Friday, January 18, 2013

More Like Gone With The Wind Foolishness...

Another week has come & gone, and here we are again!  Being that the holiday is Monday, I see it only fitting to quote Martin Luther King, JR "Free At Last, Free At Last... Thank God Almighty, I'm Free at Last!!" Ok, so he was talking about far more pressing issues than a work week, but I am grateful, nonetheless... Here's what I've been doing this week!

Favorite Weird Movie:  Cosmopolis

   This incredibly weird & confusing movie by David Cronnenberg was absolutely dreadful! lol  The best parts were watching the "making of..." directors' cuts at the end.  There were a few intense parts, and once you got used to the post-apocolyptic feel & dialogue of the movie, then you can somewhat get into it... Of course, it's probably my fault for getting into a movie, solely for Robert Pattinson... I just thought the description of the movie & the actual product were two very different sounding things. I really like his acting ability, and feel it's a shame he will always be type-cast as Edward Cullen... You know the Brits fascinate me :0)  However, it was basically a train wreck that I had to keep watching, because the progression of the film was very eerie and unbelievable.  Glad this was a free Redbox checkout...

Favorite HOT MESS:  Kenya Moore Singing "Gone with the Wind Fabulous" on Watch What Happens Live w/Andy Cohen

     UM... This was the hottest mess Watch What Happens Live! has had in a loooong time! They actually let her debut a single "Gone With the Wind Fabulous", where Kenya shows no talent Baby girl doesn't even come close to actually singing. The lyrics were complete CRAP, just a list of things "other people" think about her. And Um...Did she forget that times during "Gone With the Wind" weren't actually good for black people, at all??? You would've been Gone With the Wind a'pickin' cotton, honey. In my opinion, this was not a serious attempt at a music career.  This was a diversion from the fact that no one believes her about her relationship w/Walter.  Lie all you want, lady-- you paid that man, we're calling BS right now on that fraud relationship!  Walter has been known around Atlanta for being a thirsty man, so no, we don't believe Walter is gay or has some "deep dark secrets" that he didn't want to be made public. And please don't hit us with "I never lie" bull, Kenya... because NO ONE thinks you look like Beyonce, except for maybe those folks who think that all black people look alike... SMH Hot mess.

Favorite TV Moment:  Finding out Sean Lowe, of the Bachelor, gets down with the swirl...

   I'm loving this season of The Bachelor, so far!  As many of you know I have been following the information about the show adding diversity, since last season. So this season, I noticed that they put at least 4 black women, about 2 latinas, one Asian & one Persian.  I was proud that the franchise chose to consider minority feelings... but it still leaves another dilemma.  If the Bachelor/ette isn't interested in dating outside their race, than you'd be wasting everyone's time just to make a statement.  So, I was so happy that Robyn, a black contestant, simply asked Sean about his "preference" in women.  And I was pleasantly pleased that not only is he open to different types of women, he actually has dated outside his race.  His last girlfriend being a black Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Ryan Ray.   (Cute, right?)

Ryan Ray

   It's one thing to be "open" to interracial dating (for the right reasons), and another to have actually done it. Kudos to Sean Lowe for being so culturally aware. That makes him even sexier in my book!

Favorite Fact:  Hit the Gym Vs. Hitting People

Need I say more? I don't think so, lol...

Favorite Look:  Anna James Rockin' the Owl look

   My favorite Fashion Blogger, Anna James, is rocking this owl look! I love the whole flow of Owl-realness w/the feathers! Genius! Another trend that is re-emerging is the Peter Pan Collar under a sweater.  Anna always has great style! You can check her out on her blog Fash Boulevard, where she has a pluthora of information- all things fashion!

Favorite Song:  Super Massive Black Hole by Muse

   Ok, for those who really know me, you know I love a very eclectic blend of music.  I usually like at least one thing from all genres... So, lately, I've been jamming to my Twilight Soundtrack (from the first Twilight).  This song, Super Massive Black Hole, inspires me to learn how to play the guitar! I love how much energy and feeling there is, behind each note. My favorite part, is that there is no interlude.  It just goes right into the richest part of the song! Love that!

Favorite Activity:  Tubing (snow)

   So, my mother has been on this "family togetherness" kick ever since she realized that all her children are now grown.  She's kicked it into overdrive, now that my brother Cameron has announced that he will be getting married shortly. (Thanks a bunch, Cameron...) So this Sunday, the family activity is tubing.  I haven't gone sledding or tubing, since I was a kid.  I'm hoping this goes well.  I'm already anticipating a frozen hiney.  Luckily, I have fore-warned my mother that I'm going to be driving separately.  I refuse to be stranded on the slopes, and hour away, when I'm not really too jazzed to go in the first place.  My mother is lucky I love her, lol.  When the weather is extreme, I'm an indoor girl! Her fault for marrying a man from Barbados, lol.

Well- That concludes my blog for this week! Stay tuned for more fun and random favorites!
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  1. Awww, I thought Cosmopolis was the one about 911 ...RPat was pretty good in that one least I think that was him ...

    Kenya is an idiot. The end.

    I'm gonna catch up on the Bachelor this Sunday, I'm rooting for Sarah ...and who fell down the stairs? Or is that next week?
    Anywho, Swirl on homie, Sa-Wuurrrrrl itttt! :)

    I wish I could hit half the people I know ...present company not included ofcourse ...but yeah, one good ole TKO! smh ....

    So the Owl thing is an aquired taste type thing. I terrified of dem birds to begin with so ....yeah. I like her shoes and that polish colour! :)

    PROMISE you'll take Snow Tubing Pics! I heard that's so much fun boss was telling us about it yesterday and she had a BALL!

    Enjoy your weekend luv *pinching dem cheeks*