Wednesday, January 30, 2013

**Blog BONUS** Do's & Don'ts of a Music Video

   So, I was watching music videos this morning, while getting dressed, and Centric likes to mix old & new videos.  I really got into Marsha Ambrosius' Cold War video-- so much so, that I even paused it on my DVR, while I went out to warm up my car.  I was intrigued, b/c they had just played a throw-back video from Floetry, and I didn't realize that Marsha was the one who lost all this weight & basically reinvented herself as a solo artist.  But then... man oh man... A throw-back video of Jodeci's Cry for You came on and I died laughing... I couldn't believe we used to think this was hot back in the much so, that I felt the urge to write about it... So here's my random list of do's and don'ts for music videos:

1) DO NOT be corny...

It's been an hour Since you've been gone And that's too long So come back home
I can't live without you So I'll cry for you..."

  This is part of the first verse of that song... and I was thinking... I don't want a man like that! lol I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I cannot do a clingy man! I don't do the phone calls every 30mins, I don't want you crying for me like a little punk, just b/c I've been gone an hour, lol. That is NOT sexy. And it makes me sad that music producers would think we'd go for that. Who is that pathetic?

2) DO NOT be out of Character...

   Why are you singing about how much you miss me...How sad you are...But you're dancing like you're checking yourself out in the mirror...? You're dancing like you're about to make love to your reflection. It's not cute or genuine. Please.

3) DO NOT act out every word in a song...

     I saw this both in the Jodeci video & a Mario video and I had to speak on it.  I could attach this to the corny factor, but I decided to make this an entire don't of it's own.  Ok, you cry, she cried... Do you really need to point at your face and run your finger down your cheek to symbolize this?  Can't we just take your word that there was crying involved? Geesh! I'd rather you really cry, if it has to be all that, lol.  This is also remiscent of Boy Bands who had to clench their heart every time they mentioned it...ahem... N'Sync... lol.

4) DO tell a story with your video...
   My favorite videos make me think... They make me want to keep watching. They're a short muiscal tv-show.  They are not full of camp & cheese.  They are thought out well.  Sure, you can have some "commercials", if you will-- where the artist is just singing alone away from the storyline, but ultimately I love it when the pieces flow together. I love when people are far more creative than just having everyone "dancing by the pool" or in a "club". Where is the artistry in that?

5) DO have a good wardrobe....

    I love a video where the characters involved are wearing either really simple clothes or great costumes.  And I'm venturing to say that I might be leaning on the "never wear business attire" on the set... because too many artists are corny with it. Very few artists can actually pull off the Fedoras w/an open button down, tie & suspenders w/pinstripe pants look... I'm thinking... Usher... Ne-Yo... that's about it.  I don't know why these stylists keep putting artists in the wrong kind of fedoras. The wrong kind of fedora looks super-cheap.  And it's sad because there are so many kinds! Not everyone has to wear the narrow one w/the tall crown... Looking like they're trying to squeeze their head into a ice cream cone...Trust me-- as a woman w/a rounder face & cheeks, go with the shorter & wider kind... You can thank me later. 




Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is it a Double Catfish or Quadruple?

**  I ended up being offline on Friday, due to the weather! But I enjoyed a nice day at home! I actually did the blog Thursday night... so techincally, I'm early, even if I'm late, lol :) **
I couldn't wait for Friday... This week was just too juicy to wait (Plus I'm pretty busy tomorrow... ) So it's on with the show!
Favorite Drama: Pretty Little Liars

      So a blogging buddy of mine introduced me to the ABC Family Channel's mystery show Pretty Little Liars.  I'm a sucker for a good recommendation, and after the first episode I was hooked.  Mainly, I was hooked because the fashion ont his series is UN-BELIEVE-ABLE! My favorite characters are pretty much based off her wardrobe (Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale) is my favorite. So this is the Third series I've followed and it's juicy!  Can't wait to see what the rest of the season, now that Spencer knows that Toby is working for "A".

Favorite Video:  "Leave Beyonce Alone!"  

       The Legendary Youtube video by Chris Crocker (Leave Britney Alone) inspired this hilarious parody!  Not only is Todrick Hall an exceptional actor (I would've died laughing), he cleverly mingled in numerous Beyonce songs as part of his dialogue, lol.  You'll be hard-pressed not to recognize at least a handful of her songs in his video.  Take a moment to enjoy Youtube gold all over again!

