Friday, May 17, 2013

The Review is in...

    This was actually a great week, despite a few annoying factors of life...  but other than that, this week was jam packed with activity for me. I have a HUGE review of The 2013 version of The Great Gatsby, so I want to make sure that I keep the rest of the blog this week, to a minimum! So without further Ado... 

Favorite Moment:  Making a Cookie Bouquet with my sister for Mother's Day

   For Mother's Day, my sister & I made this fabulous bouquet for her boss. We made quite a team, if I may say so, myself. I made the basket part, and this was my first attempt. And we both made the flowers-- she made the cookies. We got it done pretty quickly. No time for mistakes! Ms. Val LOVED it! And it just turned out so great!

Favorite Song:  Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

     I'm kind of in love w/this song right now... I really could identify w/some of the lyrics, because there are quiet moments that happen when you're alone, sometimes, that make you miss loved ones-- romantically, or otherwise.  Love this song!

Favorite Clip:  Jay Leno Late Night Show Prank

   This couple was so cute & funny! It's always great to see couples truly enjoying each other's company, especially black couples.  I know we don't see their whole lives, but you can imagine they have a lot of fun together. And it's her husband, not her "baby daddy" or his side chic.  It's his wife. It's good to see that marriage actually works for some people, instead of every time you hear the word "marriage", it has a negative connotation. Good for them! 

Favorite Dream: Owning a home & having a deck like this

    I LOVE this deck! I can imagine all kinds of family barbecues, parties, and late nights snuggled up watch the stars... or early mornings... wait... no... More like almost-noon (you know I don't do early morning anything, lol)... brunch-time, mornings on the porch, reading a book or eating breakfast in my bathrobe! A girl can dream, right? :)

Favorite Piece of History: The Jackie Robinson Story

    On mother's day, one thing my mother did allow us to treat her to, was a movie. It was also my brother's birthday, so it was sort of a combined treat. We saw the Dodger's Jackie Robinson story, "42"  The movie was AMAZING! It was a clean movie that you could bring your whole family to.  It also was great that my mom was able to make it a little more personal, because as a young girl, she used to walk past Ebbets Field everyday on her way to school.  I love when history hits home, a little! 

...and now... my HUGE review! 

Favorite Beautiful Disaster:  The Great Gatsby (2013)

      Let's just say that you take the good with the bad with this version of The Great Gatsby. The 2013 edition was a disappointment in many aspects, and I am full of praise with others.  If I had to sum up what this version is, I would say it's a Satirical Representation of the Classic, "The Great Gatsby"... Everything was exaggerated. The colors at times were garish & clownish (which goes with my theory that this was a satire), which was a contradiction to the time era.   And I'm sick of rap stars interjecting their songs into period pieces that also don't make much sense. Jay-Z was trying to marry his "Boys Club" mentality of 2013 with that of 1920, and it didn't fit.  They did the same type of thing with Django earlier this year, and they could barely pull that one off... and THAT was Quinton Tarantino, who is famous for his unique and slightly awkward style. I felt that this version took a lot of the "class" from the story. Leonardo DiCaprio would've been a better Gatsby, had they not made him say "Old Sport" (Gatsby's signature phrase) about 32 times a scene.  Anyone who knows the story, knows that Jay Gatsby uses that phrase...anyone who sees this version of the movie, knows that it was overly used (exaggerated).  Going along with my satire theory, the "classy parties" held every weekend at Jay Gatsby's were more of a circus with tons of inebriation, debauchery, and confetti. It was basically a Drag Queen Show on New Year's Eve, at Mr. Gatsby's house. 

      On a good note, the costumes were amazing! There was so much great detail spent on all of the Wardrobe.  Leo looked amazing, although, I find it hard to believe he's supposed to be 32 yrs old. I liked each of the characters, but only a few of them were actually believable.  I thought Carrie Mulligan played a great "Daisy Buchannon".  She seemed a little more "grounded" than Mia Farrow did in the 1974 version.  Mia Farrow played Daisy, basically, as an air-head, in my opinion.  Carrie played her more as a prideful opportunist, torn between believable feelings for Gatsby & the hunger for her lifestyle. Overall, I think the worst thing about this movie was Jay-Z's musical score. The entire movie felt disjointed because of the modern music influence.  In some scenes, I see where they could make it work, but they over-used the rap, and it took away from it being a period film set in the 1920's. All in all, it kind of felt like the Rocky Horror Picture Show of Gatsby, minus the singing.  I don't blame the actors, as much as I blame the theatrics and mood of the film.

  Anyway- (Told you it was long! lol) I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Let me know what you're into this weekend! I'd love to hear from you in the comments. 

 Take care!


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