind of a big deal, because even though we could see the field through the fence near our neighbor's house, in order to actually go there, we had to ride a bit of a way from the house on our bikes-- so we felt like "Big Kids".  My friend's oldest son turned 6yrs old today, and I bought this kite for him, as part of his birthday present. I love the new version of "kites", these days. They're made of nylon, instead of the plastic they were made of when I was a kid. It was so much fun to take it out on a test drive  over the weekend. And even funnier to see Judy trying to get it to stay up & running down the street. I might even get one for myself, before the summer is over! It was a lot of fun!

Favorite Discovery: Chimps at the Columbus Zoo

    Ok, so part of my time spent in London, Ohio was at the Columbus Zoo! Unfortunately my camera had died, or I would have posted pictures from the actual monkeys that we saw that day.  This was my favorite exhibit, which surprised me, because I normally gravitate more towards the Lion Dens, Elephants, or Giraffes (you know, the "heavy-duty" animals)... But when I saw the monkeys, they were doing the funniest & cutest things.  At one point, Two monkeys put their feet on the glass & put their head between their knees- almost in a sitting fetal position. It was the cutest thing ever! I'm mad I don't have a picture of it... But if anyone was at the Columbus Zoo last Sunday, send me the pic!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure/Obsession:  Duck Dynasty

    Ok... I admit it... I'm OBSESSED with this show! Clearly, as a black woman, I don't naturally gravitate to  shows about "Rednecks" or "backwoods living"... Furthermore, the only kind of camping I did as a kid, involved plenty of electrical chords snaking across the backyard, connecting TVs, fans & other appliances to our tent. So people who do things like eat squirrels regularly & go hunting-- I don't usually have much in common with those kind of people. However... One thing we do have in common is Faith, Family & the Funny! My friend, Judy, got me hooked on this show, and now I can't stop laughing at how hilarious it is!  My favorite character hands down, is Silas "Si" Robertson. He's the "Uncle" of the group, and he is full of zingers that have me laughing out loud! From the family finding an old military picture where he signed the back "Hell Raisin", to him quoting the lyrics to Digital Underground's  The Humpty Dance or singing RESPECT by Aretha Franklin.  What's better, is that they have values, so this is a show you don't have to worry about your kids seeing. I think I've seen about 30 episodes, and there was ONE *bleep*.  That's saying a lot in Reality Shows.  So, if you haven't, check out Duck Dynasty. You're sure to get a few laughs!

    Si Robertson

Favorite Video: Brittain's America's Got Talent- Shadow Dance Group

   I'm speechless about how much skill, time & precision this took!  Watch this video, and don't forget a tissue!

Favorite Prank:  While Jen's away...

      Last week, I had to take down part of my blog, due to confidentiality issues, lol. But What I can say, was while my friend, Jen, was away... this is what I did to her laptop. I taped all of her "Boys" to her laptop with messages... 

Sidenote: Jen's "Boys" are her celebrity crushes. We kind of have a running joke about how in love they all are with her. It's pretty hilarious. 

  There is Bret Michaels, Ozzy & Malcolm from Survivor, Thor & Captain America- all with a message. They were all cheesy, but funny.Here's what they said:

 Ozzy's picture looked like he was really sad, so the quote was "I miss you so much, when you're gone"

Bret Michaels: "Girl, since you left, I've been 50 Shades of Blue..."

Thor: "I've tried to do things to keep you off my mind, but I'm...So... Lonely..."

Malcolm: "I lost you, but I will find you... You're My idol, girl..." (which is hilarious if you watch Survivor)

Captain America: "Don't worry, boys, I protect her!" (inside joke) 

Needless to say... things happen when you leave the office on vacation, lol.  

Everyone have a great  weekend! Let me know all the fun things you're going to be doing this summer. I need ideas! I've got a few things planned, but I could use more ideas! 

XOXO- Tiffani

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