Friday, May 31, 2013

You've Gotta Read This One, Jack!

  What an interesting week! I'm so glad that it went by so quickly!  I wish I could write about everything I've experienced, but then I'd be here all day.  Here are the things that I chose, however:  

Favorite Buy:  These Lovelies... "Vonnie" by

  Isn't she lovely?  A co-worker of mine was being a great friend, and found these on JustFabulous during a huge Memorial Day Sale!  The sale was, you get an item for $5 with purchase of something at regular price. Since she does not wear heels, she opened up the $5 option to me... so yes, you heard it here first, folks... THESE SHOES WERE ONLY $5!!! Good looking out, Danelia!

Favorite Day: Last Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend
   One thing that I used to love doing was flying kites on the hill behind Studebaker Middle School, when I was growing up.  It was kind of a big deal, because even though we could see the field through the fence near our neighbor's house, in order to actually go there, we had to ride a bit of a way from the house on our bikes-- so we felt like "Big Kids".  My friend's oldest son turned 6yrs old today, and I bought this kite for him, as part of his birthday present. I love the new version of "kites", these days. They're made of nylon, instead of the plastic they were made of when I was a kid. It was so much fun to take it out on a test drive  over the weekend. And even funnier to see Judy trying to get it to stay up & running down the street. I might even get one for myself, before the summer is over! It was a lot of fun!

Favorite Discovery: Chimps at the Columbus Zoo

    Ok, so part of my time spent in London, Ohio was at the Columbus Zoo! Unfortunately my camera had died, or I would have posted pictures from the actual monkeys that we saw that day.  This was my favorite exhibit, which surprised me, because I normally gravitate more towards the Lion Dens, Elephants, or Giraffes (you know, the "heavy-duty" animals)... But when I saw the monkeys, they were doing the funniest & cutest things.  At one point, Two monkeys put their feet on the glass & put their head between their knees- almost in a sitting fetal position. It was the cutest thing ever! I'm mad I don't have a picture of it... But if anyone was at the Columbus Zoo last Sunday, send me the pic!

Favorite Guilty Pleasure/Obsession:  Duck Dynasty

    Ok... I admit it... I'm OBSESSED with this show! Clearly, as a black woman, I don't naturally gravitate to  shows about "Rednecks" or "backwoods living"... Furthermore, the only kind of camping I did as a kid, involved plenty of electrical chords snaking across the backyard, connecting TVs, fans & other appliances to our tent. So people who do things like eat squirrels regularly & go hunting-- I don't usually have much in common with those kind of people. However... One thing we do have in common is Faith, Family & the Funny! My friend, Judy, got me hooked on this show, and now I can't stop laughing at how hilarious it is!  My favorite character hands down, is Silas "Si" Robertson. He's the "Uncle" of the group, and he is full of zingers that have me laughing out loud! From the family finding an old military picture where he signed the back "Hell Raisin", to him quoting the lyrics to Digital Underground's  The Humpty Dance or singing RESPECT by Aretha Franklin.  What's better, is that they have values, so this is a show you don't have to worry about your kids seeing. I think I've seen about 30 episodes, and there was ONE *bleep*.  That's saying a lot in Reality Shows.  So, if you haven't, check out Duck Dynasty. You're sure to get a few laughs!

    Si Robertson

Favorite Video: Brittain's America's Got Talent- Shadow Dance Group

   I'm speechless about how much skill, time & precision this took!  Watch this video, and don't forget a tissue!

Favorite Prank:  While Jen's away...

      Last week, I had to take down part of my blog, due to confidentiality issues, lol. But What I can say, was while my friend, Jen, was away... this is what I did to her laptop. I taped all of her "Boys" to her laptop with messages... 

Sidenote: Jen's "Boys" are her celebrity crushes. We kind of have a running joke about how in love they all are with her. It's pretty hilarious. 

  There is Bret Michaels, Ozzy & Malcolm from Survivor, Thor & Captain America- all with a message. They were all cheesy, but funny.Here's what they said:

 Ozzy's picture looked like he was really sad, so the quote was "I miss you so much, when you're gone"

Bret Michaels: "Girl, since you left, I've been 50 Shades of Blue..."

