Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm going to do this like I'm on Vacation!

   This week started off a little rough, but got easy peasy lemon squeezy... I'm kinda sad this week is ending so quickly. It was sort of a vacation for us! lol Well, not for all of us, but some of us. Here's what I wanna talk about this week! 

Favorite New Thing: KEEK

  Did you know there was such a thing called Keek??  It's basically video Instagram. It's innovative & interesting, an upgrade from Facebook, twitter, etc.. Basically, instead of posting pics, people post short videos of whatever they want... I guess this will cut down on Catfishing, right? (and increase illiteracy, possibly, since people don't even have to read anymore, lol). I just literally discovered this minutes ago. Someone tell me if this is not a new thing, but I think it's interesting. I think it's a great way for fans to see what their favorite celebrities are into-- and it kind of humanizes them, too.  However, It kind of makes me sad that technology is almost evolving to a degree that people will never actually have to interact outside of the computer.  It's only a matter of time before you can reach through the computer & virtually have lunch or go out on a date with someone, ha ha. I'll let you know when that happens! ha ha. 

Favorite Surprise:  Happy Administrative Assistant's Day to me!

   I was so happy to get some flowers for Secretary's Day (ahem, Administrative Assistant's Day)... I seem to be measuring whether or not I get acknowledged by how much they currently like me, lol.  You'd have to work here to really get it-- but this bouquet was the BEST yet!  This picture doesn't do it justice, but this bouquet was full of deep purples and blue flowers that smell so fragrant.  I was so happy to get celebrated this year!

Favorite Embellishment: Check out these sexy shoes!

   My sister clipped these heels on FB, and I had to agree-- I'm absolutely crushing on them, too! They are the type of shoe the emulates my style! Chic, but not too girly, with a touch of retro flare.  And let's face it- those bows are begging to high light your new pedicure! 

Favorite Video:  Coachella Liars

     Ok- for years, now, I've wanted to check out Coachella.  The problem is, I live thousands of miles away... So, in order to go to this annual Indio, California mecca, I need to plan at vacation at length.... Every year, I wish I would've started planning earlier-- but I still like to catch certain highlights from the festival: What people wore, what's a new festival trend, who was playing, did Tupac show up...etc? You know, the basics.  So, trust me, when I saw this clip of Jimmy Kimmel's Coachella Prank, I had to post it in honor of Coachella... One of these days, I will be Coachella bound! 

 Favorite Crush:  Keegan Allen of Pretty Little Liars

  You all know that I'm in love with the ABC Family hit drama, Pretty Little Liars, right?  Well, I just completed the full Second season of the series (minus episode 6 that wouldn't play right! Grrr!)... But can I just say, I really dig Keegan Allen a lot! I'm a sucker for a guy with sexy eyes. I think he's pretty unique looking, too. He's not your typical tv drama sexpot on the show (although you wouldn't know it from seeing this picture...yowza! lol) But I think I like that his character is honest, forthright, a little mysterious, and strong.  Who doesn't love that?  I had to send my boxset copy for exchange at Amazon, but I can't wait to get my replacement & finally watch episode 6! It was the episode of the infamous Fashion show, which I couldn't watch, because the disc kept freezing every time it got to a certain part. I tried it on 3 different playing devices.  So- anyway... I guess I'll just have to continue my love affair with Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) on Tuesday, when the replacement comes, lol.

Favorite Laugh:

   I mean, really... You have NO idea how hard I laughed when I saw this! It's so true.  Some women have no shame... and will never realize that you only make yourself look bigger & sloppier when you wear ill-fitting clothes.

  Well, it's the end of the day! I'm ready to get on the road. I hope you guys all have a fabulous weekend! Share with me what you're into! I'd love to know :) 
XO- Tiffani

Friday, April 19, 2013

I Love My Judy & Dest...

     This has been a very challenging week, but not without things to be thankful for. On this week's blog: 

Favorite Moment: Finding out my buddies were safe

     Two of my favorite people, Nate & Christina, were at the Boston Marathon this weekend.  It was such a scary realization that I could've lost two very special people to me.  They are very kind & loving, and I'm so thankful for still having them in my life.  It just reminded me that life is so short, and you are not promised tomorrow-- even though we almost always take it for granted.  And one thing I love about myself, is that I know that when it's time for me to leave this earth, I know that everyone I love, will know I loved them.  I have no doubt about it.  You should tell your loved ones often.

Favorite Motivation:  Think About the Journey

   I've been continuing to plug away at trying to get back into my regular routine.  Depression does take a toll on your motivation factor to do things, especially if you don't want to do them.  But I've been trying to work it out & stay motivated to go. Work obligations have come up here & there, but I've been pretty steady & don't see any serious wavering, yet.  I just have to remember not to compromise with "The Negotiator".  The Negotiator is the part of me that tries to rationalize my work outs... ("Well, if I skip this day, I'll go on Saturday" [yeah right], etc).  I still keep praying that God will make me one of those people who like to work out-- but so far, it hasn't happened yet, lol.

