Thursday, March 28, 2013


In Memory of Melissa Petkewitz Mullins

 This has been a trying week... but I didn't want to post anything before I recognized a loving friend, wife & mother.  A friend of mine from High School passed away last Sunday, due to Pancreatic Cancer.  It's been bittersweet, because I know that Missy is in heaven with our Lord. I know that Missy isn't in pain... and I know that she would want people to celebrate her life.  Many have come together to do just that, but it also doesn't negate the fact that so many of us will miss her spirit & liveliness  Even though I hadn't seen her in years, I know that she had a huge impact on many people. We love and miss you, Melissa! I hope you all will continue to send up prayers for her family-- Husband, Robbie & two children Aubrey & Austin.  

   Being that this is Thursday, we're going to have spin the blog Early Bird Style! So check out some of the things I've collected this week! 

Favorite Picture:  Grown Up Jurnee Smollett-Bell

   I remember Jurnee Smollett, from when she was a child actor, mostly in television.  She played supporting roles in Full House, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper & On Our Own and in movies such as, Eve's Bayou, Gridiron Gang, and her newest movie-- Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. You may have also seen her on the current Proactive commercial.  I used to adore her cute little dimples & spunky personality! I knew she'd grow into a beautiful person-- and she has! I love this recent photo of her on the beach! It's so serene & different. She's sexy without being too "Obvious" about it. Love her! 

Favorite Opp:  Jewelry For Sale with Chloe & Isabel!!! 

  My favorite Fashion Blogger, Anna James,  has recently become a merchandiser with this awesome new jewelry company,Chloe + Isabel .  Right now, she's holding event parties online! I love the concept of Online parties!  As much as I love jewelry-- I loathe any type of Direct Sales shop party- Mary Kay, Longaberger, Pure Romance, Scentsy, Silpada, etc- Not a fan.  If you're having a sale, don't try disguise it like it's a "party"! Pet peeve of mine, I guess, I dunno, lol.  But I love the idea of holding an online shop.  That way people can browse & not feel pressured to buy anything at that exact moment-- and it's not a one-time deal. They can revisit the sale over & over again! And if you want to become a merchandiser, you can do that too-- without having to listen to a gimmicky sales rep trying to sell you the business along w/your merchandise.  So if you have a minute, check out Anna's shop!

Favorite Song:  "When Love Goes Well" by Michael Rossback

    One thing that I like to do, is put music into sub-categories, in my mind.  I find that it helps me fit music to my mood or atmosphere, so that it is used to it's maximum potential.  This song "When Love Goes Well" by Michael Rossback was featured in the pilot episode of one of my favorite shows, Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family Channel.  This song, I've mentally listed in my "Coffee House Music" category.  I can just imagine sitting in a coffee house with a huge mug of something, curled up on a couch  in a big sweater and enjoying the mellow laid-back sensations of Michael Rossback. I really enjoyed this song! 

Favorite Crush: Derek Hough of Dancing with the Stars

   OOoh wee- Sexy Derek Hough!! Ok, so normally I don't go for the blonde hair blue-eyed look... Normally, ... However, Derek is still super hot to me! I wish that us women could band together & really act like we love guys who know how to do sexy things like Ball Room dancing... Maybe men would start taking that up, to impress girls, instead of  the mind games & other things they think impress us... (wishful thinking)... I really love Derek Hough & Kellie Pickler's performances so far on Dancing With The Stars. His body is exactly the build I love. Tone & lean- but not too bulky muscles. I really admire his dance talent, Showmanship execution, and his personality is awesome! This is my first season watching DWTS- and I'm really enjoying this hot-stepper!

Favorite Song Part II: "I Am A Bajan" by Rupee

   One of the things I love about my family- is that we're of Caribbean decent! Hometown of Rihanna (St. Michael)-- My dad is from Barbados (my mom's side is from Jamaica).  I thank them for my golden skin & Island girl features.  My sister found this song on Youtube, and I really love it!  It reminded me of all the things about the Island I love.  My dad is always talking about a lot of the things mentioned in the song, as well.  So big shout out to St. George & St. Michael, Barbados!

