Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorite! Thankful Thanksgiving

Good day, folks!I hope that all of your have had an exciting & relaxing time with your family & friends.  I did... and now you'll see! Time for Thankful Thanksgiving Holiday Blog:

Favorite Moment:  Spending time w/my family

   There are little things I care more about, than spending time w/all my family.  Unfortunately, my brother, Seth, had football at college during the Thanksgiving break, and we all missed him terribly.  I kept expecting him to walk through the door.  Ironically, I actually missed telling him to "Please put on your pants!"-- Silly thing my brother does... come to the table in his underwear... every holiday, lol. I missed that.

Favorite Read:  Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy

This series touched me profoundly.  I know it gets a pretty bad rap for being overly-risque... and true, it is very racy.  So reader beware... BUT, I'm sad that the sex overshadows the entirety of the piece.  I'd love for people to appreciate the love story, the drama, the suspense of the rest of the books.  I literally read all 3 books in 2 1/2 days. Each book has about 450pgs or more.  This was an amazing series, if you can get passed the overkill of certain aspects.  Ther were parts that were so intense, I didn't feel like I could read fast enough!  I did get a little melancholy after reading it, because the intensity of their love reminded me of my last ex who I was ferociously in love with... It gives me hope that one day, I'll be able to find that love again. 

Favorite Song: Nina Simone- Tell me more & more & then some...

My melancholy mood of the past few days had me dabbling into my jazz & Blues, again.  One of my favorite go-to favorites is Nina Simone.  Here she sings a song written by Billie Holliday.  I thought it'd be perfect in the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie.  Especially since "More" is used so much in the title. 

Favorite Crush:  Matthew Bomer (Hopefully, Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey)

Ok, so I sincerely & with all my heart hope this man is playing Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie... He's perfect for the part.  I've seen many pics of him, and he has the penetrating Grey stare that can stop a heart & entices you straight into the Playroom.  Please Please, America! Vote this man for the movie! 

Favorite Activity:  MabooKlub

I'm so blessed to be able to be apart of this new Book Club!  What started out as a joke between myself & my dear friend, Anisa Y, became an exciting new venture!  I'm so glad to be able to join my Literary Liasions further and further on the journey of the minds!  I appreciate art in all forms, so I'm glad to be with like-minded folks!  So excited!

Favorite Moment:  Today...

I praise the Lord for blessing me with today.  I am characteristically/uncharacteristically happy today, for no reason. I say this, because before 2011, I was generally a happy person everyday. But I was broken several times in 2011;  Each time a piece of me shattered.  I almost didn't think I could take all the pain that came.  So, most days, I feel "OK"-- but today, I feel great. I feel a little bit like the 'old me'.  I know that God saw the mood I was in the last few days, and helped bring me out of it.  I thank him for the joy & comfort I feel today.  I thank Him for giving me a well-needed respite from how my heart has felt the last two years. For that I'm grateful! 

And... I'm thankful that it's 3pm & I get to leave work early!! Toodles!

XoxO, Tiffani!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Make Up Monday Blog

   Please excuse the lateness of my weekly blog... I was way busy Friday, so the blog did not happen... However, the blog is always in the recesses of my mind as I go throughout the week, so I pretty much always have material.  I guess it's a way to appreciate the little things in life.  So for last week, here are my favorites!!!

Favorite Movie:  Twilight Breaking Dawn pt. 2

   This was the most riveting Twilight, yet!  The battle scene... OH!! I just want more people to see this, so I can say more about it! I don't want to ruin it for anyone!  There were some nay-sayers-- but who cares about them right???  They're not truly fans, anyway.  I can say, that you feel all emotions in Breaking Dawn 2.  There are so crazy twists & turns that will have you off your chair!  If you love the Twilight Series... seeing this is a must!!

Favorite Joke:  Jump-o-line...

Ok... I seriously cracked up on this one!  BURN!!!!

Favorite Metaphor:  ...from The Miseducation of Tiffani Sharice

"Not all miserable souls can be consoled... Some folks really just like to wallow in the mud of their own self pity... let them. You can't help anyone who still has mud in their eyes & ears."
-The Miseducation of Tiffani Sharice

   Sometimes, I have to quote myself, because sometimes, my best information comes from within... I was thinking about someone who continuously complains, despite the listening ear I try to be... despite the kind words... despite trying to gas up his self esteem... and at the end of the day, he still isn't making any changes... It dawned on me that he actually wants to wallow in his own mess.  It's fun, right?  You get pity & attention from others...  a way to continuously air your grievances, a 'pass' on taking responsibility for your attitude & how you may be affecting others... You get to be the "victim"... But it is like playing in mud... It's fun at first but eventually you've got to get out!  You need to wash off & keep it moving, lest you end up smelling, getting crusty & cracked- or worse, sinking down even further. I've learned that, when they choose to be "that guy (or girl)", they choose to be someone who can't be consoled.  I'm not going to let them suck my energy & good intentions on something they're never going to get passed. Amiright? Amiright?  When you take note of this person, it's just best to let them air their business, say what you have to say once & keep it moving.  If they continue on the same path, there's nothing you can do, so save your breath. 

