Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday Favorites 11-8-12 What I'm diggin' this week!

Wow!  What a fast paced, tense & exciting week!  I'm writing early, because I'm so busy during the work day that I don't have a moment to get all this down the way I want.  This is stuff I've been compiling throughout the week.  So check out my diggs for this week!  Enjoy! 


Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  Justin Bieber "Boyfriend"

   Ok- when did Justin Bieber hit puberty & get sexy??? I mean, I know all these tweens knew it all along... scribbling his name on their notebooks in tiny hearts... But Justin Bieber grew up & straight Justin Timberlaked me!  ( <-- yeah- I need to patent that phrase, lol).  I heard this song on my pandora & immediately was hooked.  I hope his newly found grown man shows up on his next CD. I might actually have to check it out! Thank you, Pandora!

Definition of "Justin Timberlaked me..." :  V.  1. The shocking realization of how much talent & sexiness a boy-band artist (or boy-band-like artist) has.  It's generally the transition between little boy & grown a** man.  2. Sometimes happens after a band artist goes solo. 

Favorite Moment President Barack Obama Re-Elected!!

  Yes, I voted for him. No, it wasn't just because he's black.  This is also not the reason I voted for him the first time, as well.  I am not Republican or Democrat, really-- I'm more an Independent.  The fact of the matter is, I look at the economy.  When Bill Clinton was serving as president our economy was doing really well.  It wasn't until Bush & others got back into office, that personal agendas and vendettas took our nation back into another depression.  For one, I'm for almost anything that allows us to go another way, financially.  So many people want to blame Obama for the mistakes he's been trying to clean up... The one major one that sealed the deal for me, is when we got rid of Osama Bin Laden-- something that hadn't happened in the 8yrs we were under Bush.  On top of that, I find being a gracious leader very appealing.  I always have found Obama more gracious, respectful & courteous to his opponents. I don't claim to be a politics afficionado (I actually find it daunting after awhile), but I can say I feel more secure in a president who aims to "include" everyone in moving forward, rather than exclude those who don't share his views. Furthermore, there are just certain people who I know personally in my life, that I couldn't possibly see myself voting for the same person they vote for politically.  Their lifestyles do not mirror mine at all & their mode of thinking is purely selfish & money-hungry.  So, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'm probably going to vote for the opposite of who they vote for- not by default by probaby by purpose.  I don't agree with everything he says or believes, but I do believe he has been the lesser of the two evils. 

Favorite Quote:  Isaac Asimov

"If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them."

- Isaac Asimov

   I find this quote incredibly inspiring & relevant to what I've been experiencing this week.  With every election, the two predominant sides (Democrats or Republicans) often tend to vehemently disagree on many issues.  The saddest part is, some people are so bullheaded, they don't take the time to reflect on what the other party is saying, only on how to present a more intriguing rebutal.  Not only that, a lot of times they'll come up with a counter-argument based on a loose & often incorrect version of the issue.  It's only through educating ourselves with the realistic & theoretic facts that we are able to move forward. 

Favorite Look:  Owlization

I'm really into this "retro" animal look that's been emerging over the last few seasons.  It really taps into my 1970's Animal Lover side.  It reminds me of the Owl that schools the young kids about how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a lollipop.  You gotta love nostalgia like this... I think Owls are gonna be  my new best thing....

Favorite Video:    Bruno Mars "Locked Out Of Heaven"

I absolutely love this song! It's something about the beat... something about Bruno Mars... There's a vibe to this song that reminds me of a primal, tribal, Native American chant... It speaks to something in me-- that I could be dancing to this song in a crowded club or by myself, cleaning... or an awesome "Car Song"-- You know those songs that make awesome travel music. 
Favorite Food Mama's Homemade Chili

Often a Favorite of mine!  You know how us Northerners do it w/the Elbow Noodles.  I'm looking forward to that right now, actually!  

Welp! That's the end of this week.  Tune in next week for more of my favorites! 

What kinds of things are you digging this week? 


  1. Yes, it seems the Beibs is growing into quite the young man ... he'll always be that little runt with the catchy Baby tune for me :)

    I used to think of Justin Timberlake as Justin Timberfake ... Maybe it was how hard he worked to ditch that cute-curly-haired-kid-in-a boyband facade. His transition to more mainstream R&B/HipHop felt ingenuine, too needy and a tad bit over zealous to me. But, his success said otherwise ...well, anyone with songs featuring Timbaland WILL HAVE A HIT! hehehehe, all this to say, I'm beginning to think I judged him unfairly. He has remained consistent over the years and has done so without a questionable agenda, so yeah, my bad and kudos. He's still not my fav but he's off my Hell-to-the-no list :D

    OBAMA! So glad and soooooo agree the better candidate won. What really annoyed me was the bashing; specifically by some Religious folks who've decided to demonize him. Okay, we differ on some things, that's a given! But why behave as though he's the Anti-Christ? I'm so freakin' disappointed ... never the less, I'm glad he's in office and will continue to pray for him as my President!

    Dude, the Owl thing is hella creepy ...jus' sayin' ...LOL ...Something sinister bout them birds! ;-)

    Homemade Chili ... just saying that makes me HONGRY!!!!! Might go pick up some ingredients to make some ...I hope you enjoyed your Thursday nite fam gathering ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend mabootiff!

  2. Ha ha! Anisa- You crack me up. Yeah- I fell in love with Justin Timberlake's first solo album! I'm not a hardcore JT fan, myself- but I was a little obsessed with that first album. Im thinkng it was b/c I didn't think he'd be that great after leaving N'Sync. Few artists have been able to make that transition... and when he did, it was a surprising grown man that emerged.

    Yeah- I am disgusted by a lot of the Republican & "other" backlash... It's to be expected, though. I'm annoyed about the fact that religious groups are on a Witch Hunt to make him the Anti-Christ. I do believe there will be one [an Anti-Christ], because the Bible says-- but that doesn't mean it's Obama, just b/c it justifies somene's adversion to his politics. Apparently there's a verse in the Bible (that I've never read) that talks about a "Dark man or figure who will come looking like an angel or savior-- who will really be the Anti-Christ" (paraphrase, of course). Still- that does not mean it's Obama; and at th end of the day, I'd rather trust someone who claims Jesus Christ as ruler of all, and not Joseph Smith. It's the same groups all the time. It's the same groups that oppose Gay Civil Rights & Abortion. I'm not saying that I am in favor of everything Obama stands for- but as a Christian, I can't base my entire vote off of those two issues, being that since I've been born & there have been mostly Republican presidents during my lifetime-- NOTHING has been done to reverse or solidify those issues. If you want me to vote for someone who is against Abortion-- then change the Abortion laws while you're in office... simple as that... I feel like many of the Republicans use those two issues as major platforms, but at the end of the day, aren't really willing to change anything about them. So, at the end of the day, I'm not basing my vote on those issues. I'm going to base them how much money I'm spending on gas & groceries a week. I'm going to base it on what my tax returns look like & how we're working together to build a stronger America.

    LOL- at your aversion to my Owls. I've been seeing a lot of jewelry with owls, lately. I really like them, what can I say? lol It's not just Owls, though-- many different animals are making a retro comeback :)

    You have a lovely weekend, too- Maboonisa! And thanks again for Suscribing!

  3. just found your blog, love it! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  4. Thanks, Love- I'll check out your blog!