  Well, Everyone! Have a great Easter Celebration, Spring Break & time off!  And remember... 

Favorite Laugh of the Week:  

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Chasing This Saturday...

   This week is filled with lots of laughs and great pics!  I'm starting my blog early (This is Thursday) in hopes of getting out early again on Friday :) Gotta love Flex time!  So here we go! 

Favorite Dancer:  My amazing brother, Cameron "Flash" Stuart 

(Cameron is on the left)

   When Cameron was a kid... and a teenager... and an adult... (lol) he used to dance around CONSTANTLY.  We tried to ignore it, but no one can ignore how awesome he is! LOL Without any formal training, he always amazes me at his skill.  He's gotten several big opportunities, and I'm hoping that one day soon, he'll be a name everyone knows.  Aside from being an amazing dancer, he's also a really great guy & a really fun brother. I love him a lot!

Favorite Outburst: When Brandon Hantz goes Nut-so on SURVIVOR

   Speaking of "really great guys..." I really used to love Brandon Hantz on Survivor... but not this season.  This time, his stint on the show was not cut short because of his lack of skill for the game, but it was cut short because dude literally lost his mind.  On some hand, I agree with his tirade about Phillip... but he should've left it at that, not take it out on the whole tribe by dumping their food and ruining resources. Brandon's beef probably wasn't even 100% with Phillip, in my eyes. Brandon came on the show trying to prove something.  I think ever since his first time on the show, and the backlash he got from his relatives, that he had something to prove to his family.  Whatever it was, he did a complete 180 from the person we saw the first go round.  It made me sad because, the first time he was trying to play with Christian values, and made it very clear that he wanted to follow Christ.  Everyone knows that it's hard to do that in Survivor. But it if you look at it like a game, that everyone expects there to be some deceit  then I think you will realize that it's not about morals and faith.  That being said, Brandon went overboard trying to prove he was a hard a**.  I'm disappointed in him for acting so "out of character". Not only did he make himself look WORSE than last time, but he will regret his behavior... 

Favorite Nostalgic Moment:  Neighborhood Kids... 

   A girl from my old neighborhood posted this on Facebook (Jerika Hartley) and it was just the cutest thing! It brought up so many good memories. Even though I am not in this pic (I was probably in High School)- 3 of my youngest siblings are in this picture.  I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I love them all so much! lol 

(Shay; top row- second from the right, Cameron, bottom row- second the left; Seth, bottom row, first on the right).

Favorite Pic:  Mollie King of The Saturdays

      Anna James wrote about Mollie King of The Saturdays, an awesome up & coming British Girl Group, reminiscent of the Spice Girls! I've been watching the show (Chasing the Saturdays) on E! and I fell in love with them. I love the British, so this was not a far leap for me... but what is even more awesome is that, not only can they sang, they all have really cute style!  I just loved these two pictures! And who could resist Mollie's Pin-up Style pic? Not me! 

Favorite Hustle:  Complaint Jar

   I thought this was a pretty good money-maker! lol I'm always up for creative ways to make cash. Love it!

  Well, time to get to work. I have tons of things to do before I LEAVE EARLY!!! Whooo Hooo!! Yeah!! Yeah, Yeah!!! :) Until next time! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

When Sean Chose Catherine...

   Another wild week has come and gone! I'm excited to be leaving early today (woot woot!!)  I'm also excited about this new Mediterranean food place that promises to be be very worthwhile. I enjoy a variety of exotic & ethnic foods- so if you have any suggestions, let me know!  If I didn't think I'd gain 124 lbs, I'd be a food critic! lol.  Well here are the other things I've been into this week!  

Favorite Pics:  31 Bits Spring 2013

   I agree with my favorite fashion Blogger, Anna James of Fashboulevard, when I say I adore the Spring 2013 collection of this Philanthropic brand! Not only is the jewelry made & distributed for a good cause, but the photo shoot was absolutely adorable!  This is the kind of sexy I like! Fun, flirty, girly-- but not frilly, and fun!  