Favorite Bravo of the Week:  Lisa Vanderpump  & husband, Ken Todd defending their friend, Brandi Glanville 

    Everyone knows I love the Brits, but that is not why Lisa Vanderpump, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, has been one  of my favorite stars of the series! She has always presented herself in a fair & direct way.  I love her no-nonsense, say it like she means it attitude! After the "Huge Maloof/Nassif Controversial Secret" (that anyone could care less about), it's good to see that Brandi has some supporters.  I love Brandi, as well. I don't appreciate how foul her mouth is, but I think she genuinely is a good hearted person. I think she's had a tough go of RHOBH since her first episode.  She was clearly making all the other more insecure housewives jealous.  Its nice to know that she has a few friends among the wolves.  The sad part is, Brandi has admitted that what she said shouldn't have been repeated, however it is true. At the end of the day,  Brandi doesn't deserve to be bashed every time she's invited out with the group.  Lisa basically puts us in perspective in her blog about the Morroccan dinner, and in true Vanderpump style she tells it like it is:

 "Ironically it appears that many who witnessed the fiasco at Mauricio's event have conveniently forgotten the barrage of insults thrown at Brandi, calling her a drug addict and neglectful mother!?! (Which in my opinion were much closer to an assassination of her character.)"

 - Lisa Vanderpump

Favorite Laugh:   Speak what you mean

 Favorite  Shock:  Catfish KJ(Rod) vs. Sasha Ebony

        So did you see this episode of Catfish:The TV Show?  This was probably one of the most gripping episodes, yet! So basically, here's the run-down.  The man above is "KJ" who's real name is Rod.  Rod posted pictures of his much more attractive & fit cousin, "KJ" on a gay & bi-sexual dating site. 

      This episode was featured as a "Double Catfish", because he was lying to Sasha Ebony, but he also suspected that she was lying to him... So when Nev (the host of the show) asks him if he was looking for a homosexual relationship, he said "No, I thought she was a woman".  But apparently Ebony told him that she was a "sHim".  So Rod, a "straight man" (*snickering*), said that he really loved her, and didn't know if he was going to be 'comfortable' with the fact that she's a chick with D***... Nev is looking at him objectively, but really everyone  knows he's thinking (Ooh, you gay!) lol. 

   So, long story short, after 4yrs, the couple finally meets... it turns out that Ebony is not actually a transgender female, but a woman who had be living as a Lesbian for 15yrs, but then caught feelings for a man & was open to dating a man.  Ebony is more than gracious about Rod's lies (his name & picture) that you think that everything is going to go well & FINALLY a Catfish couple will work......

....but here's the kicker....

    After Ebony reveals HER lies (She has an 11yr old daughter & is a biological female, never been transgendered), you would think that Rod would be elated... but... He's NOT! lol Tell me why this fool seems disappointed that Ebony was born female??? I mean, it's suspect enough that you'd go to a gay & bi-sexual site if you were all the way straight... but you know, a lot of men look for bi-sexual females thinking it's pass for a threesome, so that can be explained away.  But what can't be explained away is him expression, which has no other explanation than this fool is gay!  

    When he leaves Ebony & goes back in the car with Nev & Max, he just looks disappointed & disgusted.  Every viewer is on the edge of their seats wondering what this idiot is going to say, lol. Nev is just sa confused as the rest of us, because this should have been an amazing reunion, despite the catfishing.  So, this is when Rod decides to come clean that he probably wouldn't have been talking to her if she hadn't been paying his phone bill & sending him $200-$300 periodically.  At this point, it's evident that he didnt like her & this whole money thing is a cover up.  What it comes down to, is that Rod is probably gay, but right now "sexually confused".  I'm sorry, I don't know one straight man who's willing to "see how it is sexually" with a transgendered person. This was a Catfish classic!

Ok- that last one was a pretty long run-down, but it had to be said. Guess that means we have to end it here...  Tune in next week to see what other new things I discover! Dont forget to suscribe!! 


Friday, January 18, 2013

More Like Gone With The Wind Foolishness...

Another week has come & gone, and here we are again!  Being that the holiday is Monday, I see it only fitting to quote Martin Luther King, JR "Free At Last, Free At Last... Thank God Almighty, I'm Free at Last!!" Ok, so he was talking about far more pressing issues than a work week, but I am grateful, nonetheless... Here's what I've been doing this week!

