Friday, April 19, 2013

I Love My Judy & Dest...

     This has been a very challenging week, but not without things to be thankful for. On this week's blog: 

Favorite Moment: Finding out my buddies were safe

     Two of my favorite people, Nate & Christina, were at the Boston Marathon this weekend.  It was such a scary realization that I could've lost two very special people to me.  They are very kind & loving, and I'm so thankful for still having them in my life.  It just reminded me that life is so short, and you are not promised tomorrow-- even though we almost always take it for granted.  And one thing I love about myself, is that I know that when it's time for me to leave this earth, I know that everyone I love, will know I loved them.  I have no doubt about it.  You should tell your loved ones often.

Favorite Motivation:  Think About the Journey

   I've been continuing to plug away at trying to get back into my regular routine.  Depression does take a toll on your motivation factor to do things, especially if you don't want to do them.  But I've been trying to work it out & stay motivated to go. Work obligations have come up here & there, but I've been pretty steady & don't see any serious wavering, yet.  I just have to remember not to compromise with "The Negotiator".  The Negotiator is the part of me that tries to rationalize my work outs... ("Well, if I skip this day, I'll go on Saturday" [yeah right], etc).  I still keep praying that God will make me one of those people who like to work out-- but so far, it hasn't happened yet, lol.

Favorite Laugh:  Swinderella

    I have a bit of an obsession with Sweet Brown, lol. I love all of the videos, pictures, etc they keep making about her infamous news statement, and this one is by far my favorite. As soon as I saw this, I had to post it to, like, 22 people's pages... Whoever thought this one up is a freak'n genius!!! I laugh every time I see it! I thank whomever developed this for their creative genius!

Favorite Gripe:  Passive Aggressive People

     So annoyed... I know that there is a level of passive-aggressiveness in everyone, on some level, especially  in a professional setting, where other people have a say over your livelihood.  I am not normally a passive aggressive person, but in these situations  you don't always get to say everything you want to say,  how you want to say it, when you want to say it, etc.  Call it a double standard if you like, but I think it's annoying if person in a higher-ranking position is passive aggressive towards a subordinate employee.  THEY have the power, but instead of acting like a real man or woman, they punk out & take digs at you. I HATE that! They write nasty emails, instead of having a conversation with you.  They try to make you look bad in front of people who have nothing to do with the situation... They write the nasty emails- and instead of risking bumping into you after you've read it, they wait until about 5 or 10 mins after they leave to send it from their Blackberries... I can't respect that. I see it as a cowardly misuse of power.  It shocks me that someone so obsessed with power, when it comes time for objectivity, maturity, and discretionary use of it, they cower like a punk. In my particular situation, they're going through a lot in their personal lives-- so instead of dealing with that, they're picking at targets in the environment. I'm just so over it.... so over it.

Favorite Embarrassing Moment:  My Inappropriate Culinary Art

          Ok... So, I had an amazing time when I went out w/my friends, Judy & Destiny last weekend.  It was definitely a change in pace for me, since there are parts of me that are a little recluse, these days.  But let me just say this... You know you love someone when  they can put their hands in your food & pull back all 5 fingers, they can taste your  food even before you do, and arrange your food into inappropriate culinary art...and you don't even bat an eye, lol. 

SIDENOTE: HERE'S THE STORY  [Above is the "inappropriate art" that Judy did in my spaghetti. She just put her fingers in my food & everything... The Server she did it in front of laughed it off, and said she wasn't really embarrassed... But I had the luxury of being embarrassed when the male Server, who was actually our server, caught me taking this picture of Judy's penile design. He said, "One day we'll mature..." lol I couldn't do anything but laugh--- cause he was right.  Ha ha ]

  I'm so happy to have great friends. Who I can laugh with and they truly have my back.  There are so many people who have fake friends-- but when you have friendships for 13+yrs you know those are lifers.  I love my Judy & Destiny.  

 Judy & Destiny


Have a great weekend, everyone!! 


  1. We love you Tiff!!! I'm so happy we got to have a much needed girls night!! :) There's nothing quite like laughing with your closest friends to heal what ails you!!

  2. Tiffani, I missed your blogs! You're comical and have such a way with words. Kudos to you for continuing to keep on with your workouts. I'm proud of you! I, on the other hand need to get it together, between my bouts of allergies, I've been in a medicated state to alleviate not sneezing myself into a frenzy.

    My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to Boston and all that were affected. You are right, life is so short and it's over in a blink.

    I enjoyed your food porn. LMAO! Your friends are hilarious.

  3. P.S. Was it Sweet Brown that started the whole "ain't nobody got time for that?" That line is hilarious and everybody keeps saying it.

  4. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! lol I hope you enjoy my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them! :)