Friday, December 14, 2012

This Week's Favorites!

Welcome to another new and exciting week!  This week has flown by extremely fast.  I think in 2013, my mission will be to have more weeks like this.  It was jammed packed with lots of laughs, new experiences, and quality time with family & friends.  Here's what happened! 

Favorite Video:

    Ok, what can I say about this video that doesn't speak for itself??? This was probably the best laugh I've had all week!  I couldn't believe these elderly angels really sang this many popular hip-hop songs.  At the end of the day, these folks showed a great sense of humor for this odd task.  I just love the effort they put into it. 

Favorite Look:  Zooey Dechanel's Blue Coat!

    One thing I have in common with one of my favorite celebrities (Lauren Conrad) is bows!  I fell in love with this coat Zooey Dechanel wore in Tuesday night's episode of New Girl.  I could barely concentrate on this silly little song she was singing because I was so infatuated with this coat.  I also loved how the stylist paired the bright blue with muted neutrals.  I was on a mission to find this coat. It's Kate Spade of NYC $418 at Neiman Marcus! Not that I can afford it, but I still  Love Love Love!!

Favorite Shock of the week:  Shemar Moore & Sweet Brown on Watch What Happens Live

   I've always known Shemar Moore to be a flirt from what I've seen of him during interviews over the years... Never in my life did I ever expect to see him making out with Sweet Brown on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live!  I about crapped my pants.  She was in hea-ven!!  I mean, who wouldn't be??? But I guess Sweet Brown can really live up to the swag everyone thinks she has if Shemar Moore is making out with her.  I'm a little jealous, but I'm not hating, girl! Do you thang, Sweet Brown! Everybody got time for that!

Favorite Experience:  Going to see Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet

     I have only seen a ballet once before, as a child on a class field trip, when the community Muse Machine did a special production for elementary school kids.  I've always been curious as to how I'd like the ballet as an adult.  This week, I finally got the opportunity to see Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet with my family!! It was absolutely lovely! It was like stepping right into a fairytale or storybook. I was also pleased to see a very culturally & diverse group of people... Young, old, black, white, rich, not-so-rich & everything in between. As far as the actual performance, what impressed me the most was the details.  The costumes were exquisite!  The props and stage set up were magnificent.  I was truly in awe about how much skill it takes to dance en pointe, and how much grace and ease in which the dancers performed.  It also made me a little melancholy. I always wanted to do ballet as a child, but my parents said they couldn't afford to do it.  That's one thing I vow to myself. If I'm ever blessed to have a daughter, and she wants to dance, she will dance. 

Favorite Techy Obsessionthe NEW Kindle Paperwhite coming out December 20, 2012

      I'm both estatic and pissed about the new Kindle Paperwhite coming soon.  Let me just say, I am not one who buys a lot of "devices".  Some folks tend to splurge religiously on new technology, and I just don't get into it.  "If it ain't broke, don't fix it..." Is usually my motto. This explains why I have a Blackberry with a rollerball still, and still own a VHS/DVD combo player.  So, when it came to finally getting down and getting an eReader, I did extensive research.   On top of not being someone who splurges on the "latest" technology, I'm also not a  person who splurges on myself much, either.  So even though it was only a $100 purchase, I wanted to make sure I was getting something I truly wanted.  I didn't need all the bells and whistles.  I feel like people get so fascinated (or bamboozled, whichever you prefer...) with the fact that a product has all these features-- but in reality, what about every other device that does the same thing? Why do I need 3G internet access on my Kindle, when I have a cell phone & Laptop that already do the same thing?  I can't imagine me being soooo desperate to get a book, that I can't just go to the end of my street & connect to the nearest satellite.  But I digress....

     So, that being said, when I finally made my decision to get a Kindle, I got the Kindle Touch.  I am in love with this little gadget, but I was a little bummed that the only one they offered in backlighting was the Kindle Fire, and I wasn't going to go for that.  So, I conceded to buy my new Kindle & be happy with whatever detached light source I had available.  I said all this to say... with someone who puts that much thought into a simple splurge, it was a little disheartening that they come out with the exact version I would've bought a few months ago, had it been available.  So, I'm doing what has rarely been done in my history of technological buying, and am upgrading as soon as something comes out.  I feel liberated, somewhat... but at the same time a little pissed, lol.  This will, in no way change how I am about technology, but it's nice to know I have the option when it suits me.

Well, this is the end of another week of good times!  Tune in next week for more fascinating finds! Don't forget to suscribe!

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  1. I can't see the first video ...but I'll take your word for it ;-)

    Zoo-iiie is amazingly funny yet immensely irritating as Jess! Love her style as well ...odd quirky smashes into couture! Hehehehe.

    Kudos on going to see the Nutcracker! Glad you shared on it because I've been torn about seeing it ...I don't necessarily like the whole fairytale aspect of it but I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching the precision that is ballet. So maybe, I'll catch it now ;-)

    Kindle glad for you ...AND THANK YOU AGAIN! ;-)

    I like nice packed weeks ...they go by QUICK!