Monday, November 19, 2012

Make Up Monday Blog

   Please excuse the lateness of my weekly blog... I was way busy Friday, so the blog did not happen... However, the blog is always in the recesses of my mind as I go throughout the week, so I pretty much always have material.  I guess it's a way to appreciate the little things in life.  So for last week, here are my favorites!!!

Favorite Movie:  Twilight Breaking Dawn pt. 2

   This was the most riveting Twilight, yet!  The battle scene... OH!! I just want more people to see this, so I can say more about it! I don't want to ruin it for anyone!  There were some nay-sayers-- but who cares about them right???  They're not truly fans, anyway.  I can say, that you feel all emotions in Breaking Dawn 2.  There are so crazy twists & turns that will have you off your chair!  If you love the Twilight Series... seeing this is a must!!

Favorite Joke:  Jump-o-line...

Ok... I seriously cracked up on this one!  BURN!!!!

Favorite Metaphor:  ...from The Miseducation of Tiffani Sharice

"Not all miserable souls can be consoled... Some folks really just like to wallow in the mud of their own self pity... let them. You can't help anyone who still has mud in their eyes & ears."
-The Miseducation of Tiffani Sharice

   Sometimes, I have to quote myself, because sometimes, my best information comes from within... I was thinking about someone who continuously complains, despite the listening ear I try to be... despite the kind words... despite trying to gas up his self esteem... and at the end of the day, he still isn't making any changes... It dawned on me that he actually wants to wallow in his own mess.  It's fun, right?  You get pity & attention from others...  a way to continuously air your grievances, a 'pass' on taking responsibility for your attitude & how you may be affecting others... You get to be the "victim"... But it is like playing in mud... It's fun at first but eventually you've got to get out!  You need to wash off & keep it moving, lest you end up smelling, getting crusty & cracked- or worse, sinking down even further. I've learned that, when they choose to be "that guy (or girl)", they choose to be someone who can't be consoled.  I'm not going to let them suck my energy & good intentions on something they're never going to get passed. Amiright? Amiright?  When you take note of this person, it's just best to let them air their business, say what you have to say once & keep it moving.  If they continue on the same path, there's nothing you can do, so save your breath. 

Favorite Quote:  You Knew What you had...

   Truth... It is comforting to think that the folks in your past relationships do realize what they had-- they just weren't smart enough to be able to keep it... Food for thought.

and speaking of food....

Favorite New Food:  XXL Steak Nachos from Taco Bell

Totally yummy! I never get steak at Taco Bell, but something inside of me was screaming out for this on Saturday.  BTW, it's HUGE, so I recommend eating this with a buddy if you're not feeling extra greedy that day.  If you are... you'll be satisfied! Delicious!

Favorite New Drink:  Mango Creme Fruitista (Also from Taco Bell)

Favorite Video:  Sweet Brown- "ain't Nobody got time for that..."

  Ok, we know this is not a new thing... but we've been quoting this all week, lol.  I'm coming to realize that there are a lot of things we "ain't got time for", ha ha.

Favorite Moment:  My Brother Being there for me

   Little things in this life bring me as much joy, as seeing my loved ones succeed... and I'm so proud that my brother has turned his passion into opportunity.  Sure, we used to make fun of him for dancing everywhere he went, lol. He was paying his dues... but at the end of the day, I've always encouraged my family's dreams.  And as much of a great dancer he his, he's a better brother.  It meant the world to me, that he was there for me when I needed him.  At my job, we had a party for our youth, and he was able to assemble part of his dance crew to perform for us.  It was awesome & the kids really enjoyed it.  So to you, Cameron, I love you so much!! And thank you so much to Janay, Dynesha & JD for coming, as well!  You guys made the party!

On that note... Have a great rest of the week! I hope you all have an amazing week!  What are some of the fun things that have caught your interest this week?  Leave me a comment in the messages below & Don't forget to SUSCRIBE!!

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