Thor: "I've tried to do things to keep you off my mind, but I'm...So... Lonely..."

Malcolm: "I lost you, but I will find you... You're My idol, girl..." (which is hilarious if you watch Survivor)

Captain America: "Don't worry, boys, I protect her!" (inside joke) 

Needless to say... things happen when you leave the office on vacation, lol.  

Everyone have a great  weekend! Let me know all the fun things you're going to be doing this summer. I need ideas! I've got a few things planned, but I could use more ideas! 

XOXO- Tiffani

Friday, May 24, 2013

While My Co-Worker's Away...

    Every week, I want to say that the week has blown by so fast-- it just allows me to pause & remember how short "life" really is. Its always a good idea to remember to fit in things you love to do, because regardless of crappy jobs, crappy family situations & crappy friend dilemmas, it's still our lives. We still have to enjoy the time we have on earth.  That being said... One of the things I love doing is Blogging! I don't care if anyone reads it, I'm still going to do it. (Ok, I care a little, but I wouldn't stop if no one read it-- that's probably what I should've said, lol) So, let's go! :

Favorite Buy:  Vonnie, My new best friend! 

    I'm so excited about this purchase! A good co-worker was buying shoes online this morning, and told me about the sale they were having! Buy one item at regular price, get a pair of shoes for $5. Since she didn't find any shoes that she'd be comfortable wearing, she extended the offer to me! I found these cutie pies and was smitten!  I can't wait until they come in! 

Favorite Punishment:  Lack of Jamaican Beef Patties

    Ok, this section of the blog might literally cause me to drown in my own drool, my mouth is watering so badly, lol.  I've been craving these allllll week! This is a staple when I visit Brooklyn, NY. Gloria's has them, and so does Allen's Bakery, which is located behind where my grandparents used to live, until recently.  Every morning, we'd awake to fresh sour dough bread, biscuits, Coconut Bread & other baked goods. Waking up to baked goods at Grandma's house, is by far the BEST way to wake up, when you're a kid. I miss those days... and I miss these decadent meat pies! Jamaican Beef Patties, I love you...

Favorite Nostalgic Song:  The Birdie Camp Song
     Instead of using an alarm clock, my mom used to sing this song to us EVERY morning to wake us up... and although my mom sings circles around this lady, this is probably why I'm not a morning person, lol. It was nice to recall the memory with her. She swears up & down it only happened a few times, and that we exaggerate everything. NO. I remember being woken up by this song pretty much EVERY morning until I was at least 12yrs old.  Sure, every now and then, she would miss a day or two, but most mornings, this was how I was awakened as a child, lol.  It was only when we got older and and started screaming "No!!! We're Up! We're Up! Please don't sing", that she stopped, lol.  Ain't nobody got time for that at 6am, Mom! 

Favorite Professional Song: ((Throwback)) "Great Day to Be Alive" by Travis Tritt

    Ok, so this week, I started Throwback Thursday early.  Not only did I have fun memories on Thursday, but also all throughout the week.  This song, in particular was part of my morning routine, while I was in college.  For some reason, drivng down the winding roads on my way to school, reminded me of country.  I was also in a place where I was branching out-- and I discovered that I do like certain kinds of country music.  This song always made me happy, and what's better? This video is better. It actually made me laugh when I saw how the creator put it together. It's hilarious. Enjoy!

Favorite Thing to Hate:  Dirty Connections

     Call me crazy, but I'm always amazed at how dishonest people can be. I know there is a certain type of person who gets their rocks off on making deals, developing connections, and being seen as someone who can "make things happen"... I think a little of that goes a long way.  Sure it's always fun to "know a guy" for this or that... but when you have to start being dishonest, cheating others, and stacking yourself with unfair advantages, it's just too much. I know people who "win" stuff all the time because they happen to hob nob with a local celebrity who is affiliated. I think using your connections is important, but not at the risk of being dishonest or unfair. I think it's disgusting what people's greed can cause them to do... 