Favorite Quote:  You Knew What you had...

   Truth... It is comforting to think that the folks in your past relationships do realize what they had-- they just weren't smart enough to be able to keep it... Food for thought.

and speaking of food....

Favorite New Food:  XXL Steak Nachos from Taco Bell

Totally yummy! I never get steak at Taco Bell, but something inside of me was screaming out for this on Saturday.  BTW, it's HUGE, so I recommend eating this with a buddy if you're not feeling extra greedy that day.  If you are... you'll be satisfied! Delicious!

Favorite New Drink:  Mango Creme Fruitista (Also from Taco Bell)

Favorite Video:  Sweet Brown- "ain't Nobody got time for that..."

  Ok, we know this is not a new thing... but we've been quoting this all week, lol.  I'm coming to realize that there are a lot of things we "ain't got time for", ha ha.

Favorite Moment:  My Brother Being there for me

   Little things in this life bring me as much joy, as seeing my loved ones succeed... and I'm so proud that my brother has turned his passion into opportunity.  Sure, we used to make fun of him for dancing everywhere he went, lol. He was paying his dues... but at the end of the day, I've always encouraged my family's dreams.  And as much of a great dancer he his, he's a better brother.  It meant the world to me, that he was there for me when I needed him.  At my job, we had a party for our youth, and he was able to assemble part of his dance crew to perform for us.  It was awesome & the kids really enjoyed it.  So to you, Cameron, I love you so much!! And thank you so much to Janay, Dynesha & JD for coming, as well!  You guys made the party!

On that note... Have a great rest of the week! I hope you all have an amazing week!  What are some of the fun things that have caught your interest this week?  Leave me a comment in the messages below & Don't forget to SUSCRIBE!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Friday Favorites 11-8-12 What I'm diggin' this week!

Wow!  What a fast paced, tense & exciting week!  I'm writing early, because I'm so busy during the work day that I don't have a moment to get all this down the way I want.  This is stuff I've been compiling throughout the week.  So check out my diggs for this week!  Enjoy! 


Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  Justin Bieber "Boyfriend"

   Ok- when did Justin Bieber hit puberty & get sexy??? I mean, I know all these tweens knew it all along... scribbling his name on their notebooks in tiny hearts... But Justin Bieber grew up & straight Justin Timberlaked me!  ( <-- yeah- I need to patent that phrase, lol).  I heard this song on my pandora & immediately was hooked.  I hope his newly found grown man shows up on his next CD. I might actually have to check it out! Thank you, Pandora!

Definition of "Justin Timberlaked me..." :  V.  1. The shocking realization of how much talent & sexiness a boy-band artist (or boy-band-like artist) has.  It's generally the transition between little boy & grown a** man.  2. Sometimes happens after a band artist goes solo. 

Favorite Moment President Barack Obama Re-Elected!!

  Yes, I voted for him. No, it wasn't just because he's black.  This is also not the reason I voted for him the first time, as well.  I am not Republican or Democrat, really-- I'm more an Independent.  The fact of the matter is, I look at the economy.  When Bill Clinton was serving as president our economy was doing really well.  It wasn't until Bush & others got back into office, that personal agendas and vendettas took our nation back into another depression.  For one, I'm for almost anything that allows us to go another way, financially.  So many people want to blame Obama for the mistakes he's been trying to clean up... The one major one that sealed the deal for me, is when we got rid of Osama Bin Laden-- something that hadn't happened in the 8yrs we were under Bush.  On top of that, I find being a gracious leader very appealing.  I always have found Obama more gracious, respectful & courteous to his opponents. I don't claim to be a politics afficionado (I actually find it daunting after awhile), but I can say I feel more secure in a president who aims to "include" everyone in moving forward, rather than exclude those who don't share his views. Furthermore, there are just certain people who I know personally in my life, that I couldn't possibly see myself voting for the same person they vote for politically.  Their lifestyles do not mirror mine at all & their mode of thinking is purely selfish & money-hungry.  So, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'm probably going to vote for the opposite of who they vote for- not by default by probaby by purpose.  I don't agree with everything he says or believes, but I do believe he has been the lesser of the two evils. 

Favorite Quote:  Isaac Asimov

"If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them."

