Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorite! Thankful Thanksgiving

Good day, folks!I hope that all of your have had an exciting & relaxing time with your family & friends.  I did... and now you'll see! Time for Thankful Thanksgiving Holiday Blog:

Favorite Moment:  Spending time w/my family

   There are little things I care more about, than spending time w/all my family.  Unfortunately, my brother, Seth, had football at college during the Thanksgiving break, and we all missed him terribly.  I kept expecting him to walk through the door.  Ironically, I actually missed telling him to "Please put on your pants!"-- Silly thing my brother does... come to the table in his underwear... every holiday, lol. I missed that.

Favorite Read:  Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

This series touched me profoundly.  I know it gets a pretty bad rap for being overly-risque... and true, it is very racy.  So reader beware... BUT, I'm sad that the sex overshadows the entirety of the piece.  I'd love for people to appreciate the love story, the drama, the suspense of the rest of the books.  I literally read all 3 books in 2 1/2 days. Each book has about 450pgs or more.  This was an amazing series, if you can get passed the overkill of certain aspects.  Ther were parts that were so intense, I didn't feel like I could read fast enough!  I did get a little melancholy after reading it, because the intensity of their love reminded me of my last ex who I was ferociously in love with... It gives me hope that one day, I'll be able to find that love again. 

Favorite Song: Nina Simone- Tell me more & more & then some...

My melancholy mood of the past few days had me dabbling into my jazz & Blues, again.  One of my favorite go-to favorites is Nina Simone.  Here she sings a song written by Billie Holliday.  I thought it'd be perfect in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie.  Especially since "More" is used so much in the title. 

Favorite Crush:  Matthew Bomer (Hopefully, Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey)

Ok, so I sincerely & with all my heart hope this man is playing Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie... He's perfect for the part.  I've seen many pics of him, and he has the penetrating Grey stare that can stop a heart & entices you straight into the Playroom.  Please Please, America! Vote this man for the movie! 

Favorite Activity:  MabooKlub

I'm so blessed to be able to be apart of this new Book Club!  What started out as a joke between myself & my dear friend, Anisa Y, became an exciting new venture!  I'm so glad to be able to join my Literary Liasions further and further on the journey of the minds!  I appreciate art in all forms, so I'm glad to be with like-minded folks!  So excited!

Favorite Moment:  Today...

I praise the Lord for blessing me with today.  I am characteristically/uncharacteristically happy today, for no reason. I say this, because before 2011, I was generally a happy person everyday. But I was broken several times in 2011;  Each time a piece of me shattered.  I almost didn't think I could take all the pain that came.  So, most days, I feel "OK"-- but today, I feel great. I feel a little bit like the 'old me'.  I know that God saw the mood I was in the last few days, and helped bring me out of it.  I thank him for the joy & comfort I feel today.  I thank Him for giving me a well-needed respite from how my heart has felt the last two years. For that I'm grateful! 

And... I'm thankful that it's 3pm & I get to leave work early!! Toodles!

XoxO, Tiffani!


  1. Awesome blog indeed. I feel you on missing your brother ...I'd LOVE to have my fam here just once so they can see why Thanksgiving is a big deal in the US of A :)

    I'm glad we encountered 50 shades ...hopefully our stories will be 50 shades of love, laughter and longevity! Woop Woop!
    I'm serious about the movie ...I will buy a ticket to meet somewhere so Mabooklub can represent! Hehehehe

    I'm excited about Mabooklub too! I know it's going to lead to some great times's already proven that and more. I'm soooooooooo glad you're proactive coz had it been on me, we'd still be joking about it! Hmmmm, I feel a New Year's resolution coming on. So kudos! kudos! kudos! :)

    I love that God is so personal and has a secret language/message for you. That is the most important of our relationships because it truly determines how we interact/communicate with others ...He's our solid foundation :) So THANK YOU for reminding me (us all) to nurture THAT relationship first.

    Now, I'm counting down the days until 2013. Why? Because it will be a defining year for us ...many of us. I can feel it! :)

    Love you to bits and thanks again for sharing ;-)

  2. <3 U, too Maboonisa! Thank you for your love & support.