Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer is On the Way!

May 9, 1993

Favorite Moment: School's Out For Summer!!!!

    So excited that my baby brother, Seth, is now home from school!  This is him & my sister, on the way to get his dreds tipped [picture below] (She's in school for that, so I guess school's not out for everyone, lol). I am also so excited to do things with him this summer & to celebrate his birthday! I can't believe he just turned 20yrs old! I will forever laugh (and apologize) for getting mad at my mom for getting pregnant with him, because we lived in a 3-bdrm bungalow, and already had 6 people in our family!  I was far 'too practical' as a kid- but I'm a first born, what do you expect? I remember my mom telling me that she was pregnant, and I told her, "Well, it better be a boy, because there are already 3 girls in one of these tiny rooms!" (Give me a break, ok? I was 12yrs old!)  So I look back and laugh, because I am truly sorry I ever was mad about this amazing blessing God brought to me-- cramped living space & all, lol. But, I'm still glad he was a boy! LOL 

Favorite Laugh:  40 and Unmarried????

  Ok, so I am still young enough to think this is funny... Clearly, if I was in this position and had no hope... Ok, I would still think it was funny, but it wouldn't be hilarious, lol.  I loved this! I'm not a domestic cat lover at all-- The only cats I like are the Big Cats in the zoo.  Other than that it's a rodent, lol. Many of my friends have heard me say, if it's smaller than medium size dog, I consider it a rodent.  I need 50lbs or more, please!

Favorite Summer Look:  Lauren Conrad's Denim Ombre

   I always love the LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl's! I think it's just the excitement from the site of seeing all the new things she's come up with for each season.  There is always a few that take my breath away.  This was one of my favorite looks! This LC Conrad Faded Chambray Shirt is AWESOME! I was immediately drawn to it's relaxed casual quality, and immediately recognized Lauren's love for the ombre effect. 

(SIDEBAR:   Definition of OMBRÉ
: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark or vice versa.) 

Although some fashionistas are saying that the ombre effect is on it's way out (especially for hair), I beg to differ. I love that designers are finding other ways (besides hair) to create this same effect. I think any trend can remain in style, as long as it's done subtly.  

(Get it Here)

Favorite New Chatski: Fabric covered Thumb Tacks

       This week, I took a minute to browse Lauren Conrad's sight.  Ever since they changed the new format, and started using more and more bloggers, besides Lauren, I haven't been on as much. No offense to the site, because I still love it- but I'm not as interested in reading blogs from numerous people I don't know. Someone wrote a blog about revamping their office (which I think Lauren actually did write this one, btw)- and they showed these awesome thumbtacks! For one, if you drop them, they'll be easier to see and two they make a lovely addition to your work space. They're a little pricey, but I think I can splurge on these! 

Favorite Thought:  

     One of the most humbling things a person can do is self evaluate.  I think one of the things our society suffers from the most, is not being content or satisfied with anything! Everything has to be bigger, better, sleeker, pricier, newer, fresher to deather... So sad, in my opinion.  This kind of thinking pretty much will leave you with unsatisfying instant gratification.   That must be such a dreadful way of life... to never be content with anything. One of the things I hope I pass along in life, is that there is joy in appreciating the things you have, without always wanting more.  I'm thankful that I learned early on to enjoy each stage of my life, as it is- instead of constantly trying to change, upgrade, skip steps, and push past to the future. Sometimes life is just a circular hallway of doors. All you're doing is opening the next. Enjoy the room you're in now, because the next will still be there. There is great peace in enjoying the moment.

Favorite Clip: In Honor of Mother's Day... 


   ...and... For those of us who are not mothers yet- We can still celebrate. We can celebrate the great times we've had of spoiling our friends' kids, doping them up on sugar, and sending them home :) LOL... but seriously. I know it can be a hard time for those of us who are childless-- and can be really painful at times, emotionally.  I am included in this group.  So determine in your heart that you're going to make it a great day, anyway.  Things will be added in HIS timing. Remember Jeremiah 29:11 Love you! 

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