Friday, April 5, 2013

ANNA JAMES FOR PRESIDENT! (Just kidding- but VOTE, anyway!!)

So glad that it's Friday! This is one of the times a week that I take a moment to reflect on myself.  Here's a little of what I've experienced this week!! 

Favorite Moment:  Summertime is on it's way!! 

     I'm so excited! I literally screamed from joy and praised God for how gorgeous it was when I stepped out to get lunch today!  I'm so excited that Ohio is so beautiful today.  We know how to really appreciate when that happens, because Ohio is also known for flip-flopping.  Tomorrow could be 3ft of snow!!! We never know, so we just appreciate when the good weather comes!  I'm promoting Summertime, in my head, because I don't want to deal w/Springtime allergies... But days like this are awesome!

Favorite Pic:  Emma Stone

   I am friends with Emma Stone on Facebook, simply for the pictures! She takes the best, most creative pictures.  This is one of my favorites! It makes me think of "Breakfast on a Summer Sunday Morning..."

Favorite Video:  Barbados Kadooment Day Celebration w/Red Line (and a little Bajan History)

      One of the things I love about my life, is that I am a Caribbean girl through & through!!! My dad is from St. George, Barbados, and my mom's side of the family is from Kingston, Jamaica & Barbados...I take a lot of pride in my culture, now, because it's beautiful & unique-- especially where I grew up.  When I was a kid, I didn't appreciate it as much. I just thought I was weird because I said certain words funny & my dad spoke with an accent. I thought Barbados was a "weird" place with weird food, weird accents and weird money, that I would bring in to school every once in awhile, and people would think was cool.  It hasn't been until I've grown older, that I've really learned to  appreciate the culture in being a Bajan.  

     One of the cultural aspects is Crop Over. Crop Over is the largest National Festival in Barbados and very popular in Caribbean Bacchanal celebrations. The 6wk Celebration (from June-August 1) is where Bajans traditionally celebrate the end of the sugar cane harvest... Barbados is part of the British owned colonies, and from 1688 & well into the 1800's slavers stole slaves from Barbados.  When the sugar cane Harvest was over, they'd celebrate with large parties & parades that involved masquerade costumes and lively colors... and lots of drinking-- but the slaves were not allowed to participate with the English.  So, they would often have their own celebration in the backyards, and often would make costumes & paint themselves (often in mockery of the slaver's masquerade outfits).  This day was known as Kadooment Day, (the last day of Crop Over) or The Grand Kadooment (Kadooment means "Big Ruckus" or "Big to-do".)   Now, the celebration is just a wild Giant Party. They drink Johnny Walker, Rum, Beer, Rum Punch & other alcoholic tropical drinks.   There is a lot of music & dancing and "wukking up" or "winding up"--which is basically like freak dancing (just watch the video above, you'll get it, lol). In Barbados it's a traditional dance.   Since the Emancipation of Slavery in Barbados, everyone participates int he festivities!  One of my Bucket List goals is to make it for Crop Over, one day.  I hope that I'll be able to fully experience it! 

"Barbados is a sexy little country"- Rihanna 


Favorite OTHER Video:  Something About this guy doesn't seem easygoing... lol 

     This guy was too nutty not to post... Severe case of ADHD- or Bath Salts... I haven't decided, yet... He's a little Kramer from Seinfeld, right? 



     I am super excited to help my favorite fashion blogger, Anna James,  be apart of the The International Best-Dressed Challenge by the ultra fabulous Vanity Fair. Winners are chosen monthly and then will compete to be featured in the September issue of Vanity Fair (a total dream come true...eek). Your support would mean the world. It's super easy to vote. Simply click the outfit links below and then click the little heart to vote! Thanks so much! 


Have an awesome weekend!! 

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