Friday, March 15, 2013

When Sean Chose Catherine...

   Another wild week has come and gone! I'm excited to be leaving early today (woot woot!!)  I'm also excited about this new Mediterranean food place that promises to be be very worthwhile. I enjoy a variety of exotic & ethnic foods- so if you have any suggestions, let me know!  If I didn't think I'd gain 124 lbs, I'd be a food critic! lol.  Well here are the other things I've been into this week!  

Favorite Pics:  31 Bits Spring 2013

   I agree with my favorite fashion Blogger, Anna James of Fashboulevard, when I say I adore the Spring 2013 collection of this Philanthropic brand! Not only is the jewelry made & distributed for a good cause, but the photo shoot was absolutely adorable!  This is the kind of sexy I like! Fun, flirty, girly-- but not frilly, and fun!  

Favorite Crush: Wes Brown from Deception

   While everyone has been watching Scandal, I hope just as many people have been watching MY favorite tv-drama, Deception!  This hottie plays alongside Laz Alonso, and can still hold his ground! I'm pretty sure that most of attraction to him has to be that his character is so appealing, but Wes Brown as Julian Bowers helps make for a great Monday night! 

 Favorite Smile:  My sister, Tamara, giving her friend's daughter her first pedicure

   This is Brylie, folks!  Her smile is sure to warm your heart!  She's the beautiful daughter of my sister's friend, Lacey. (Tamara, Nail tech) This kid has so much personality for a 7mos old.  Her mommy says she thought it was funny to keep kicking the nail polish out of my sister's hand, ha ha. Lock up your sons, America... This one will steal your heart. Lucklily, my sister is the best, sweetest, and most patient nail tech around! I'm not saying it just because she's my sister & lets me get Free mani-pedis while I knock back a few glasses of wine... lol. But She really is the best at what she does! If you're in the Dayton, OH area, please go visit her at The Urban Loft & tell her Tiffani sent ya! :)

Favorite New Idea:  Scrabble Pillows

    I love little unique touches like this!  This little homage to Scrabble (or Words With Friends- if you can't remember the olden days, when Board Games were played) is so incredibly adorable!  It's subtle quirks like this that help showcase personality! What's better? I found this as a DYI post on Pinterest!

Favorite Disbelief:  Nelson Mandela Car Freshener

      Get The Heck Outta Here...Ok, who does this?  Does this smell like Nelson Mandela?  What exactly does Nelson Mandela smell like, anyway???  I have seen all kinds of air fresheners, but never this one!  I've even seen political car adornments... but they're always serious;  Just an  image or political phrase; always a means to an end or a dual purpose.  They are never specifically related to the air freshener, itself.  So the fact that it legitimately says, "Damn Mandela, you smell so good..." is really dumbfounding... Geez, People will do anything to make a buck these days...

 Favorite Moment:  When Sean Chose Catherine on the Bachelor!!!

    Ok, so let's just ignore the dream last night that Sean picked me to be his fiancee, lol... and get on to the fact that he chose my favorite, Catherine!!  She wasn't my first favorite.  But there were a lot of really good choices. It's funny, because the girl he did not choose (Lindsey Yenter) was my favorite for awhile-- until she started coming off really disingenuous.  I recognized that she had a very selfish, "puppy love-like", love for Sean. Anytime she talked about how much she loved him, it was only in response to what she wanted in her life. It's very subtle, but "love" like that doesn't go very far if the other person wants any kind of reciprocation.The host, Chris Harrison bamboozles us almost every season, but this time it was true...  I have to say, this has been the most WILD Bachelor, yet! There was so much drama, anticipation, and "I told you so, moments" in my head, that my heart raced so much!  I hope they last and don't pull an Emily & Jef.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for these two! He is truly a man worth having.  

Favorite Trash Book:  "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" by Tucker Max

    I have so many mixed feelings on this book.  As a woman, it is not designed for me to like it... I get it. As a HUMAN it is not designed for me, either, lol.  This guy, Tucker Max, is the world's biggest douche.  I consider myself a guys' girl, too.  I tend to enjoy the easygoing camaraderie that hanging out with guys brings. Yes, I know they do rude and disgusting things to themselves & other that they think is hilarious (some of them are...) but this guy and his rat pack of friends top all things disgusting.  Not only do they have barely a shred of moral fiber, but they just don't like the human race, in general.  That being said, I do give them a couple of things. He is the Supreme Grand Wizard A**hole. A**hole to the masses. He doesn't discriminate who he humiliates, lol.  I give them the fact that they are equal-opportunity discriminators.  They don't care who they rip on.  If you're not in their group, you pretty much get shut down as a human being, unless they're really trying to sleep with you.  Even then, they have no regard for your life. Some of the stories are really funny, but mostly they're just retelling of all the times he acting poorly.  I can barely stomach this book... It's obvious he's desperate for attention. I feel he is a walking cry for help.  And like my friend, Anisa says, I hope I don't get an STD by the time I'm done w/these books. I hope at the end of it, there's some kind of redeeming quality about him. I do appreciate that he can "say it how he means it"... but does he really have to go out of his way to be so abhorrent?

Favorite Hair Discovery:  Banana Avocado Hair Masque

     I have got to try this masque!  I think it's gonna be really special for my hair with the summer weather approaching... (Didn't I tell you? We're totally skipping Allergy season... I mean the Spring Season.  lol)  I can't wait to try this remedy! Home remedies are the best, when they work!  

Well, that sums it up this week, folks!  Off to find more exciting adventures... What are you up to, lately? Leave me a comment below! Time for me to leave soon...catch me if you can! :)


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!!!! :-) and I loved those fashion pics @ the bgeinning of your blog! :-)

  2. And the scrabble pillows!! That's genius-- u should put that picture on Facebook!

  3. I hope it allows me to leave a comment this time around. I enjoyed your blog and even the first two that I've read. I love the scrabble pillows. I do wonder what Nelson Mandela smells like, maybe I'll google it. lol. That baby does have the CUTEST smile. Too cute. And, that hair mask does look like a really good one to try for dry/thick/curly hair, especially in the humidity.


    P.S. I figured out that it was the browser - Mozilla Firefox SUCKS and seems not to allow me to comment. I had to use Google Chrome to be able to comment. Go figure.