Favorite Weird Movie:  Cosmopolis

   This incredibly weird & confusing movie by David Cronnenberg was absolutely dreadful! lol  The best parts were watching the "making of..." directors' cuts at the end.  There were a few intense parts, and once you got used to the post-apocolyptic feel & dialogue of the movie, then you can somewhat get into it... Of course, it's probably my fault for getting into a movie, solely for Robert Pattinson... I just thought the description of the movie & the actual product were two very different sounding things. I really like his acting ability, and feel it's a shame he will always be type-cast as Edward Cullen... You know the Brits fascinate me :0)  However, it was basically a train wreck that I had to keep watching, because the progression of the film was very eerie and unbelievable.  Glad this was a free Redbox checkout...

Favorite HOT MESS:  Kenya Moore Singing "Gone with the Wind Fabulous" on Watch What Happens Live w/Andy Cohen

     UM... This was the hottest mess Watch What Happens Live! has had in a loooong time! They actually let her debut a single "Gone With the Wind Fabulous", where Kenya shows no talent Baby girl doesn't even come close to actually singing. The lyrics were complete CRAP, just a list of things "other people" think about her. And Um...Did she forget that times during "Gone With the Wind" weren't actually good for black people, at all??? You would've been Gone With the Wind a'pickin' cotton, honey. In my opinion, this was not a serious attempt at a music career.  This was a diversion from the fact that no one believes her about her relationship w/Walter.  Lie all you want, lady-- you paid that man, we're calling BS right now on that fraud relationship!  Walter has been known around Atlanta for being a thirsty man, so no, we don't believe Walter is gay or has some "deep dark secrets" that he didn't want to be made public. And please don't hit us with "I never lie" bull, Kenya... because NO ONE thinks you look like Beyonce, except for maybe those folks who think that all black people look alike... SMH Hot mess.

Favorite TV Moment:  Finding out Sean Lowe, of the Bachelor, gets down with the swirl...

   I'm loving this season of The Bachelor, so far!  As many of you know I have been following the information about the show adding diversity, since last season. So this season, I noticed that they put at least 4 black women, about 2 latinas, one Asian & one Persian.  I was proud that the franchise chose to consider minority feelings... but it still leaves another dilemma.  If the Bachelor/ette isn't interested in dating outside their race, than you'd be wasting everyone's time just to make a statement.  So, I was so happy that Robyn, a black contestant, simply asked Sean about his "preference" in women.  And I was pleasantly pleased that not only is he open to different types of women, he actually has dated outside his race.  His last girlfriend being a black Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Ryan Ray.   (Cute, right?)

Ryan Ray

   It's one thing to be "open" to interracial dating (for the right reasons), and another to have actually done it. Kudos to Sean Lowe for being so culturally aware. That makes him even sexier in my book!

Favorite Fact:  Hit the Gym Vs. Hitting People

Need I say more? I don't think so, lol...

Favorite Look:  Anna James Rockin' the Owl look

   My favorite Fashion Blogger, Anna James, is rocking this owl look! I love the whole flow of Owl-realness w/the feathers! Genius! Another trend that is re-emerging is the Peter Pan Collar under a sweater.  Anna always has great style! You can check her out on her blog Fash Boulevard, where she has a pluthora of information- all things fashion!

Favorite Song:  Super Massive Black Hole by Muse

   Ok, for those who really know me, you know I love a very eclectic blend of music.  I usually like at least one thing from all genres... So, lately, I've been jamming to my Twilight Soundtrack (from the first Twilight).  This song, Super Massive Black Hole, inspires me to learn how to play the guitar! I love how much energy and feeling there is, behind each note. My favorite part, is that there is no interlude.  It just goes right into the richest part of the song! Love that!

Favorite Activity:  Tubing (snow)

   So, my mother has been on this "family togetherness" kick ever since she realized that all her children are now grown.  She's kicked it into overdrive, now that my brother Cameron has announced that he will be getting married shortly. (Thanks a bunch, Cameron...) So this Sunday, the family activity is tubing.  I haven't gone sledding or tubing, since I was a kid.  I'm hoping this goes well.  I'm already anticipating a frozen hiney.  Luckily, I have fore-warned my mother that I'm going to be driving separately.  I refuse to be stranded on the slopes, and hour away, when I'm not really too jazzed to go in the first place.  My mother is lucky I love her, lol.  When the weather is extreme, I'm an indoor girl! Her fault for marrying a man from Barbados, lol.

Well- That concludes my blog for this week! Stay tuned for more fun and random favorites!
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Do YOU want to live ViCarrie-ously?

What a Fast week!  I can't believe it's already Friday!  Well, let me tell you, it's been one long week for me!  I'm glad to let my hair down & get my weekend started!  To celebrate the kick off of this week, let me show you what's been on my mind!