Favorite Crush: Wes Brown from Deception

   While everyone has been watching Scandal, I hope just as many people have been watching MY favorite tv-drama, Deception!  This hottie plays alongside Laz Alonso, and can still hold his ground! I'm pretty sure that most of attraction to him has to be that his character is so appealing, but Wes Brown as Julian Bowers helps make for a great Monday night! 

 Favorite Smile:  My sister, Tamara, giving her friend's daughter her first pedicure

   This is Brylie, folks!  Her smile is sure to warm your heart!  She's the beautiful daughter of my sister's friend, Lacey. (Tamara, Nail tech) This kid has so much personality for a 7mos old.  Her mommy says she thought it was funny to keep kicking the nail polish out of my sister's hand, ha ha. Lock up your sons, America... This one will steal your heart. Lucklily, my sister is the best, sweetest, and most patient nail tech around! I'm not saying it just because she's my sister & lets me get Free mani-pedis while I knock back a few glasses of wine... lol. But She really is the best at what she does! If you're in the Dayton, OH area, please go visit her at The Urban Loft & tell her Tiffani sent ya! :)

Favorite New Idea:  Scrabble Pillows

    I love little unique touches like this!  This little homage to Scrabble (or Words With Friends- if you can't remember the olden days, when Board Games were played) is so incredibly adorable!  It's subtle quirks like this that help showcase personality! What's better? I found this as a DYI post on Pinterest!

Favorite Disbelief:  Nelson Mandela Car Freshener

      Get The Heck Outta Here...Ok, who does this?  Does this smell like Nelson Mandela?  What exactly does Nelson Mandela smell like, anyway???  I have seen all kinds of air fresheners, but never this one!  I've even seen political car adornments... but they're always serious;  Just an  image or political phrase; always a means to an end or a dual purpose.  They are never specifically related to the air freshener, itself.  So the fact that it legitimately says, "Damn Mandela, you smell so good..." is really dumbfounding... Geez, People will do anything to make a buck these days...

 Favorite Moment:  When Sean Chose Catherine on the Bachelor!!!

    Ok, so let's just ignore the dream last night that Sean picked me to be his fiancee, lol... and get on to the fact that he chose my favorite, Catherine!!  She wasn't my first favorite.  But there were a lot of really good choices. It's funny, because the girl he did not choose (Lindsey Yenter) was my favorite for awhile-- until she started coming off really disingenuous.  I recognized that she had a very selfish, "puppy love-like", love for Sean. Anytime she talked about how much she loved him, it was only in response to what she wanted in her life. It's very subtle, but "love" like that doesn't go very far if the other person wants any kind of reciprocation.The host, Chris Harrison bamboozles us almost every season, but this time it was true...  I have to say, this has been the most WILD Bachelor, yet! There was so much drama, anticipation, and "I told you so, moments" in my head, that my heart raced so much!  I hope they last and don't pull an Emily & Jef.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for these two! He is truly a man worth having.  

Favorite Trash Book:  "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" by Tucker Max

    I have so many mixed feelings on this book.  As a woman, it is not designed for me to like it... I get it. As a HUMAN it is not designed for me, either, lol.  This guy, Tucker Max, is the world's biggest douche.  I consider myself a guys' girl, too.  I tend to enjoy the easygoing camaraderie that hanging out with guys brings. Yes, I know they do rude and disgusting things to themselves & other that they think is hilarious (some of them are...) but this guy and his rat pack of friends top all things disgusting.  Not only do they have barely a shred of moral fiber, but they just don't like the human race, in general.  That being said, I do give them a couple of things. He is the Supreme Grand Wizard A**hole. A**hole to the masses. He doesn't discriminate who he humiliates, lol.  I give them the fact that they are equal-opportunity discriminators.  They don't care who they rip on.  If you're not in their group, you pretty much get shut down as a human being, unless they're really trying to sleep with you.  Even then, they have no regard for your life. Some of the stories are really funny, but mostly they're just retelling of all the times he acting poorly.  I can barely stomach this book... It's obvious he's desperate for attention. I feel he is a walking cry for help.  And like my friend, Anisa says, I hope I don't get an STD by the time I'm done w/these books. I hope at the end of it, there's some kind of redeeming quality about him. I do appreciate that he can "say it how he means it"... but does he really have to go out of his way to be so abhorrent?