Favorite Laugh:  While My co-worker's Away... 

    ***Content has been removed due to a breech of confidentiality I was just made aware of... So, just enjoy this awesome pic of Captain America! lol***

Until Then... 


Friday, May 17, 2013

The Review is in...

    This was actually a great week, despite a few annoying factors of life...  but other than that, this week was jam packed with activity for me. I have a HUGE review of The 2013 version of The Great Gatsby, so I want to make sure that I keep the rest of the blog this week, to a minimum! So without further Ado... 

Favorite Moment:  Making a Cookie Bouquet with my sister for Mother's Day

   For Mother's Day, my sister & I made this fabulous bouquet for her boss. We made quite a team, if I may say so, myself. I made the basket part, and this was my first attempt. And we both made the flowers-- she made the cookies. We got it done pretty quickly. No time for mistakes! Ms. Val LOVED it! And it just turned out so great!

Favorite Song:  Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

     I'm kind of in love w/this song right now... I really could identify w/some of the lyrics, because there are quiet moments that happen when you're alone, sometimes, that make you miss loved ones-- romantically, or otherwise.  Love this song!

Favorite Clip:  Jay Leno Late Night Show Prank

   This couple was so cute & funny! It's always great to see couples truly enjoying each other's company, especially black couples.  I know we don't see their whole lives, but you can imagine they have a lot of fun together. And it's her husband, not her "baby daddy" or his side chic.  It's his wife. It's good to see that marriage actually works for some people, instead of every time you hear the word "marriage", it has a negative connotation. Good for them! 

Favorite Dream: Owning a home & having a deck like this

    I LOVE this deck! I can imagine all kinds of family barbecues, parties, and late nights snuggled up watch the stars... or early mornings... wait... no... More like almost-noon (you know I don't do early morning anything, lol)... brunch-time, mornings on the porch, reading a book or eating breakfast in my bathrobe! A girl can dream, right? :)

Favorite Piece of History: The Jackie Robinson Story

    On mother's day, one thing my mother did allow us to treat her to, was a movie. It was also my brother's birthday, so it was sort of a combined treat. We saw the Dodger's Jackie Robinson story, "42"  The movie was AMAZING! It was a clean movie that you could bring your whole family to.  It also was great that my mom was able to make it a little more personal, because as a young girl, she used to walk past Ebbets Field everyday on her way to school.  I love when history hits home, a little! 

...and now... my HUGE review! 

Favorite Beautiful Disaster:  The Great Gatsby (2013)

      Let's just say that you take the good with the bad with this version of The Great Gatsby. The 2013 edition was a disappointment in many aspects, and I am full of praise with others.  If I had to sum up what this version is, I would say it's a Satirical Representation of the Classic, "The Great Gatsby"... Everything was exaggerated. The colors at times were garish & clownish (which goes with my theory that this was a satire), which was a contradiction to the time era.   And I'm sick of rap stars interjecting their songs into period pieces that also don't make much sense. Jay-Z was trying to marry his "Boys Club" mentality of 2013 with that of 1920, and it didn't fit.  They did the same type of thing with Django earlier this year, and they could barely pull that one off... and THAT was Quinton Tarantino, who is famous for his unique and slightly awkward style. I felt that this version took a lot of the "class" from the story. Leonardo DiCaprio would've been a better Gatsby, had they not made him say "Old Sport" (Gatsby's signature phrase) about 32 times a scene.  Anyone who knows the story, knows that Jay Gatsby uses that phrase...anyone who sees this version of the movie, knows that it was overly used (exaggerated).  Going along with my satire theory, the "classy parties" held every weekend at Jay Gatsby's were more of a circus with tons of inebriation, debauchery, and confetti. It was basically a Drag Queen Show on New Year's Eve, at Mr. Gatsby's house. 

