Friday, March 8, 2013

Bruno Mars is My Boyfriend...

  Today has been a great week!  I got a snow day in on Wednesday, and had a much needed rest.  I got to see my baby brother, Seth, before he went to Panama City & will be avoiding the ocean of sharks, and I also have more exciting news! So without further ado:

Favorite Beauty Find:  Glow nail polish by OPI!

   Anyone who's known me any amount of time knows that I have an affinity for things that glow in the dark, especially if it's not obvious it does in daylight.  As a kid, my whole room was done in decorative designs and  flourishes that embrace my love for all things glow!  I'm excited to try this!  They have great colors like one called "Zom-body to Love".  You can get them at any Sephora. Can't wait to try it!

Favorite Hairstyle:  The messy side French Braid.

     I am not blonde, and this is a lot of thick luscious hair... but that doesn't mean I can't love this style!  I think it's very whimsical and ties in old world Renaissance charm with a modern edge.  It's also one of those great styles that can instantly turn an outfit's attitude from casual to glamour & back again! Love it! 

Favorite Drama:  The Bachelor Women Tell All Episode!

   Ok, did you see The Bachelor Women Tell All episode?  Can I just say this actually WAS the most intense Bachelor, to date! (lol @Chris Harrison's famous line).  For starters, viewers were completely bamboozled by who was going to bring the crazy for this featured episode! Everyone assumed that since Tierra was the drama queen all season, that she would, in turn, be equally as dramatic on this episode.  Although Tierra's time on camera was not without it's eye-rolling moments, the real drama came from another contestant, AshLee!  AshLee tried to call Sean out about his behavior on the private Overnight Dates (off-camera) and it really blew the pants off all the viewers.  AshLee accuses Sean of allegedly  saying that he had no feelings for the other two women on the show (Lindsay & Catherine) and that she didn't have to worry about being eliminated.  AshLee claims this gave her false confidence and that he blindsided her by eliminating her at the Rose ceremony.  

     My take on it is that they are both telling the truth.  I wouldn't call AshLee a liar, because I think she actually believes he made those statements... however, I don't actually believe Sean said them.  I think AshLee has found herself in a situation where a lot of us do, when we want so badly for something to happen.  AshLee believed what she wanted to believe.  I always try to look at the situation objectively, and I believe that the show restricts the Bachelor/ette from making any final declarations of love for the contestants.  That being said, it is hard for the Bachelor/ette to make the contestants feel comfortable enough to get to know them, or express feelings-- So of course, it's completely probable that he could have said something that was miscommunicated to her or scrambled in her head.  I think he's shown the most integrity of any Bachelor/ette that I've seen.  He's a guy with high integrity in my book, so the fact that she's basically calling him a liar, when he's done so much to protect the process is sad.  At the end of the day, Whether you believe Sean or not, it doesn't make sense for him to say those things, knowing that there was nothing to gain.  Good luck to Sean in who he chooses at the Finale!! (crossing my fingers for Catherine!)

Favorite Casual Look for summer: Peplum top with shorts

    I've always loved this look, ever since I was a little girl.  I think it's a nice girly choice, without having to resort to a dress.  It's perfect for site seeing, going to a zoo, or spending a day at the mobile carnival passing through. (<-- Didn't mean to rhyme!lol) I  love the light flirty style that is feminine without being too over the top girly.  Love this!

Favorite Invention:  The glo System
     I was fascinated by this teeth whitening system I saw on the Wendy Williams Show ( "How you doin', Wendy?" ) Even more amazing is that you can get this at Sephora!  It is a bit of a pricey machine, but I'm sure it more than exceeds the amount some people spend on teeth whitening.  This little machine uses a special gel and light to whiten your teeth professional.  So throw away your Crest White strips, guys!  For a small investment, you can professionally whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.  This is not exactly cheap, but given the amount of teeth whitening efforts people make everyday, this is bound to save you money in the long run. 

Favorite Moment:  Snatching Bruno Mars Tickets!!

       I've never been to a real concert before (ones in churches or schools don't count, lol), and this summer I will be attending two (I'll also be joining the fellow 90's Boy Band Lovers at the Trio-concert, New Kids on the Block, 98Degrees & Boyz II Men)!  I'm pleased to say that my first REAL concert is going to be 

Bruno Mars!!!  

I'm so excited! I've jumped through a lot of hoops & made a lot of inquiries... and with a help of a few good friends, I was able to get EXCELLENT tickets! I sat poised & ready to pounce at my computer, as soon as the Box Office opened.  I'd be surprised to think anyone was faster!  We got great seats, too! We're one section off the floor (which, let's face it, if you're not buying front row tickets, what's the point of being on the floor when you're 5ft2??? :0), and we're dead center! Anyone who reads regularly knows Bruno is one of my favorite performers right now. I've had a crush on this performer ever since his debut! I love is lyrics, I love his quirky style, and I love his cute little dimples.  I know his concert is going to be amazing! I'm so thankful to have something to look forward to this summer!

    Well, I'm on cloud nine with excitement for the future.  Tune in next week to find out what else I'm getting into!  Take Care! 



  1. All things Bruno Mars eh? I like him too ...amazing singer/talent. He can catch a grenade for me anytime ;-)

    Cute glow in the dark nail polish, so gonna check it out. Thanks for the tip.

    With the right amount of extensions darlin' that style is oh so very possible ;-) Me thinks the model has a hair piece in ...very intricate though, I loves it ;-)

    Err, the short and the peplum top is cutesy but I sho' nuff can't pull it off so ...... yes, I'm a hater n' proud of it dammit!

    Ms. AshLee! Wooooooo-sah girl! You're right, she completely believes and heard what she wants to believe/heard. Sean's WTF expression was priceless ...such a freakin' gentleman ...hahaha. #TeamCatherine.
    Although I wanna know what was in that letter in the finale! Da-rammmmma!
    I hope AshLee's not the next Bachelorette ..too unstable! I think Des might be the fav ;-)

    Wonder if the teeth whitening works on veneers? Aaaah, well, maybe I can get my pearlies semi whitened ... LOL ...Lemme stop!

    Enjoy your concert Mabootiff, blow some kisses on my behalf too ;-)

  2. Thanks, Anisa! I agree about everything you said! LOL One day we will be able to pull of the peplum/shorts combo, again... of course then we'll have to worry about cellulite! ha ha.