Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition!

  Nothing brings me so much joy, around this time of year, than getting to express my inner creativeness during the Fall Season.  I agree with Lauren Conrad, when she says that this time of year is a great time for costumes & crafting.  Be it as it may, I don't spend as much time on DIY projects, but I do get into more books and other activities!  Let me take you on the journey through my Favorites of this week:

Favorite Halloween Celebrity Look:  Lauren Conrad as a ghost

She is freakin' Creepy!!  It gives new meaning to the traditional "Ghost" costume.  Whoever did her makeup was genius!

Favorite DIY Moment: My Jack-N-The Box Costume

Ok, so there's no picture of me wearing it-- but let's face it, by the time it was "time to take pictures", I was already out of half my costume, and was too exhausted to go through the hassle of trying it back on. Part of me regrets not getting the full look-- with my black top-hat, pink hair, spiderweb makeup...etc... but I know how tired I was, and I was ready to scadattle! (or however you spell that word...).  Anyway, the entire costume took me 6hrs to paint & configure.  I think it turned out well!

Favorite Crush:  Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

  It has been of many office debates whether or not we should be Team Edward or Team Jacob, lol... I'm absolutely Team Edward- which is odd, because I don't usually go for the pale faces, lol.  There's something about his suave, yet shy demeanor that does it for me, tho.  Sure Jacob is cute, but Edward has that sexy swag... that cool aloof sense of confidence... with his intense stare & deep soul.  I connect with his old school values and the raging powerful lion beneath, willing to fight to protect what is right & what is his... Plus, who doesn't like a guy that sparkles in the sunlight? lol  Oddly enough, I am not as drawn to Robert Pattinson, when he is NOT 'Edward Cullen'...Hmmmm, anyway... Can't wait until the second part of Breaking Dawn, November 16th!!

Favorite Ratchet Moment of the WeekBaby Grill

What in the heck??? Seriously?  I had to look at this closely, to make sure I didn't have to call children's services!  Although, I think this is dead wrong... It is really funny.  I'd never buy this for my baby... and if I'm ever blessed enough to have a need for a baby shower- you better not get it for me, either! 

Favorite Couple of the weekTamar & Vince

  So, I was skeptical at first... I never thought Tamar was a gold digger, as so many of the rumors surrounding her go- but I always wondered about the dynamics between Vince Herbert & Tamar Braxton-Herbert.  Despite rumors of divorce (I'll find out when I watch my DVR of the WendyWilliams Show, I guess) Tamar & Vince have showed america the playful, fun, and sometimes, not so pretty side of their marriage.  Last night, it was so great to see an episode where they weren't fighting as much, and Vince poured out his heart about how much he loved his wife.  I wish more guys would do that-- we're not mind readers all the time, either.  And it was great to see Tamar supporting her husband... and how funny she is about her husband... Seriously- Vince is a catch, but at the end of the day-- not THAT many women are really checking for him, Tay tay, lol.  You got eyes on the doctor, waitress, fast food lady, Physical therapist... It just cracks me up how she thinks everyone wants Vince like that... it's kind of a playful jealousy, lol.  So funny... I wish them nothing but the best!

Hope you're planning on a great, relaxing weekend!  I'm going to nestle down this weekend, and try to get over this sore throat & cold that my co-workers so graciously gave me... or maybe it was the Halloween festivities in the misty night... Who knows?  All I know is, the weekend is long overdue! For all of you Trick-or-Treaters, stay warm & I hope your little 'Boils & Gouls' are safe & candy-filled!  Don't forget to take your cut! Until next time....

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