      On a good note, the costumes were amazing! There was so much great detail spent on all of the Wardrobe.  Leo looked amazing, although, I find it hard to believe he's supposed to be 32 yrs old. I liked each of the characters, but only a few of them were actually believable.  I thought Carrie Mulligan played a great "Daisy Buchannon".  She seemed a little more "grounded" than Mia Farrow did in the 1974 version.  Mia Farrow played Daisy, basically, as an air-head, in my opinion.  Carrie played her more as a prideful opportunist, torn between believable feelings for Gatsby & the hunger for her lifestyle. Overall, I think the worst thing about this movie was Jay-Z's musical score. The entire movie felt disjointed because of the modern music influence.  In some scenes, I see where they could make it work, but they over-used the rap, and it took away from it being a period film set in the 1920's. All in all, it kind of felt like the Rocky Horror Picture Show of Gatsby, minus the singing.  I don't blame the actors, as much as I blame the theatrics and mood of the film.

  Anyway- (Told you it was long! lol) I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Let me know what you're into this weekend! I'd love to hear from you in the comments. 

 Take care!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer is On the Way!

May 9, 1993

Favorite Moment: School's Out For Summer!!!!

    So excited that my baby brother, Seth, is now home from school!  This is him & my sister, on the way to get his dreds tipped [picture below] (She's in school for that, so I guess school's not out for everyone, lol). I am also so excited to do things with him this summer & to celebrate his birthday! I can't believe he just turned 20yrs old! I will forever laugh (and apologize) for getting mad at my mom for getting pregnant with him, because we lived in a 3-bdrm bungalow, and already had 6 people in our family!  I was far 'too practical' as a kid- but I'm a first born, what do you expect? I remember my mom telling me that she was pregnant, and I told her, "Well, it better be a boy, because there are already 3 girls in one of these tiny rooms!" (Give me a break, ok? I was 12yrs old!)  So I look back and laugh, because I am truly sorry I ever was mad about this amazing blessing God brought to me-- cramped living space & all, lol. But, I'm still glad he was a boy! LOL 

Favorite Laugh:  40 and Unmarried????

  Ok, so I am still young enough to think this is funny... Clearly, if I was in this position and had no hope... Ok, I would still think it was funny, but it wouldn't be hilarious, lol.  I loved this! I'm not a domestic cat lover at all-- The only cats I like are the Big Cats in the zoo.  Other than that it's a rodent, lol. Many of my friends have heard me say, if it's smaller than medium size dog, I consider it a rodent.  I need 50lbs or more, please!

Favorite Summer Look:  Lauren Conrad's Denim Ombre

   I always love the LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl's! I think it's just the excitement from the site of seeing all the new things she's come up with for each season.  There is always a few that take my breath away.  This was one of my favorite looks! This LC Conrad Faded Chambray Shirt is AWESOME! I was immediately drawn to it's relaxed casual quality, and immediately recognized Lauren's love for the ombre effect. 

(SIDEBAR:   Definition of OMBRÉ
: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark or vice versa.) 

Although some fashionistas are saying that the ombre effect is on it's way out (especially for hair), I beg to differ. I love that designers are finding other ways (besides hair) to create this same effect. I think any trend can remain in style, as long as it's done subtly.  

(Get it Here)

Favorite New Chatski: Fabric covered Thumb Tacks

       This week, I took a minute to browse Lauren Conrad's sight.  Ever since they changed the new format, and started using more and more bloggers, besides Lauren, I haven't been on as much. No offense to the site, because I still love it- but I'm not as interested in reading blogs from numerous people I don't know. Someone wrote a blog about revamping their office (which I think Lauren actually did write this one, btw)- and they showed these awesome thumbtacks! For one, if you drop them, they'll be easier to see and two they make a lovely addition to your work space. They're a little pricey, but I think I can splurge on these! 

Favorite Thought:  

     One of the most humbling things a person can do is self evaluate.  I think one of the things our society suffers from the most, is not being content or satisfied with anything! Everything has to be bigger, better, sleeker, pricier, newer, fresher to deather... So sad, in my opinion.  This kind of thinking pretty much will leave you with unsatisfying instant gratification.   That must be such a dreadful way of life... to never be content with anything. One of the things I hope I pass along in life, is that there is joy in appreciating the things you have, without always wanting more.  I'm thankful that I learned early on to enjoy each stage of my life, as it is- instead of constantly trying to change, upgrade, skip steps, and push past to the future. Sometimes life is just a circular hallway of doors. All you're doing is opening the next. Enjoy the room you're in now, because the next will still be there. There is great peace in enjoying the moment.

