Friday, March 1, 2013

Can a Sista Get a Break?

   So, I'm taking one!  This week, I feel like I've been going non-stop.  Not only have I been pushing myself- but other people have been pushing me.  That is annoying!  But nonetheless, there were a few fun pleasures this week.  I'm excited to bring you this week's favorites!  

Favorite Laugh:  Ding Dong!

   I've seen signs like this, unfortunately- ha ha.  It's not something I would do, per se... but I'm glad other people do it!

Favorite Song:  When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars

   I'm not really a radio listener-- so unless a song is playing into a tv show or is randomly on in the morning, when I do listen to the radio- than I probably will be behind.  For those of you who are saddened by my lack of love for the radio (other than morning talk)-- you can thank Lil Wayne about 2005-ish... when he decided that cameo-ing on EVERYONE'S song was a good idea... I did not.

Favorite New to Me Thing:  Instagram

    I know, I know... I'm behind on Instagram, too, lol.  This is because I didn't have a Droid phone or an Instagram-compatible phone up until a couple of weeks ago.  Sorry, folks... I just refuse to buy anything I don't need if it's not broken... but LUCKILY- my phone was broken! :)  So, now I get to play around with all the cool new things on Instagram.  I love the special effects & frames you can do for the pictures.  I haven't spent as much time as I'd like, but I definitely have some things to start instagramming! 

Favorite Nuisance:  Playing Hot Potato with your CD Player in your car

  Ok. So if this is the worst problem I'm having with my car, I guess I'm doing pretty good, lol.  But don't you HATE it when you have a CD you're so excited to hear, but then it's like playing Hot Potato with your CD player?  You push it in, it spits it out, you push it in, it spits it out, you jam it in real fast, it pauses, then spits it out, lol.  It's so annoying!  Eventually after 10mins of this game, your CD might play- but a lot of times you either give up or realize that you're more than halfway to your destination & you'll probably not really get to listen to it, anyway.  I am going to investigate CD car cleaners, because being that my last couple of CDs I tried to listen to are new- I am suspecting that it's not the CDs.  But like I said... If this is the worst car problem I have right now... I am doing pretty well.

Favorite Look:  Spring BoHo Chic

   I'm so ready for this winter wonderland weather to be OVER.  I'm not saying we're under lots of snow-- but it still sneaks up on us when we least expect it.  So, I'm definitely promoting Spring, in my mind.  Now, ideally, I could never pull off this look.  I have far too many curves.  I appreciate my curvaceous nature, but it would also be nice to be able to pull off an outfit this interesting.  I love the flowy-ness of it and the subtle floral pattern in the tiers.  As much as I love jewelry, I love the fact that this requires little to none.  It'd be a great throw on & go out to the Farmer's Market or Beach of your choice.  So, bring on the Spring!

Favorite Crush:  Laz Alonzo (again)... but he looks finer! 

   Ok... So Laz Alonso doesn't look Finer... but he sure does look fine!  I love this blush colored suit.  This pretty much ties for my best look, too.  I love that his rich caramel skin blends with with the softer hues of the monochromatic pink ensemble.  I love the Hot Pink pocket square, as well!  And those glasses... although, I'm extremely attracted to a man's eyes- a man with some awesome aviator glasses is priceless & classic.  And what's better? Almost anyone can pull them off! MMMmmmMMM I hope you're watching in in the tv show Deception.  Not only is it a stupendous mini-drama, but look. at. him!!!

Favorite CD:  Unorthodox Jukebox by Bruno Mars


    These days, with all the free music out there- there really is no real need to buy CDs unless they're for your car.  So, now- when I buy a CD it's usually because I really admire the artist's talent.  I say this, because there are"Performers" and there are actual "Musical/Vocal Artists". Both are good, but you don't buy Performer's music.  If you do, you're probably wasting your money & all the good hits are already being played out on the radio.  Needless to say, there are very few artists who's CDs I'll continually buy.  Bruno Mars is one of them. He's so freakin' original & creative.  If I really like at least 3 songs on a CD, then it's worth buying.  With both Bruno's CDs, I have not regretted the purchases.  For one, this CD is a lot different than his last CD, which is an exciting foretelling of things to come.  It means his creative range is much more unique & evolved than others.  On Unorthodox Jukebox, he has a great variety, not only of ballads & club bangers, but even eras in time. He's got a great 70's sounding Song (Treasure) that is just an all-around feel good song. He's got an acoustical ballad (When I Was Your Man- featured above) that is so heartfelt & actually brought a tear to my eye the first time I heard it.  It's a lament about regrets in relationships, yet at the same time, it was comforting for him to write a song about it; because at least we know that when are hearts get broken that sometimes the other person regrets it it too... almost like at least there is some kind of remorse. Anywho- it meant a lot.  Another song (Show Me) brings me back to my reggae roots & just makes me so happy that there are still artists that experiment with reggae & things other than Pop Music.  Also Another song has such a modernized 50's Theme (If I Knew)... This is just a great CD & he's a great artist.  One of my favorite songs (Gorilla) is slightly explicit... but it just gets me every time. Can't even explain it. But I love primal things... so this song reminds me of it. All I'm gonna say, lol.

  SO Everyone! Have a great weekend! Keep your fingers crossed, because I am vying for 2 tickets to the Bruno Mars' The Moonshine Jungle Tour!  I've never been to a REAL concert, so I'm really hoping we can make this happen!  And special thanks to Tiffany Gordon & Judy Mason who have helped with proving information...and to Tara Purvis, who is actually going with me, should cop tickets! Cross your fingers, kiss your elbow, throw salt over your shoulder, say a prayer... whatever you have to do to help me get Bruno Mars tickets! I'd love to blog about it! 


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