Favorite New Show:  Vanderpump Rules

    First of all, I'd like to say, that the segue from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & Vanderpump Rules was absolutely SICK!  I loved how it's just a subtle change in music & scenery, and BOOM! You're watching Vanderpump Rules.  I actually liked this show more than I thought.  As much as I love Lisa Vanderpump, I wasn't sure about how a show about a restaurant would do.  But between the gorgeous waitresses all having to be a size 2 or smaller in order to wear Sur uniforms...  The surly attitude of Ms. Stassi, the scandal of Scheana's affair with Eddie Cibrian, and the entire staff sleeping with each other, this show is seething with the drama we love.  Can't see how the rest of the season unfolds, but so far, this show has lit the trail a-blaze!

Favorite Giggle:  Kittens, Inspired by Kittens...

   This is the dumbest video ever... but the more you watch it, the funnier it gets, lol. It's especially great to watch if you are deliously sleepy... or high... whichever, lol.  Enough about that...

Favorite Returning Show:  The Bachelor

     So, I'm excited to choose this as my favorite new returning show!  Last season, after the racial controversy on the show, I wasn't sure if I'd be watching The Bachelor this season.  I'm happy to report that there is a substantial integration of more races this season.  There are a few Latinas, Asians & Black women on the show! Finally, some variety!  I don't really see Sean ending up with any of them or them going very far-- but it's nice to see them have a chance to try, right?  Thank you to the folks at The Bachelor for taking minority concerns [about the show] to heart.  Aside from that-- did you see the TRAINWRECK already?  Seriously, I loved Fifty Shades of Grey, but that Ashley chick was OOC about it! Really?  And Robin, who did a back walk-over & fell flat on her face?  And What about Tierra getting the rose asap... Can't wait to see the rest of the season unfold!!

Favorite Mixed Emotion:  Django: Unchained

   So, I was really pumped to see this movie.  I love a star-packed movie.  I heard it was really good, and suprisingly funny.  I'll have to be the judge of that.  And frankly, even though it is about slavery, I was ok with a little humor in it.  You're talking to a girl who finds parts of the Color Purple & Roots, funny... and had a running joke about Frederick Douglass rapping at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center... I'm not afraid of a crass joke... BUT... with that said... I really can't get down with them having Django action figures... For what?  Are children supposed to really "play" with these?  Are they collectors' items?  I'm not sure, but whichever, its quite disturbing.  Although I can find the humor in sometimes the most horrid things, it really only goes so far. And slavery was truly not a thing to be commercialized in such a way.  

Favorite Video:  Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats

   I LOVE this video.  EVERY girl has wanted to do this at some point, lol... completely take out revenge on someone who's wronged us, with no consequences... Believe me, there are some men who have made me want to go there, but ultimately, I would never want them to know that they hurt me that much.  And also, I don't always trust myself.  I know it takes restraint to hold back my rage-- and I'm afraid of what would happen if I unleash it at once, lol.  So, it's better I play it safe & stay out of jail.  But still good to live viCarrie-oulsy, right?  (<-- See what I did there?? lol)

Favorite Crush:  Laz Alonso


     So, I'm not even sure if I've  already had this particular eye-candy as my crush of the week... but WHO CARES?? It's Laz Freakin' Alonso! He recently appeared on the Wendy William's Show (How YOU do'n, Wendy?) to promote the Premiere of his tv show, Deception.  I'm all the way ready to watch, when I get home! I fell in love with him in Miracle at St. Anna- which is hard to do with my other baby-daddy, Michael Ealy, also starring in that film... I don't even care what Deception is about... but you bet I'm going to check it out. *wink, wink*

Favorite New Piece of Jewelry:  The Vintage Bow Necklace from

     Guess who fell in love with this ah-mazing necklace by  Me, of course!  I mean, doesn't this just SCREAM, "Tiffani! Buy me now!! ? Well, at least that is what I thought when I found myself clicking it into my cart..  I love girly pieces that offer a bit of sophistication & unique charm.  For starters, it's incredibly vintage glam! They sure knew how to make lavish pieces and weren't shy about being gaudy!  I love this piece for more than it's bling-appeal, too... This sexy little bauble is not one, not two, but THREE great pieces of jewelry!  You can wear it as the necklace or you can detach it from the back and then there is an Ibis clip on the back that allows you to also wear it as a chic barrette or clip it on a blouse or scarf for a shot of shimmer.  Three pieces of jewelry for ONE great price!  Who can beat that?  So, now you see why I simply needed it! Well, who cares if you don't?  I needed it, ok??? lol

