Wednesday, January 30, 2013

**Blog BONUS** Do's & Don'ts of a Music Video

   So, I was watching music videos this morning, while getting dressed, and Centric likes to mix old & new videos.  I really got into Marsha Ambrosius' Cold War video-- so much so, that I even paused it on my DVR, while I went out to warm up my car.  I was intrigued, b/c they had just played a throw-back video from Floetry, and I didn't realize that Marsha was the one who lost all this weight & basically reinvented herself as a solo artist.  But then... man oh man... A throw-back video of Jodeci's Cry for You came on and I died laughing... I couldn't believe we used to think this was hot back in the much so, that I felt the urge to write about it... So here's my random list of do's and don'ts for music videos:

1) DO NOT be corny...

It's been an hour Since you've been gone And that's too long So come back home
I can't live without you So I'll cry for you..."

  This is part of the first verse of that song... and I was thinking... I don't want a man like that! lol I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I cannot do a clingy man! I don't do the phone calls every 30mins, I don't want you crying for me like a little punk, just b/c I've been gone an hour, lol. That is NOT sexy. And it makes me sad that music producers would think we'd go for that. Who is that pathetic?

2) DO NOT be out of Character...

   Why are you singing about how much you miss me...How sad you are...But you're dancing like you're checking yourself out in the mirror...? You're dancing like you're about to make love to your reflection. It's not cute or genuine. Please.

3) DO NOT act out every word in a song...

     I saw this both in the Jodeci video & a Mario video and I had to speak on it.  I could attach this to the corny factor, but I decided to make this an entire don't of it's own.  Ok, you cry, she cried... Do you really need to point at your face and run your finger down your cheek to symbolize this?  Can't we just take your word that there was crying involved? Geesh! I'd rather you really cry, if it has to be all that, lol.  This is also remiscent of Boy Bands who had to clench their heart every time they mentioned it...ahem... N'Sync... lol.

4) DO tell a story with your video...
   My favorite videos make me think... They make me want to keep watching. They're a short muiscal tv-show.  They are not full of camp & cheese.  They are thought out well.  Sure, you can have some "commercials", if you will-- where the artist is just singing alone away from the storyline, but ultimately I love it when the pieces flow together. I love when people are far more creative than just having everyone "dancing by the pool" or in a "club". Where is the artistry in that?

5) DO have a good wardrobe....

    I love a video where the characters involved are wearing either really simple clothes or great costumes.  And I'm venturing to say that I might be leaning on the "never wear business attire" on the set... because too many artists are corny with it. Very few artists can actually pull off the Fedoras w/an open button down, tie & suspenders w/pinstripe pants look... I'm thinking... Usher... Ne-Yo... that's about it.  I don't know why these stylists keep putting artists in the wrong kind of fedoras. The wrong kind of fedora looks super-cheap.  And it's sad because there are so many kinds! Not everyone has to wear the narrow one w/the tall crown... Looking like they're trying to squeeze their head into a ice cream cone...Trust me-- as a woman w/a rounder face & cheeks, go with the shorter & wider kind... You can thank me later. 




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