Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Friday Favorites Early

Hello Friends!  So, I'm posting this early this week, because I'm taking a MUCH NEEDED break from work on Friday.  Don't worry- I try not to forget about you folks :)  I hope you all are enjoying my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.  This week's favorites are:

Favorite Childhood Memory:  Pine Cone Air Fresheners

As my childhood friend, Emily Ferris Kemp, reminded me of a cherished childhood moment this week... She said that she always thinks about how my sisters & I would spray pine cones w/my mother's perfume (Liz Claiborne) and try to sell them around the neighborhood.  We were calling them Air Fresheners... We would drench those suckers in my mom's perfume that she would never wear & tie a string to them, lol.  The small ones were $.50 the large ones were $1.00.  Surprisingly, we did turn a little profit off of our au naturale air freshener.  We told people they could put them in underwear drawers or hang them up.  Some of them we painted w/my nail polish.  What an awesome & creative childhood memory. 

Favorite Rivalry:  The fight for who will play Christian Grey: Matt Bomer vs. Ian Somerhalder

Matt Bomer on the left, Ian Somerhalder on the right... My choice is Matt Bomer.  Yes, either would be an excellent choice, but the fact of the matter is, Matt embodies more of the characteristics (in my opinion) than Ian.  They both have those sensual grey eyes, but I think Matt's are more aligned to the persona we read about in the book.  In my opinion, Ian is more of a frat boy.  He too, embodies some of Christian Grey's characteristics, but at the end of the day, I think he can only do "fun Christian" and "hell-raiser Christian"... I'm not sure he could master the sensitive & vulnerable side.  So for that alone, my vote goes to

Matthew Bomer

Favorite Funny of the week:  Work Rules
I certainly have found this to be true in the past... Every place of employment has had them at some point... workers overly obsessed with their 'position' that they're tyrants when it comes to the humaness of the employees.  They forget that for some people work really is just a job... a means to survive independently; a way to pay bills... work is NOT everyone's life, contrary to what some think.  I feel sorry for those people.

Favorite Must-See Show:  Catfish on MTV

This week, the joke was on Jasmine, as she realized the guy she was talking to for two years was really a girl who was trying to get revenge, because a feud between them and an errant baby daddy.  SMH.  It's a shame.  Part of me want to slap Jasmine for being so vulnerable.  At the end of the day, how do you give 2yrs of your life to a man who's voice you've only heard twice, who lives 15 MINUTES from you?  You can't see something is catfishy about that??? Gawd! But I do feel for her on some level. Its sucks to be bamboozled on national television. 

Favorite Pet Peeve:  Men who try too hard to look sexy w/their mouths open...

And this isn't even the worst example... but it's the best I could do... Believe me, I scoured the internet trying to look for exactly what I mean, and this is as close as I got... Seriously, though- You know the look... the "I don't wanna smile, but I wanna look sexy, not mad" pose that so many men do.  It's not sexy!!For men, they've got to learn that their sexiness comes from their eyes.  Their sexiness comes from the chisel of his jawline... not from dropping the jawline, looking like you're about to lose your gum, or slobber all over yourself.  There's something seriously disturbing when a man tries to "be sexy".  It's not sexy. Please stop it....stop it now!

Favorite Quote: By W.E.B. Dubois

I hope this is thought provoking to those of you who have children... I can't stand those who think it's ok to be hyprocrites as parents.  The "Do as I say, not as I do" approach does NOT work all the time. It's not a pass to disregard your own advice.  Yes, always push kids further & to be the best them they can be... but at the end of the day, if you're not practicing what you preach, it will land on deaf ears.  And in today's society, that can be a hefty price to pay. 

Favorite Video of the Week:  Maroon 5 "Sweetest Goodbye"

I love Adam Levine... Another one of my alter-ego crushes, lol.  This week, I've been feeling this song. I started to listen to the words, which held true for how I've felt about parts of my past... but what catches me is the sexy lilt he does with his voice & the instruments at certain parts of the song.  Male or female, when I hear a sexy lilt, it automatically catches my attention. 

Favorite Look:  Forearm Tattoos

I mean, come on...What better model than David Beckham? Seriously... I don't particularly care for this MUCH tattoos on forearms, but it's David Beckham, lol.  I was thinking about that this week, while waiting for my food.  I am not the type that "likes 'bad boys' "... Most of the times, those types end up letting you down in more ways than one.  I prefer the "nice guy" with an edge.  He needs to have a backbone, and a few bad boy ways, but he doesn't have to ultimately be a "bad boy".  No one wants a pansy.  So, I find 'family men' w/'bad boy' tattoos very appealing :)

Favorite Crush of the Week:  Trey Songz

Notice... the forearm tattoos... lol.  Ultimately, Trey is really just eye candy for me.  Well, all these men are, actually, lol.  But, there's something about a man who can sing that does it for me. I also am bit of a sucker for the "pretty boy" with tattoos.  I don't want them too pretty though-- I want them sexy enough to stand out, but also rugged enough to carry that edge of swag.  Trey Songz has that.

This concludes this week's Favorites! Tune in next week! Tell me, what are you obsessing about this week?    I'd loved to know!  And if you're a reader, check out our book club called, MabooKlub on!  Have a great rest of the week!


  1. A businesswoman from a tender age ...LOL ...make that paper! My contigency plan was to marry rich ...unfortunately, I neglected PLAN B! :/

    Bomer = Dem Eyez! Lawd!

    LOL @ the work rules ...seems like they apply universally crazy as the list is and as funny as it is, you KNOW it holds some sorta weight ...hehehe. My ideal office = Facebook Center ...or Google center ...or the NGO down the street from me, theif office looks like a daycare furniture and hella colorful! :)

    I saw an expose on Catfish ...oh. my. word! Really though? Heck I'm paranoid compared to some of that simple mindedness ...I saw the one where the blonde girl goes to see her "catch" ...come to find out it's a WOMAN!!!!!! Chile ...and she was on TV? Let that have been me ... COMMERCIAL BREAK ...CUUUUUUUUT! That's right ... #DonkeyKong!

    Mmmmmm, the things I'd do that model ... and his lil booty just lookin' luscious! LOL ... #BeenAMinute!

    I agree with Mr. DuBois ...I can def attest to that in my life ;-) Sometimes its the simplest thing kids respond to ... :)

    Love tattoos of all kinds ...except the stupid sh!t like Lil Wayne n' em ...your face is not a freakin' canvas dude ...hope you continue to sell records coz you've pretty much ensured that you're NOT employeable (if that's a word)! Becks is HAWWWWWWT! Mmmmm!

    Have a lovely day off ...I'm off as well although mine is for an end-of-the-year physcial/dental visits :)

    Smoochz! You ROCK!

  2. Lovely! Thank you my dear! You're so awesome. Thanks for your feedback :)

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    1. I know! We're still waiting on the movie, right??