Well- This girl is going home early in 15, count 'em, 15 minutes! I'm going to get my comfy yoga pants on, brew a fresh cup of coffee and cozy up with my new Kindle Paperwhite!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend & stay tuned to what's happening in the streets!! You know I will!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Start of a New Year

   Ok, so I reviewed my New Year's resolutions, and I got about 3 out of the 10 that I made last year.  I think that's is pretty decent, seeing how I don't hardly remember any of them by the third month, and that I don't usually make many New Year's Resolutions [if I do at all].  This week has been CRAZ-ZZZY!  So let me tell you about it. 

Favorite story:  The Time Traveler's Wife

Ok, so this isn't exactly a "favorite movie"- but it was an interesting movie.  In MabooKlub, our choice this month was The Time Traveler's Wife.  Well, I don't know about you, but I DO NOT like seeing a movie after I read the book.  I learned a long time ago, I end up not appreciating the movie as much as I'd like, because I expect too much.  A bonus to seeing the movie, is that you don't have to think up who will play the characters.  I'm still waiting on the book to become available in the library, but when I do get to start reading it, I will see Rachel McAdams & Eric Bana.  Also, when I see the movie first, I am not missing the parts that were in the book, but not able to fit in the movie.  I think more people should do it that way.  

Favorite Classic Picture:  Marilyn Monroe Reading the News

 I love this shot.  Of course it's posed, but there's something about it that is just so natural for Marilyn.  She looks amazing without being overtly Sexy.  Gotta love that!

Favorite Food:  Tomato Bisque

Although my exeperience at Coco's Bistro was not that pleasant... I will go time & time again for Coco's Tomato Bisque.  I love a good hearty soup like this.  It's a classic twist on traditional tomato soup.  I'm always happy with the presentation, however.  They like to write "Coco's" with Creme Fresh in the soup.  It gives it a great touch!

Favorite Song: Marcus Canty "Won't Make a Fool Out of You" from the Think Like a Man Soundtrack

  I love the vibe of this song!  I think it taps into one of the most important things women need to be assured of, or at least something that's important to me.  When I give my heart, I give it for real... so for someone to take it and make me look like a fool for entrusting it to them is one of the worst things a man can do, especially since I don't give it easily.  At the very least, if things don't work out-- we should both be able to leave with whatever dignity we have left.  So I appreciate a song like this, that touches on the subject. 

Favorite Lame:  Kenya Moore from The Real Houswives of Atlanta

   Ok girl... The jig is up!  We all know you paid Walter off to pay as your boyfriend on the show... I understand that there's nothing you can do now, since the news came after the show rapped... but it's just a sad sad sad thing to watch, week after week, you throwing yourself at a man who YOU don't clearly want, and who clearly doesn't want YOU!!  Please... I hope you guys have a "break up" by the end of the season, because it's the only way you're going to save any kind of face at the Season Reunion.  I don't get why you're trying to attach yourself to country Nipsy Russell, but its a trainwreck.  I don't even feel sorry for you, because its not like you really love the man... If we were to buy that the realtionship was "real" in the first place, its just obvious that you're listening more to your biological clock than to the man who's standing right in front of you.  Please get your life, Kenya...

Favorite Moment:  My Brother, Cameron's Engagement

   Even though it came as quite a shock to my entire family, it was great to see that there's going to be a new change in our family.  I hope my brother & his new fiancee, Janay, will have a long & healthy & happy life together.  I'm praying that everything comes together well for them!

Favorite Feature Trend for Spring:  Popover Tops

    So, as a curvy, busty woman, I don't think that this will look good on ME, per se... I think it's a trend that needs to be worn on the waif-like... but nonetheless, I am excited for spring to come & show me how people are wearing this new Shape-less trend.  It's a basic boxy shirt.  This one from Marc Jacobs S/S 13 particularly struck me as unique.  I'd imagine it with some leggings and some kind of crazy sky-scaper shooties or with a pair of sequin shorts.  The possibilities are endless... Can't wait to see what the fashionistas do with this basic look. 

   Ok- so I figured out how to get my pics on here, but it's not as convenient as it was... Weird Blogspot.  You get a thumbs down on this new way of uploading pictures.  It's not convenient at all.  Hopefully this week's blog will be better, now that I've gotten the hang of this weird new format.  Toodles!

XOXO, Tiffani