Monday, January 7, 2013

The Start of a New Year

   Ok, so I reviewed my New Year's resolutions, and I got about 3 out of the 10 that I made last year.  I think that's is pretty decent, seeing how I don't hardly remember any of them by the third month, and that I don't usually make many New Year's Resolutions [if I do at all].  This week has been CRAZ-ZZZY!  So let me tell you about it. 

Favorite story:  The Time Traveler's Wife

Ok, so this isn't exactly a "favorite movie"- but it was an interesting movie.  In MabooKlub, our choice this month was The Time Traveler's Wife.  Well, I don't know about you, but I DO NOT like seeing a movie after I read the book.  I learned a long time ago, I end up not appreciating the movie as much as I'd like, because I expect too much.  A bonus to seeing the movie, is that you don't have to think up who will play the characters.  I'm still waiting on the book to become available in the library, but when I do get to start reading it, I will see Rachel McAdams & Eric Bana.  Also, when I see the movie first, I am not missing the parts that were in the book, but not able to fit in the movie.  I think more people should do it that way.  

Favorite Classic Picture:  Marilyn Monroe Reading the News

 I love this shot.  Of course it's posed, but there's something about it that is just so natural for Marilyn.  She looks amazing without being overtly Sexy.  Gotta love that!

Favorite Food:  Tomato Bisque

Although my exeperience at Coco's Bistro was not that pleasant... I will go time & time again for Coco's Tomato Bisque.  I love a good hearty soup like this.  It's a classic twist on traditional tomato soup.  I'm always happy with the presentation, however.  They like to write "Coco's" with Creme Fresh in the soup.  It gives it a great touch!

Favorite Song: Marcus Canty "Won't Make a Fool Out of You" from the Think Like a Man Soundtrack

  I love the vibe of this song!  I think it taps into one of the most important things women need to be assured of, or at least something that's important to me.  When I give my heart, I give it for real... so for someone to take it and make me look like a fool for entrusting it to them is one of the worst things a man can do, especially since I don't give it easily.  At the very least, if things don't work out-- we should both be able to leave with whatever dignity we have left.  So I appreciate a song like this, that touches on the subject. 

Favorite Lame:  Kenya Moore from The Real Houswives of Atlanta

   Ok girl... The jig is up!  We all know you paid Walter off to pay as your boyfriend on the show... I understand that there's nothing you can do now, since the news came after the show rapped... but it's just a sad sad sad thing to watch, week after week, you throwing yourself at a man who YOU don't clearly want, and who clearly doesn't want YOU!!  Please... I hope you guys have a "break up" by the end of the season, because it's the only way you're going to save any kind of face at the Season Reunion.  I don't get why you're trying to attach yourself to country Nipsy Russell, but its a trainwreck.  I don't even feel sorry for you, because its not like you really love the man... If we were to buy that the realtionship was "real" in the first place, its just obvious that you're listening more to your biological clock than to the man who's standing right in front of you.  Please get your life, Kenya...

Favorite Moment:  My Brother, Cameron's Engagement

   Even though it came as quite a shock to my entire family, it was great to see that there's going to be a new change in our family.  I hope my brother & his new fiancee, Janay, will have a long & healthy & happy life together.  I'm praying that everything comes together well for them!

Favorite Feature Trend for Spring:  Popover Tops

    So, as a curvy, busty woman, I don't think that this will look good on ME, per se... I think it's a trend that needs to be worn on the waif-like... but nonetheless, I am excited for spring to come & show me how people are wearing this new Shape-less trend.  It's a basic boxy shirt.  This one from Marc Jacobs S/S 13 particularly struck me as unique.  I'd imagine it with some leggings and some kind of crazy sky-scaper shooties or with a pair of sequin shorts.  The possibilities are endless... Can't wait to see what the fashionistas do with this basic look. 

   Ok- so I figured out how to get my pics on here, but it's not as convenient as it was... Weird Blogspot.  You get a thumbs down on this new way of uploading pictures.  It's not convenient at all.  Hopefully this week's blog will be better, now that I've gotten the hang of this weird new format.  Toodles!

XOXO, Tiffani

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