- Isaac Asimov

   I find this quote incredibly inspiring & relevant to what I've been experiencing this week.  With every election, the two predominant sides (Democrats or Republicans) often tend to vehemently disagree on many issues.  The saddest part is, some people are so bullheaded, they don't take the time to reflect on what the other party is saying, only on how to present a more intriguing rebutal.  Not only that, a lot of times they'll come up with a counter-argument based on a loose & often incorrect version of the issue.  It's only through educating ourselves with the realistic & theoretic facts that we are able to move forward. 

Favorite Look:  Owlization

I'm really into this "retro" animal look that's been emerging over the last few seasons.  It really taps into my 1970's Animal Lover side.  It reminds me of the Owl that schools the young kids about how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a lollipop.  You gotta love nostalgia like this... I think Owls are gonna be  my new best thing....

Favorite Video:    Bruno Mars "Locked Out Of Heaven"

I absolutely love this song! It's something about the beat... something about Bruno Mars... There's a vibe to this song that reminds me of a primal, tribal, Native American chant... It speaks to something in me-- that I could be dancing to this song in a crowded club or by myself, cleaning... or an awesome "Car Song"-- You know those songs that make awesome travel music. 
Favorite Food Mama's Homemade Chili

Often a Favorite of mine!  You know how us Northerners do it w/the Elbow Noodles.  I'm looking forward to that right now, actually!  

Welp! That's the end of this week.  Tune in next week for more of my favorites! 

What kinds of things are you digging this week? 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Favorites: Halloween Edition!

  Nothing brings me so much joy, around this time of year, than getting to express my inner creativeness during the Fall Season.  I agree with Lauren Conrad, when she says that this time of year is a great time for costumes & crafting.  Be it as it may, I don't spend as much time on DIY projects, but I do get into more books and other activities!  Let me take you on the journey through my Favorites of this week:

Favorite Halloween Celebrity Look:  Lauren Conrad as a ghost

She is freakin' Creepy!!  It gives new meaning to the traditional "Ghost" costume.  Whoever did her makeup was genius!

Favorite DIY Moment: My Jack-N-The Box Costume

Ok, so there's no picture of me wearing it-- but let's face it, by the time it was "time to take pictures", I was already out of half my costume, and was too exhausted to go through the hassle of trying it back on. Part of me regrets not getting the full look-- with my black top-hat, pink hair, spiderweb makeup...etc... but I know how tired I was, and I was ready to scadattle! (or however you spell that word...).  Anyway, the entire costume took me 6hrs to paint & configure.  I think it turned out well!

Favorite Crush:  Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

  It has been of many office debates whether or not we should be Team Edward or Team Jacob, lol... I'm absolutely Team Edward- which is odd, because I don't usually go for the pale faces, lol.  There's something about his suave, yet shy demeanor that does it for me, tho.  Sure Jacob is cute, but Edward has that sexy swag... that cool aloof sense of confidence... with his intense stare & deep soul.  I connect with his old school values and the raging powerful lion beneath, willing to fight to protect what is right & what is his... Plus, who doesn't like a guy that sparkles in the sunlight? lol  Oddly enough, I am not as drawn to Robert Pattinson, when he is NOT 'Edward Cullen'...Hmmmm, anyway... Can't wait until the second part of Breaking Dawn, November 16th!!

Favorite Ratchet Moment of the WeekBaby Grill

What in the heck??? Seriously?  I had to look at this closely, to make sure I didn't have to call children's services!  Although, I think this is dead wrong... It is really funny.  I'd never buy this for my baby... and if I'm ever blessed enough to have a need for a baby shower- you better not get it for me, either! 

Favorite Couple of the weekTamar & Vince

  So, I was skeptical at first... I never thought Tamar was a gold digger, as so many of the rumors surrounding her go- but I always wondered about the dynamics between Vince Herbert & Tamar Braxton-Herbert.  Despite rumors of divorce (I'll find out when I watch my DVR of the WendyWilliams Show, I guess) Tamar & Vince have showed america the playful, fun, and sometimes, not so pretty side of their marriage.  Last night, it was so great to see an episode where they weren't fighting as much, and Vince poured out his heart about how much he loved his wife.  I wish more guys would do that-- we're not mind readers all the time, either.  And it was great to see Tamar supporting her husband... and how funny she is about her husband... Seriously- Vince is a catch, but at the end of the day-- not THAT many women are really checking for him, Tay tay, lol.  You got eyes on the doctor, waitress, fast food lady, Physical therapist... It just cracks me up how she thinks everyone wants Vince like that... it's kind of a playful jealousy, lol.  So funny... I wish them nothing but the best!

Hope you're planning on a great, relaxing weekend!  I'm going to nestle down this weekend, and try to get over this sore throat & cold that my co-workers so graciously gave me... or maybe it was the Halloween festivities in the misty night... Who knows?  All I know is, the weekend is long overdue! For all of you Trick-or-Treaters, stay warm & I hope your little 'Boils & Gouls' are safe & candy-filled!  Don't forget to take your cut! Until next time....