Friday, February 22, 2013


    Can I just say T.G.I.F??? This week has been extremely rough on me,  professionally.  Thank God for blogging... Although I cannot disclose names or places of my irritation, as I'm told employers often go online to see how you talk about your place of employment, I can say that it has been a TRYING week!  One thing that helps keep me sane is why I do it. I see how these parents help kids & it reminds me that the stuff I do still needs to be done, even if I don't have direct contact with our clients.   Sigh... Can I just say, I'm GLAD I'm leaving early, though? Nothing like starting your weekend early, after a rough week! But- there are some rays of sunshine this week... So here we go!

Favorite Drink:  Peach Margarita

   I had one of these, this week, after one of my worst days-- and it really helped to soothe me!  Nothing better than taking a mini-mind vacation on the tropical flavors of a Peach margarita!  Ok, ok... mine was just a single serving $1.99 bag frozen margarita, but you gotta do what you gotta do, amiright?

Favorite Annoyance of this week:  SNITCHES!

     Like I said... Can't disclose how this made the list this week, but I can say that I CANNOT STAND a tattletale!  I know the rules of the streets are "not to be a snitch", which in it's truest form, I agree with, but tattletaling?  I got told on this week over something completely irrelevant.  Just makes me want to be like, "Is that all you have to do around here? geesh!"

      SIDENOTE:  Let me tell you why I agree with "Snitches get Stitches..."  Do I think people should NEVER go to the police? Absolutely not. Do I think there's a huge misunderstanding about what it means to be a "Snitch?"  YES!  First of all, it's not snitching if you're not involved.  According to Renee Graziano (Father Mob Affliate Anthony Graziano) "Snitching" is going to the police to cover your own butt.  That is completely different than when someone is killed or murdered and "no one" ever saw anything.  If you are involved in a crime, and you rat everyone else out to make it better for yourself, that's one thing. That's wrong. But if you have information on something serious it is not wrong to go to the police, cautiously.  I say this, because you ALWAYS need to be cautious about that sort of thing.  It's an ugly truth, but people can be ruthless. The last thing you want is for someone to come after you & your's because you helped put one of their loved ones away.... Ok. Back to regular scheduled programming. lol

Favorite Movie:  The Silver Linings Playbook

   Ok... I finally did see The Silver Linings Playbook...Bradley Cooper was in it, so of course I was going to check it out! lol.  I found this movie oddly disturbing.  It's got a fantastic eerie feeling.  The best way to describe is that it "feels like you're always only the verge of something..." - like something big is right around the corner, but it doesn't ever quite happen.  As much as I like Bradley, I found his character a little off-putting. I LOVED that he had no filter. I loved that he made me laugh... But there was something in his delivery; the cadence of his voice that annoyed me!  You'll have to see it. It's a creative love story.  And of course, Robert DeNiro, my favorite Mafia crush, was in the movie. I loved his character, too.  I won't give away the movie, but I will say that it is worth seeing-- but maybe at the Matinee  or reduced price nights.  I think if you only shell out a few bucks, you'll receive it much better.

Favorite Picture:  My Lil Gangstas

    I LOVE this pic of my two favorite munchkins!  My good friend, Christina, has the cutest kids, ever.  Look for them to be stars of the future, because these hilarious kids are going places! lol

Soulpancake:  Kid President is commissioned by President Obama

   Speaking of hilarious kids... I love this one!  He has brought many smiles to my face, since I discovered him.  You know that this is a kid who's going places!  I encourage you to subscribe at the end of the video! Trust me, you need a little kid like this.  Also, check out his Pep Talk! So encouraging!

Favorite Purchase:  Kyocera Hydro Phone

   So, I've been dying for a new phone! And I'm so lucky to have found this one!  Anyone who knows me knows that I do not change my phone as often as some people. As long as it functions & operates at a level satisfactory to myself, I will hold on to it! But, after Blackberry downgraded it's service to my ISP, I had to get a new phone to be able to utilize my services as before.  This phone is said to be able to withstand 3-6ft being submerged under water for 30 mins!  I am not brave enough to test this theory, but I do rest assured that if my phone were to um... fall in the toilet again... that I would be in better shape than I was the last time it did.  I spent all last night figuring out the features & whatnot.  My alarm clock is now a "Rooster"... How cliche, but cool is that? lol I think I'm really going to enjoy this phone :0)

Well, I could write tons more, but I'm meeting someone for lunch... and then it's going to be a fast day! Have a great weekend!