Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is it a Double Catfish or Quadruple?

**  I ended up being offline on Friday, due to the weather! But I enjoyed a nice day at home! I actually did the blog Thursday night... so techincally, I'm early, even if I'm late, lol :) **
I couldn't wait for Friday... This week was just too juicy to wait (Plus I'm pretty busy tomorrow... ) So it's on with the show!
Favorite Drama: Pretty Little Liars

      So a blogging buddy of mine introduced me to the ABC Family Channel's mystery show Pretty Little Liars.  I'm a sucker for a good recommendation, and after the first episode I was hooked.  Mainly, I was hooked because the fashion ont his series is UN-BELIEVE-ABLE! My favorite characters are pretty much based off her wardrobe (Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale) is my favorite. So this is the Third series I've followed and it's juicy!  Can't wait to see what the rest of the season, now that Spencer knows that Toby is working for "A".

Favorite Video:  "Leave Beyonce Alone!"  

       The Legendary Youtube video by Chris Crocker (Leave Britney Alone) inspired this hilarious parody!  Not only is Todrick Hall an exceptional actor (I would've died laughing), he cleverly mingled in numerous Beyonce songs as part of his dialogue, lol.  You'll be hard-pressed not to recognize at least a handful of her songs in his video.  Take a moment to enjoy Youtube gold all over again!

Favorite Bravo of the Week:  Lisa Vanderpump  & husband, Ken Todd defending their friend, Brandi Glanville 

    Everyone knows I love the Brits, but that is not why Lisa Vanderpump, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has been one  of my favorite stars of the series! She has always presented herself in a fair & direct way.  I love her no-nonsense, say it like she means it attitude! After the "Huge Maloof/Nassif Controversial Secret" (that anyone could care less about), it's good to see that Brandi has some supporters.  I love Brandi, as well. I don't appreciate how foul her mouth is, but I think she genuinely is a good hearted person. I think she's had a tough go of RHOBH since her first episode.  She was clearly making all the other more insecure housewives jealous.  Its nice to know that she has a few friends among the wolves.  The sad part is, Brandi has admitted that what she said shouldn't have been repeated, however it is true. At the end of the day,  Brandi doesn't deserve to be bashed every time she's invited out with the group.  Lisa basically puts us in perspective in her blog about the Morroccan dinner, and in true Vanderpump style she tells it like it is:

 "Ironically it appears that many who witnessed the fiasco at Mauricio's event have conveniently forgotten the barrage of insults thrown at Brandi, calling her a drug addict and neglectful mother!?! (Which in my opinion were much closer to an assassination of her character.)"

 - Lisa Vanderpump

Favorite Laugh:   Speak what you mean

 Favorite  Shock:  Catfish KJ(Rod) vs. Sasha Ebony

        So did you see this episode of Catfish:The TV Show?  This was probably one of the most gripping episodes, yet! So basically, here's the run-down.  The man above is "KJ" who's real name is Rod.  Rod posted pictures of his much more attractive & fit cousin, "KJ" on a gay & bi-sexual dating site. 

      This episode was featured as a "Double Catfish", because he was lying to Sasha Ebony, but he also suspected that she was lying to him... So when Nev (the host of the show) asks him if he was looking for a homosexual relationship, he said "No, I thought she was a woman".  But apparently Ebony told him that she was a "sHim".  So Rod, a "straight man" (*snickering*), said that he really loved her, and didn't know if he was going to be 'comfortable' with the fact that she's a chick with D***... Nev is looking at him objectively, but really everyone  knows he's thinking (Ooh, you gay!) lol. 

   So, long story short, after 4yrs, the couple finally meets... it turns out that Ebony is not actually a transgender female, but a woman who had be living as a Lesbian for 15yrs, but then caught feelings for a man & was open to dating a man.  Ebony is more than gracious about Rod's lies (his name & picture) that you think that everything is going to go well & FINALLY a Catfish couple will work......

....but here's the kicker....

    After Ebony reveals HER lies (She has an 11yr old daughter & is a biological female, never been transgendered), you would think that Rod would be elated... but... He's NOT! lol Tell me why this fool seems disappointed that Ebony was born female??? I mean, it's suspect enough that you'd go to a gay & bi-sexual site if you were all the way straight... but you know, a lot of men look for bi-sexual females thinking it's pass for a threesome, so that can be explained away.  But what can't be explained away is him expression, which has no other explanation than this fool is gay!  

    When he leaves Ebony & goes back in the car with Nev & Max, he just looks disappointed & disgusted.  Every viewer is on the edge of their seats wondering what this idiot is going to say, lol. Nev is just sa confused as the rest of us, because this should have been an amazing reunion, despite the catfishing.  So, this is when Rod decides to come clean that he probably wouldn't have been talking to her if she hadn't been paying his phone bill & sending him $200-$300 periodically.  At this point, it's evident that he didnt like her & this whole money thing is a cover up.  What it comes down to, is that Rod is probably gay, but right now "sexually confused".  I'm sorry, I don't know one straight man who's willing to "see how it is sexually" with a transgendered person. This was a Catfish classic!

Ok- that last one was a pretty long run-down, but it had to be said. Guess that means we have to end it here...  Tune in next week to see what other new things I discover! Dont forget to suscribe!! 


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