Favorite Clip: In Honor of Mother's Day... 


   ...and... For those of us who are not mothers yet- We can still celebrate. We can celebrate the great times we've had of spoiling our friends' kids, doping them up on sugar, and sending them home :) LOL... but seriously. I know it can be a hard time for those of us who are childless-- and can be really painful at times, emotionally.  I am included in this group.  So determine in your heart that you're going to make it a great day, anyway.  Things will be added in HIS timing. Remember Jeremiah 29:11 Love you! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Introducing the NEW iPhone25!!

  After the week I had, this summer is promising to be a fun time! I have concerts lined up, trips lined up, and lots of family & friends to share it with! Check out what's been going on this week:

Favorite Surprise:  SETH IS HOME!!!

     Last night, I went over to my parents' house for the routine " Thrusday Night Family Night"... To my surprise, my youngest brother, Seth, was home from college (University of St. Francis) !! I'm so excited! There is going to be lots of time to spend together, this summer.  It was really the highlight to my night! 

Favorite Laugh:  Introducing the iPhone25!!

   My friend & I (Jennifer Mayo) were joking around in the office about how phones have changed! We've gone from the ever-so-popular & cool "Zack Morris Phone", to phones the size of Lima beans, back to larger but flatter model phones.  We were joking about how big the phones are getting again... each iPhone is bigger than the last... So, this was our comedic attempt of the iPhone 25... Hilarious! 

Favorite Throw Back: The 'Zack Morris Phone'

    Speaking of 'The Zack Morris Phone'- the whole iPhone 25 conversation started because we thought it was funny that despite what this phone is really called, everyone born after 1980 knows this type of phone as the "Zack Morris Phone"... Another friend said this is also called the "Brick Phone"- but he was not born in the 80's, lol.  This classic throwback was popularized when "Zack Morris" from the hit Saturday Morning Sitcom, Saved by the Bell, would use his really cool cell phone to call people, make plans, or fool "Mr. Belding"... It's amazing how cool we thought he was back then- and the progression of where cell phones are now. So funny! 

Favorite Splurge:  The Pyrenees Fleur de Lis Scarf from Mimi Boutique! 

    My favorite Fashion Blogger, Anna James of Fash Boulevard- Fashion Blogger for Lauren Conrad & Giuliana Rancic, featured this Pyrenees Fleur de Lis scarf in one of her blogs this week... Ok, so I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything this week (trying to save money)... Well, all my good intentions went right out the window, when I saw this fabulous scarf by Mimi Boutique! I absolutely loved the colors in this scarf- and probably wouldn't have bought it from the picture on the site.  Seeing it on Anna changed my mind, because the colors are in Techna-color, compared to what it looks like on the site!  This is why we love our fashion bloggers!They help find the awesome picks, and show you what each item can really do!

Favorite Giggle: That was Fast!

   I loved this! It reminded me of when I went to the zoo w/my family & a friend, and how quickly everyone shut up, when the Lion roared.  It's amazing how casual people can be with these powerful animals, until they flinch, and you crap your pants! They are beautiful creatures, but definitely to be respected!

Favorite Find:

   Ok, I'm not a mother, yet, and clearly this site is geared towards mothers- but I did find an awesome selection of summer dresses, in tons of different colors, styles, shapes, occasions & sizes! I'm so exciting about spending more time to see what this site is about! Clearly, they have great choice in style!

   Well, I'm excited to get home & relax this weekend!  I hope you're going to do the same! Let me know what you're into-- and who's going to see the remake of THE GREAT GATSBY on May 10??? I'm so excited! It's one of my all-time favorite stories! Details will surely follow on that movie! 

.... And also, my book club is going to be reading The Beautiful and Damned by the same guy who wrote The great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzberald!  This summer is going to be exciting!