Friday, December 21, 2012

End of December, Already??

December has really flown by fast, right?  I can't believe that it's almost the end of the year already!  I think a vampire ran off with my December! As you can tell, this week will be filled with Twilight references-- since finally finishing the entire book series.  So to kick off this week's Blog, here are a few of my favorite discoveries! :

Favorite Song:  Let Me Sign (by Robert Pattinson)

     I love this song, because it has so many textures in it... It was my favorite song from Twilight. Recently learning that it's actually Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) singing it, is a BONUS tidbit!   It's playing in the background when Edward sucks the blood from Bella after James bites her... You can hear he's an English artist b/c of his dialect-- reminiscent of the late great Amy Winehouse; Then you have the parts that almost sound like a Native American chant. It's so raw & gritty.  There's passion behind the notes. The words are lyrical accessories, just as they should be. 

     I don't think Robert Pattinson has the best voice in the world... I've had to listen to a few songs on the low, b/c he loves to scream a lot (ha ha)... And he gets a LOT of notes off... but What I can appreciate about his music, is that he's not a perfectionist.  He clearly plays b/c it's something he enjoys. I think that's a beautiful thing.

Favorite ConfusionHow Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart look so different than Edward Cullen & Bella Swan...



   Ok, so photo one is definitely photo-touched but I still don't get it...Robert Pattinson is so much more attractive when he looks like Edward Cullen... Even when he's just himself, but is cleaned way up. I have a few good pics of him-- but he & Kristen must really need a team to turn then from Meth-head Chic to the Beautiful People they play in Twilight.  It's like they almost purposely keep themselves hideous on a day to day basis.  Robert always looks greasy & shaggy & Kristen always looks like she's on Speed or Crystal Meth. I just don't get it... I mean, although I prefer that the pair of them have the gold or brown eyes from Twilight, I can accept that their natural shade is blue.  But can we at least get a fresh shampoo & Blow dry before you hit the Red Carpets? Please?

Favorite Photo:  Marilyn Monroe

     I have a bit of an affinity for Old Hollywood Glamour Girls.  Audrey Hepburn, Brigette Bardot, Betty Paige, Olivia D'havilland, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe... I love them all!  I love that in their era, it was part of good grooming & practice to be a "lady".  There was great effort put into how a woman carries herself.  There was an emphasis on sex appeal, yes... but it wasn't overly trashy- at least not by today's standards.  I wish I could've been a part of those days.  As "oppressed" as women thought they were then, I think we're more oppressed now.  We're not routinely shown our wealth by the way people treat us, anymore. It's more of a "free-for-all"... Hmph. Food for thought...  

Favorite Book:  Bond Girl By Erin Duffy

   Before starting the read for MabooKlub (my Facebook Bookclub, that is taking off to astounding start)- I started Bond Girl!  Already, I can tell I'm going to love this book.  I haven't matched  a face to the main character (Alex), yet-- but I know as more of her personality comes out, I'll be able to assess who should Play "Alex", should this ever be made into a movie.  So, I'm excited who will play my dark haired, green-eyed tom-boy turned beauty.  I'll let you know, when I've finished. 

Favorite Look:   The Alika Circle Dress by Bettie Paige

   You all know me... I love vintage style that can be updated.  I love this Alika dress from Bettie Paige for a holiday party!  She looks classically beautiful in this festive red dress with the form-fitting bodice with bow.  I love the fishnet detail in the shoulders.  It shows a little bit of skin without being too revealing.  I would imagine this would flatter any body type!  I love the nod to 1940's fashion! 

Favorite Laugh:  Job Duties

Favorite Truth:  Single does not always equal available...

   I've found myself more times that I thought, being single, but not really available.  I'm a different breed than a lot of folks.  If I'm in between relationships, I actually give myself time to heal after a break up, rather than jumping from one man to the next, etc... It's kind of sad how quickly folks jump in & out of people's lives, these days.  I'd rather have a handful of meaningful relationships, than a whole laundry list of disappointments... Just saying. 

Favorite Holiday Touch: Book-mas Tree!

    I thought this was so creative!  I can't imagine how long it too to find the exact right size book to pull this off.  I'd love to see this in a library somewhere!  I'm especially fond of it, because of my love for reading!

Well, Happy Holidays to all of you!  I hope you'll find peace and love over the holidays & throughout the year!

Merry Christmas! & Happy Holidays!


  1. LOVE the book tree, creative!!!!

    Also the funny quote had my flu butt cracking up!!!!
    Merry Christmas. XOXO

  2. Thanks, Mandie :) Hope you had a Merry Christmas!