Favorite Laugh:  Swinderella

    I have a bit of an obsession with Sweet Brown, lol. I love all of the videos, pictures, etc they keep making about her infamous news statement, and this one is by far my favorite. As soon as I saw this, I had to post it to, like, 22 people's pages... Whoever thought this one up is a freak'n genius!!! I laugh every time I see it! I thank whomever developed this for their creative genius!

Favorite Gripe:  Passive Aggressive People

     So annoyed... I know that there is a level of passive-aggressiveness in everyone, on some level, especially  in a professional setting, where other people have a say over your livelihood.  I am not normally a passive aggressive person, but in these situations  you don't always get to say everything you want to say,  how you want to say it, when you want to say it, etc.  Call it a double standard if you like, but I think it's annoying if person in a higher-ranking position is passive aggressive towards a subordinate employee.  THEY have the power, but instead of acting like a real man or woman, they punk out & take digs at you. I HATE that! They write nasty emails, instead of having a conversation with you.  They try to make you look bad in front of people who have nothing to do with the situation... They write the nasty emails- and instead of risking bumping into you after you've read it, they wait until about 5 or 10 mins after they leave to send it from their Blackberries... I can't respect that. I see it as a cowardly misuse of power.  It shocks me that someone so obsessed with power, when it comes time for objectivity, maturity, and discretionary use of it, they cower like a punk. In my particular situation, they're going through a lot in their personal lives-- so instead of dealing with that, they're picking at targets in the environment. I'm just so over it.... so over it.

Favorite Embarrassing Moment:  My Inappropriate Culinary Art

          Ok... So, I had an amazing time when I went out w/my friends, Judy & Destiny last weekend.  It was definitely a change in pace for me, since there are parts of me that are a little recluse, these days.  But let me just say this... You know you love someone when  they can put their hands in your food & pull back all 5 fingers, they can taste your  food even before you do, and arrange your food into inappropriate culinary art...and you don't even bat an eye, lol. 

SIDENOTE: HERE'S THE STORY  [Above is the "inappropriate art" that Judy did in my spaghetti. She just put her fingers in my food & everything... The Server she did it in front of laughed it off, and said she wasn't really embarrassed... But I had the luxury of being embarrassed when the male Server, who was actually our server, caught me taking this picture of Judy's penile design. He said, "One day we'll mature..." lol I couldn't do anything but laugh--- cause he was right.  Ha ha ]

  I'm so happy to have great friends. Who I can laugh with and they truly have my back.  There are so many people who have fake friends-- but when you have friendships for 13+yrs you know those are lifers.  I love my Judy & Destiny.  

 Judy & Destiny


Have a great weekend, everyone!! 

Friday, April 12, 2013


   What a crazy week, but TGIF... First of all... Bottle bombs are back!

Favorite Warning:  Bottle Bombs

    It's a sad day in America when we have to worry about Bottle bombs! It's been checked out by & everything!  This is the real McCoy. If you see something like this on the ground, DO NOT pick it up.  I forget all of the logistics behind it, but apparently there are some noxious gases inside,where the slightest movement can trigger it to go off!  Its sad because community service groups pick up litter all over the country.  It's almost like you can't do a good deed anymore without it coming back to bite you in the butt.  It's sad that picking up something as innocent as a bottle could ruin your life.  It's said that you could lose limbs & cause other serious damage, and possible death if you pick this up & it goes off.   BEWARE

Favorite Activity:  Reading to Daycare Kids

   Speaking of community service... I got a great chance to take our group to read stories at a daycare for a community service project.  It was a LOT of fun. The kids were fun & energetic.  The best part for me was being able to proof read the books before we took them to the children.  This one was one of my favorites & was absolutely hilarious!  It just talked about a squirrel that had a little OCD about not getting bitten & the measures he takes to make a new friend. If you  have a leisurely afternoon- go to the library-- and better yet, if you have kids tear them away from the tv & video games and sit in the kid section & read for a bit. You won't believe the selection they have now!  Some of these things, I'm looking at sideways, because I KNOW that a kid won't know what certain things are.  But Like I said. it's fun, even as an adult, to sit in the kids section & read like 10 books in a row. A lot made me laugh out loud, and that's always a great thing.

Favorite Gripe:  My car overheating w/3 teenage girls in the car... 

     Like they say, no good deed ever goes unpunished... I don't necessarily believe that- but this is one of the times it was true.  I already in a crappy mood before going on the community service project last night... and just as the night was ending, my car overheats! I've never had a problem with it, but today of all days, it wants to overheat w/3 teenage girls in the car... And these were not older teens. These were younger teens, where 2 of them were fighting and the other instigating... It was crazy!  I wasn't sure if this was a sign of help for my dad (aka knight in greasy armor) to come and help me get my car together, or for these girls parents to come and get them... I don't know... But ever since discovering how to super-size my Instagrams, I've been experimenting on posting life events.  Being trapped in a cold car, waiting for help is one, lol. 