Favorite Hair Discovery:  Banana Avocado Hair Masque

     I have got to try this masque!  I think it's gonna be really special for my hair with the summer weather approaching... (Didn't I tell you? We're totally skipping Allergy season... I mean the Spring Season.  lol)  I can't wait to try this remedy! Home remedies are the best, when they work!  

Well, that sums it up this week, folks!  Off to find more exciting adventures... What are you up to, lately? Leave me a comment below! Time for me to leave soon...catch me if you can! :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bruno Mars is My Boyfriend...

  Today has been a great week!  I got a snow day in on Wednesday, and had a much needed rest.  I got to see my baby brother, Seth, before he went to Panama City & will be avoiding the ocean of sharks, and I also have more exciting news! So without further ado:

Favorite Beauty Find:  Glow nail polish by OPI!

   Anyone who's known me any amount of time knows that I have an affinity for things that glow in the dark, especially if it's not obvious it does in daylight.  As a kid, my whole room was done in decorative designs and  flourishes that embrace my love for all things glow!  I'm excited to try this!  They have great colors like one called "Zom-body to Love".  You can get them at any Sephora. Can't wait to try it!

Favorite Hairstyle:  The messy side French Braid.

     I am not blonde, and this is a lot of thick luscious hair... but that doesn't mean I can't love this style!  I think it's very whimsical and ties in old world Renaissance charm with a modern edge.  It's also one of those great styles that can instantly turn an outfit's attitude from casual to glamour & back again! Love it! 

Favorite Drama:  The Bachelor Women Tell All Episode!

   Ok, did you see The Bachelor Women Tell All episode?  Can I just say this actually WAS the most intense Bachelor, to date! (lol @Chris Harrison's famous line).  For starters, viewers were completely bamboozled by who was going to bring the crazy for this featured episode! Everyone assumed that since Tierra was the drama queen all season, that she would, in turn, be equally as dramatic on this episode.  Although Tierra's time on camera was not without it's eye-rolling moments, the real drama came from another contestant, AshLee!  AshLee tried to call Sean out about his behavior on the private Overnight Dates (off-camera) and it really blew the pants off all the viewers.  AshLee accuses Sean of allegedly  saying that he had no feelings for the other two women on the show (Lindsay & Catherine) and that she didn't have to worry about being eliminated.  AshLee claims this gave her false confidence and that he blindsided her by eliminating her at the Rose ceremony.  

     My take on it is that they are both telling the truth.  I wouldn't call AshLee a liar, because I think she actually believes he made those statements... however, I don't actually believe Sean said them.  I think AshLee has found herself in a situation where a lot of us do, when we want so badly for something to happen.  AshLee believed what she wanted to believe.  I always try to look at the situation objectively, and I believe that the show restricts the Bachelor/ette from making any final declarations of love for the contestants.  That being said, it is hard for the Bachelor/ette to make the contestants feel comfortable enough to get to know them, or express feelings-- So of course, it's completely probable that he could have said something that was miscommunicated to her or scrambled in her head.  I think he's shown the most integrity of any Bachelor/ette that I've seen.  He's a guy with high integrity in my book, so the fact that she's basically calling him a liar, when he's done so much to protect the process is sad.  At the end of the day, Whether you believe Sean or not, it doesn't make sense for him to say those things, knowing that there was nothing to gain.  Good luck to Sean in who he chooses at the Finale!! (crossing my fingers for Catherine!)

