Friday, February 15, 2013

Flying By the Seat of my Pants

  Soooo sorry for missing a blog or two!  You wouldn't believe how much has been going on in my life, lately.  January always seems a little fast paced for me, let alone  some family events in the making, that I've been sworn to secrecy about!  I have been on a new journey, and I'm excited about some of the things that are going on... Starting with:

My Favorite Day:  February 8th! MY BIRTHDAY!!
  Yes, folks... I know it's unbelievable, but Last Friday was my 32nd Birthday! Although things did not go as planned, due to a family situation, I eventually did get to celebrate my birthday with both my family & friends.    There are definitely things I thought I'd have & places I thought I'd be at 32yrs old... but I'm learning to seek Gods guidance & take things as they come.  This is a daily feat... And I'm glad that I've practiced loving each stage of my life as it is, instead of what it was or will be.  And in any event, no one thinks I look 32yrs old... I got carded at an Applebee's the day after my 32nd birthday.... So here's to 32!

Favorite Thought:

Favorite Song:  Gary Clark, Jr. Things Are Changing

Favorite Look:  Lauren Conrad's Mid-week Look

    I know I post a lot about Lauren Conrad, but let's face it... The girl is a classy genius!  I love her style, I love her emphasis about being a lady, and I love that she's always got some irons in the fire.  I would love to be able to do half the things she does & look as good! This outfit isn't the most glamorous, but it seems effortless & chic, which I love!

Favorite Laugh:  The Flash Goes Speed Dating!

     Ok, so not only does this hit close to home, b/c my younger brother, Cameron's nickname is "Flash", but I'm also a avid The Big Bang Theory watcher! So you can imagine the laugh I got about "Flash" speed dating... I bet he'd have to go like 39 times in order to actually make a connection... Too funny!

Welp! I want to write more, but I have to get on the road! Maybe I'll do a bonus blog next week! Stay tuned!! 


  1. I hope you enjoyed your birthday Ms. Lady! It's true, you DO NOT look a day over 31 and a half ...Just kidding love! I'd card you too Ms. Forever young!

  2. p/s: I'm laughing at that episode of a caffinated Sheldon thinking he was Flash ...hi-laaaaaaa- rious!

  3. I love that saying, I am making a inspiration book of quotes I love and that is going in the book. Fabulous funny inspiring post thanks!!!