Favorite Picture:  Pin-Up Girl Chic

     As many of you know, I LOVE the pin-up girl style!  This impression of  a Rosy the Riveter type girl, was all the rage in the 1930's & 1940's... I love this drawing. It emphasizes that she's strong, independent, sexy, feminine & determined. It also holds up a bit of a mirror to society today.  She wasn't a woman looking for a handout.  She was willing to work hard & get what she wanted by her own efforts.  She's sexy, but that's not her only asset.  There's a lot of things we could remember about women like her! 

Favorite Memories:  My siblings!  

    This being siblings week, my sister found some old pics of my brother & sisters... Unfortunately, there aren't any of my youngest brother, Seth, but I always post pics of him, anyway... but this was just hilarious! I can't believe how fast the years go!  The baby in both pictures is my brother, Cameron, ( the dancer who I featured last week).  You'll learn more about my family as time goes on, but I thought I'd leave you w/these awesome throw-back pics from the 80's & 90's.  

 ( From Left to right:  Shay, Tamara, Me, Cameron) 

 (From Left to right:  My mom holding my brother, Cameron, Theresa my Godmother (deceased) and My Dad... Also known as the Bajun Explosion! AKA Crazy guy with the accent AKA Guy who comes & rescues Tiffani, when her car breaks down... DAD) 

 (Left:  Shay, Tamara) 


(Shay, Tamara)

Have a great weekend!! 

Friday, April 5, 2013

ANNA JAMES FOR PRESIDENT! (Just kidding- but VOTE, anyway!!)

So glad that it's Friday! This is one of the times a week that I take a moment to reflect on myself.  Here's a little of what I've experienced this week!! 

Favorite Moment:  Summertime is on it's way!! 

     I'm so excited! I literally screamed from joy and praised God for how gorgeous it was when I stepped out to get lunch today!  I'm so excited that Ohio is so beautiful today.  We know how to really appreciate when that happens, because Ohio is also known for flip-flopping.  Tomorrow could be 3ft of snow!!! We never know, so we just appreciate when the good weather comes!  I'm promoting Summertime, in my head, because I don't want to deal w/Springtime allergies... But days like this are awesome!

Favorite Pic:  Emma Stone

   I am friends with Emma Stone on Facebook, simply for the pictures! She takes the best, most creative pictures.  This is one of my favorites! It makes me think of "Breakfast on a Summer Sunday Morning..."

Favorite Video:  Barbados Kadooment Day Celebration w/Red Line (and a little Bajan History)

      One of the things I love about my life, is that I am a Caribbean girl through & through!!! My dad is from St. George, Barbados, and my mom's side of the family is from Kingston, Jamaica & Barbados...I take a lot of pride in my culture, now, because it's beautiful & unique-- especially where I grew up.  When I was a kid, I didn't appreciate it as much. I just thought I was weird because I said certain words funny & my dad spoke with an accent. I thought Barbados was a "weird" place with weird food, weird accents and weird money, that I would bring in to school every once in awhile, and people would think was cool.  It hasn't been until I've grown older, that I've really learned to  appreciate the culture in being a Bajan.  

     One of the cultural aspects is Crop Over. Crop Over is the largest National Festival in Barbados and very popular in Caribbean Bacchanal celebrations. The 6wk Celebration (from June-August 1) is where Bajans traditionally celebrate the end of the sugar cane harvest... Barbados is part of the British owned colonies, and from 1688 & well into the 1800's slavers stole slaves from Barbados.  When the sugar cane Harvest was over, they'd celebrate with large parties & parades that involved masquerade costumes and lively colors... and lots of drinking-- but the slaves were not allowed to participate with the English.  So, they would often have their own celebration in the backyards, and often would make costumes & paint themselves (often in mockery of the slaver's masquerade outfits).  This day was known as Kadooment Day, (the last day of Crop Over) or The Grand Kadooment (Kadooment means "Big Ruckus" or "Big to-do".)   Now, the celebration is just a wild Giant Party. They drink Johnny Walker, Rum, Beer, Rum Punch & other alcoholic tropical drinks.   There is a lot of music & dancing and "wukking up" or "winding up"--which is basically like freak dancing (just watch the video above, you'll get it, lol). In Barbados it's a traditional dance.   Since the Emancipation of Slavery in Barbados, everyone participates int he festivities!  One of my Bucket List goals is to make it for Crop Over, one day.  I hope that I'll be able to fully experience it! 

"Barbados is a sexy little country"- Rihanna 


Favorite OTHER Video:  Something About this guy doesn't seem easygoing... lol 

     This guy was too nutty not to post... Severe case of ADHD- or Bath Salts... I haven't decided, yet... He's a little Kramer from Seinfeld, right? 



     I am super excited to help my favorite fashion blogger, Anna James,  be apart of the The International Best-Dressed Challenge by the ultra fabulous Vanity Fair. Winners are chosen monthly and then will compete to be featured in the September issue of Vanity Fair (a total dream come true...eek). Your support would mean the world. It's super easy to vote. Simply click the outfit links below and then click the little heart to vote! Thanks so much! 


Have an awesome weekend!!