Favorite Casual Look for summer: Peplum top with shorts

    I've always loved this look, ever since I was a little girl.  I think it's a nice girly choice, without having to resort to a dress.  It's perfect for site seeing, going to a zoo, or spending a day at the mobile carnival passing through. (<-- Didn't mean to rhyme!lol) I  love the light flirty style that is feminine without being too over the top girly.  Love this!

Favorite Invention:  The glo System
     I was fascinated by this teeth whitening system I saw on the Wendy Williams Show ( "How you doin', Wendy?" ) Even more amazing is that you can get this at Sephora!  It is a bit of a pricey machine, but I'm sure it more than exceeds the amount some people spend on teeth whitening.  This little machine uses a special gel and light to whiten your teeth professional.  So throw away your Crest White strips, guys!  For a small investment, you can professionally whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.  This is not exactly cheap, but given the amount of teeth whitening efforts people make everyday, this is bound to save you money in the long run. 

Favorite Moment:  Snatching Bruno Mars Tickets!!

       I've never been to a real concert before (ones in churches or schools don't count, lol), and this summer I will be attending two (I'll also be joining the fellow 90's Boy Band Lovers at the Trio-concert, New Kids on the Block, 98Degrees & Boyz II Men)!  I'm pleased to say that my first REAL concert is going to be 

Bruno Mars!!!  

I'm so excited! I've jumped through a lot of hoops & made a lot of inquiries... and with a help of a few good friends, I was able to get EXCELLENT tickets! I sat poised & ready to pounce at my computer, as soon as the Box Office opened.  I'd be surprised to think anyone was faster!  We got great seats, too! We're one section off the floor (which, let's face it, if you're not buying front row tickets, what's the point of being on the floor when you're 5ft2??? :0), and we're dead center! Anyone who reads regularly knows Bruno is one of my favorite performers right now. I've had a crush on this performer ever since his debut! I love is lyrics, I love his quirky style, and I love his cute little dimples.  I know his concert is going to be amazing! I'm so thankful to have something to look forward to this summer!

    Well, I'm on cloud nine with excitement for the future.  Tune in next week to find out what else I'm getting into!  Take Care! 


Friday, March 1, 2013

Can a Sista Get a Break?

   So, I'm taking one!  This week, I feel like I've been going non-stop.  Not only have I been pushing myself- but other people have been pushing me.  That is annoying!  But nonetheless, there were a few fun pleasures this week.  I'm excited to bring you this week's favorites!  

Favorite Laugh:  Ding Dong!

   I've seen signs like this, unfortunately- ha ha.  It's not something I would do, per se... but I'm glad other people do it!

Favorite Song:  When I was Your Man by Bruno Mars

   I'm not really a radio listener-- so unless a song is playing into a tv show or is randomly on in the morning, when I do listen to the radio- than I probably will be behind.  For those of you who are saddened by my lack of love for the radio (other than morning talk)-- you can thank Lil Wayne about 2005-ish... when he decided that cameo-ing on EVERYONE'S song was a good idea... I did not.

Favorite New to Me Thing:  Instagram

    I know, I know... I'm behind on Instagram, too, lol.  This is because I didn't have a Droid phone or an Instagram-compatible phone up until a couple of weeks ago.  Sorry, folks... I just refuse to buy anything I don't need if it's not broken... but LUCKILY- my phone was broken! :)  So, now I get to play around with all the cool new things on Instagram.  I love the special effects & frames you can do for the pictures.  I haven't spent as much time as I'd like, but I definitely have some things to start instagramming! 

Favorite Nuisance:  Playing Hot Potato with your CD Player in your car

  Ok. So if this is the worst problem I'm having with my car, I guess I'm doing pretty good, lol.  But don't you HATE it when you have a CD you're so excited to hear, but then it's like playing Hot Potato with your CD player?  You push it in, it spits it out, you push it in, it spits it out, you jam it in real fast, it pauses, then spits it out, lol.  It's so annoying!  Eventually after 10mins of this game, your CD might play- but a lot of times you either give up or realize that you're more than halfway to your destination & you'll probably not really get to listen to it, anyway.  I am going to investigate CD car cleaners, because being that my last couple of CDs I tried to listen to are new- I am suspecting that it's not the CDs.  But like I said... If this is the worst car problem I have right now... I am doing pretty well.

