Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Favorites

     We finally made it to Friday! We're entering into one of my two favorite times of the year- Autumn!  Halloween is quickly approaching & I'm so excited about my DiY Halloween costume! I'll have to let you know what that is in blogs to come.  Right now, I'm enjoying the newly fallen colorful leaves on the ground & cozying up under a blanket weather!  I hope you've been looking forward to Friday Favorites as much as I have! Without further ado, here are my favorites this week:

Favorite Treat of the week: New Orleans Cajun Food

 After watching the R&B Divas finale this week had me in the mood for some of my favorite foods! Cajun!  I'm going to be going down to J.Gumbo's in about 34mins, to  pick me up some savory eats!  I can't decide between drunken chicken, jambalaya, or shrimp etouffee!  My mouth is already watering!

Favorite Laugh of the week:  Relationship Suicide

   Ok, one of my biggest pet peeves on Facebook is when people constantly change their relationship status on Facebook. I'm sorry, your relationship is UNSTABLE! That should really be your "status".  Don't you realize how ridiculous you look?  When I broke up w/my ex, it was so discreet because I didn't want a whole  lot of questions.  I was stealth.... I think it was like a 4am type of operation, lol.  So, I don't get people who change their relationship status every 5 mins. I feel it's one of the most attention-seeking online behaviors, and it's annoying.  Seriously. Get over yourselves. No one really cares THAT much... It doesn't say a whole lot for you, except for that you'll put up w/anything.

Favorite Thanks of the week:  My brother, Cameron Stuart

Cameron is a phenomenal breakdancer & brother. Here he is on the photo shoot for a tv show that is hoping to be picked up All About Music. (He's the cute tall one on the far left w/the LA hat on).  He's willing to be entertainment for our Youth Council party at my job.  I'm so excited for him! He's got such a huge heart & I love him so much!

Favorite Rant of the Week:  Tow-truck Extortion!!!

Ok, so last weekend, I went over to my sister's house to visit.  The parking arrangements have changed 3 times since she moved in... as a result, guess who's car got towed??? I literally had to keep my cool, because I was so pissed off at the fact that it's legal for tow companies to basically steal your car, then make you pay upwards of $100 to get it back! Really?  I think this is one of the biggest forms of extortion there is!  You pull into my sister's complex at night (or even in the daytime, for that matter) and there are no visible signs to the driver to show you where visitor parking is located. What's wrong w/having a ticketing system so people will get the hint, but not have to be put out?  I literally called the tow company an hour after I had been there, and it was $110 to get it out. What a rip off! I'm sure anything $50 or less would be sufficient.  So basically, the apartment complex fails to display signs for parking appropriately, pays a towing company to patrol their lots, and if the rules have changed since you were there last, then you're S.O.L... Lovely...

Favorite Look:  Brigitte Bardot Hair

    I LOVE Brigitte Bardot... not necessarily for her scantilly clad photo shoots or foreign/French films, but for her gorgeous Mod Hair!  So many of her hair styles are right up my ally.  I'm loving her sex-kitten bedroom hair with little bows and headbands!  This is one of my favorites. It's a girly updo without being too much.  Beyonce did this look too, and I think it's so chic!

Favorite New Docu-drama:  Extreme Cheapskates on TLC
Ok, so this show doesn't come out until October 16th, 2012... and already, I've been fascinated by the sneak-peaks.  Online, you can watch the first 2 episodes.  What I can say is that I will never make fun of my mother for being cheap again, after seeing this! Wow... I mean, I respect the value of a dollar & try not to be wasteful, but these fools take it to t a whole other level.  I hope you'll be watching with me!

Favorite Quote of the week: Dreams Don't Work, Unless You Do

 Some people really do live charmed lives... Unfortunately,  I am not one of them.  Some people seem to have everything they ever dream fall into their lives effortlessly.  They rarely have to try for anything.  Those type of people usually piss me off... but at the end of the day most people have to work for their dreams to come true.  I was inspired by this quote I saw, and am learning what it takes to have goals and to make them work.  Here's to a better me! 

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