Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Chasing This Saturday...

   This week is filled with lots of laughs and great pics!  I'm starting my blog early (This is Thursday) in hopes of getting out early again on Friday :) Gotta love Flex time!  So here we go! 

Favorite Dancer:  My amazing brother, Cameron "Flash" Stuart 

(Cameron is on the left)

   When Cameron was a kid... and a teenager... and an adult... (lol) he used to dance around CONSTANTLY.  We tried to ignore it, but no one can ignore how awesome he is! LOL Without any formal training, he always amazes me at his skill.  He's gotten several big opportunities, and I'm hoping that one day soon, he'll be a name everyone knows.  Aside from being an amazing dancer, he's also a really great guy & a really fun brother. I love him a lot!

Favorite Outburst: When Brandon Hantz goes Nut-so on SURVIVOR

   Speaking of "really great guys..." I really used to love Brandon Hantz on Survivor... but not this season.  This time, his stint on the show was not cut short because of his lack of skill for the game, but it was cut short because dude literally lost his mind.  On some hand, I agree with his tirade about Phillip... but he should've left it at that, not take it out on the whole tribe by dumping their food and ruining resources. Brandon's beef probably wasn't even 100% with Phillip, in my eyes. Brandon came on the show trying to prove something.  I think ever since his first time on the show, and the backlash he got from his relatives, that he had something to prove to his family.  Whatever it was, he did a complete 180 from the person we saw the first go round.  It made me sad because, the first time he was trying to play with Christian values, and made it very clear that he wanted to follow Christ.  Everyone knows that it's hard to do that in Survivor. But it if you look at it like a game, that everyone expects there to be some deceit  then I think you will realize that it's not about morals and faith.  That being said, Brandon went overboard trying to prove he was a hard a**.  I'm disappointed in him for acting so "out of character". Not only did he make himself look WORSE than last time, but he will regret his behavior... 

Favorite Nostalgic Moment:  Neighborhood Kids... 

   A girl from my old neighborhood posted this on Facebook (Jerika Hartley) and it was just the cutest thing! It brought up so many good memories. Even though I am not in this pic (I was probably in High School)- 3 of my youngest siblings are in this picture.  I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I love them all so much! lol 

(Shay; top row- second from the right, Cameron, bottom row- second the left; Seth, bottom row, first on the right).

Favorite Pic:  Mollie King of The Saturdays

      Anna James wrote about Mollie King of The Saturdays, an awesome up & coming British Girl Group, reminiscent of the Spice Girls! I've been watching the show (Chasing the Saturdays) on E! and I fell in love with them. I love the British, so this was not a far leap for me... but what is even more awesome is that, not only can they sang, they all have really cute style!  I just loved these two pictures! And who could resist Mollie's Pin-up Style pic? Not me! 

Favorite Hustle:  Complaint Jar

   I thought this was a pretty good money-maker! lol I'm always up for creative ways to make cash. Love it!

  Well, time to get to work. I have tons of things to do before I LEAVE EARLY!!! Whooo Hooo!! Yeah!! Yeah, Yeah!!! :) Until next time! 

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  1. Great blog, as always! Cute pic of your siblings. I've heard of that group and saw part of the reality show. I think I only saw half an episode. I didn't get to hear them sing, so I can't comment on that yet. That's a great idea for a "complaint jar". I think I'm going to have to set one up. lol. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!