Favorite Look:  Spring BoHo Chic

   I'm so ready for this winter wonderland weather to be OVER.  I'm not saying we're under lots of snow-- but it still sneaks up on us when we least expect it.  So, I'm definitely promoting Spring, in my mind.  Now, ideally, I could never pull off this look.  I have far too many curves.  I appreciate my curvaceous nature, but it would also be nice to be able to pull off an outfit this interesting.  I love the flowy-ness of it and the subtle floral pattern in the tiers.  As much as I love jewelry, I love the fact that this requires little to none.  It'd be a great throw on & go out to the Farmer's Market or Beach of your choice.  So, bring on the Spring!

Favorite Crush:  Laz Alonzo (again)... but he looks finer! 

   Ok... So Laz Alonso doesn't look Finer... but he sure does look fine!  I love this blush colored suit.  This pretty much ties for my best look, too.  I love that his rich caramel skin blends with with the softer hues of the monochromatic pink ensemble.  I love the Hot Pink pocket square, as well!  And those glasses... although, I'm extremely attracted to a man's eyes- a man with some awesome aviator glasses is priceless & classic.  And what's better? Almost anyone can pull them off! MMMmmmMMM I hope you're watching in in the tv show Deception.  Not only is it a stupendous mini-drama, but look. at. him!!!

Favorite CD:  Unorthodox Jukebox by Bruno Mars


    These days, with all the free music out there- there really is no real need to buy CDs unless they're for your car.  So, now- when I buy a CD it's usually because I really admire the artist's talent.  I say this, because there are"Performers" and there are actual "Musical/Vocal Artists". Both are good, but you don't buy Performer's music.  If you do, you're probably wasting your money & all the good hits are already being played out on the radio.  Needless to say, there are very few artists who's CDs I'll continually buy.  Bruno Mars is one of them. He's so freakin' original & creative.  If I really like at least 3 songs on a CD, then it's worth buying.  With both Bruno's CDs, I have not regretted the purchases.  For one, this CD is a lot different than his last CD, which is an exciting foretelling of things to come.  It means his creative range is much more unique & evolved than others.  On Unorthodox Jukebox, he has a great variety, not only of ballads & club bangers, but even eras in time. He's got a great 70's sounding Song (Treasure) that is just an all-around feel good song. He's got an acoustical ballad (When I Was Your Man- featured above) that is so heartfelt & actually brought a tear to my eye the first time I heard it.  It's a lament about regrets in relationships, yet at the same time, it was comforting for him to write a song about it; because at least we know that when are hearts get broken that sometimes the other person regrets it it too... almost like at least there is some kind of remorse. Anywho- it meant a lot.  Another song (Show Me) brings me back to my reggae roots & just makes me so happy that there are still artists that experiment with reggae & things other than Pop Music.  Also Another song has such a modernized 50's Theme (If I Knew)... This is just a great CD & he's a great artist.  One of my favorite songs (Gorilla) is slightly explicit... but it just gets me every time. Can't even explain it. But I love primal things... so this song reminds me of it. All I'm gonna say, lol.

  SO Everyone! Have a great weekend! Keep your fingers crossed, because I am vying for 2 tickets to the Bruno Mars' The Moonshine Jungle Tour!  I've never been to a REAL concert, so I'm really hoping we can make this happen!  And special thanks to Tiffany Gordon & Judy Mason who have helped with proving information...and to Tara Purvis, who is actually going with me, should cop tickets! Cross your fingers, kiss your elbow, throw salt over your shoulder, say a prayer... whatever you have to do to help me get Bruno Mars tickets! I'd love to blog about it!