Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing the NEW iPhone25!!

  After the week I had, this summer is promising to be a fun time! I have concerts lined up, trips lined up, and lots of family & friends to share it with! Check out what's been going on this week:

Favorite Surprise:  SETH IS HOME!!!

     Last night, I went over to my parents' house for the routine " Thrusday Night Family Night"... To my surprise, my youngest brother, Seth, was home from college (University of St. Francis) !! I'm so excited! There is going to be lots of time to spend together, this summer.  It was really the highlight to my night! 

Favorite Laugh:  Introducing the iPhone25!!

   My friend & I (Jennifer Mayo) were joking around in the office about how phones have changed! We've gone from the ever-so-popular & cool "Zack Morris Phone", to phones the size of Lima beans, back to larger but flatter model phones.  We were joking about how big the phones are getting again... each iPhone is bigger than the last... So, this was our comedic attempt of the iPhone 25... Hilarious! 

Favorite Throw Back: The 'Zack Morris Phone'

    Speaking of 'The Zack Morris Phone'- the whole iPhone 25 conversation started because we thought it was funny that despite what this phone is really called, everyone born after 1980 knows this type of phone as the "Zack Morris Phone"... Another friend said this is also called the "Brick Phone"- but he was not born in the 80's, lol.  This classic throwback was popularized when "Zack Morris" from the hit Saturday Morning Sitcom, Saved by the Bell, would use his really cool cell phone to call people, make plans, or fool "Mr. Belding"... It's amazing how cool we thought he was back then- and the progression of where cell phones are now. So funny! 

Favorite Splurge:  The Pyrenees Fleur de Lis Scarf from Mimi Boutique! 

    My favorite Fashion Blogger, Anna James of Fash Boulevard- Fashion Blogger for Lauren Conrad & Giuliana Rancic, featured this Pyrenees Fleur de Lis scarf in one of her blogs this week... Ok, so I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything this week (trying to save money)... Well, all my good intentions went right out the window, when I saw this fabulous scarf by Mimi Boutique! I absolutely loved the colors in this scarf- and probably wouldn't have bought it from the picture on the site.  Seeing it on Anna changed my mind, because the colors are in Techna-color, compared to what it looks like on the site!  This is why we love our fashion bloggers!They help find the awesome picks, and show you what each item can really do!

Favorite Giggle: That was Fast!

   I loved this! It reminded me of when I went to the zoo w/my family & a friend, and how quickly everyone shut up, when the Lion roared.  It's amazing how casual people can be with these powerful animals, until they flinch, and you crap your pants! They are beautiful creatures, but definitely to be respected!

Favorite Find:

   Ok, I'm not a mother, yet, and clearly this site is geared towards mothers- but I did find an awesome selection of summer dresses, in tons of different colors, styles, shapes, occasions & sizes! I'm so exciting about spending more time to see what this site is about! Clearly, they have great choice in style!

   Well, I'm excited to get home & relax this weekend!  I hope you're going to do the same! Let me know what you're into-- and who's going to see the remake of THE GREAT GATSBY on May 10??? I'm so excited! It's one of my all-time favorite stories! Details will surely follow on that movie! 

.... And also, my book club is going to be reading The Beautiful and Damned by the same guy who wrote The great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzberald!  This summer is going to be exciting! 


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