Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites of the Week!

Welp, we all made it to the end of another work week!  I'm not entirely awake, myself-- Somehow I manage to get myself to work at 8:30am, every morning, but my body doesn't officially wake up until about 10:30-11am lol. I decided to do my favorites in attempts to forego another cup of So, without further ado:

Here are my Friday Favorites

Favorite Fall AccessoryLeather Fingerless gloves

Ok, The lady in the Middle, Princess Carole Radziwill (Real Housewives of New York) is wearing fingerless leather gloves without it looking too costume-y.  I actually own a pair of these gloves- for about 3years now, and have not worn them once, because i couldn't quite figure out how to wear them without looking too costume-y, biker, "trying too hard to be fashionable".  Nonetheless, I've been dying for someone to do it the way I would- and Princess Carole has rocked it (no pun intended) on several occasions! Thanks, Girl!

Favorite Fall Beauty Look: Heavy eye, nude lips

    Ok, not going to lie, when I wear make-up, it usually is this look, anyway... however, I love the non-traditional smokey eye in warm colors.  This looks much more glamorous than the traditional vampy-blue/black smokey eye.  She just looks so warm cozy! Exactly how you're supposed to feel this fall.

Favorite Book of the Week:  Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

   This book was on the Oprah Book Club.  I am not a part of the Oprah Book Club, however, when it showed up in my bookclub on, I had to put it on my own reading list.  This story tells about a woman's journey along the pacific crest trail, in search of finding herself. I've just started this book, and the writing style is interesting and imaginative.  Can't wait to continue reading to see where her journey to self discovery takes her. 

Favorite Fail of the Week:  Lance Gross

    Ok, as sexy as this man is.... I really don't know if I can get down with the tattoo that says "Dark N Lovely" on this right shoulder... Really, Lance?! Something about this does NOT sit right with me for any man, let alone a "straight man".  This tattoo makes me curious as to Why???... Why, Lance, Why??? I mean, we all make mistakes, but you have enough money to cover this one up. I don't get it. What's the joke? Until I hear the story, the jury is out... Lance might be fired from my dream team...

Favorite Laugh of the Week:  Dr. Kluck, Plastic Surgeon

   Seriously, it makes me laugh every time!

Fashion Fail:  Really...  You're a grown a** man!

     Ok, you mean to tell me, you're a fully grown man.... sagging his shorts..., with house shoes & a little girls' Dora the Explorer back pack on... Really?! Who does this?  I think you should be able to have fun with fashion, but this isn't cutting it for me. Sorry dude, you FAIL!

Annoyance of the Week:  Please Stop Talking!

   You all know that guy... The one who is obsessed or fixated on something you could either a) care less about or b) he has beat that dead horse to the white meat.  I'm always there for my friends, but sometimes enough is enough!! I've delt with this type of person a few times this week.  It was so bad, he couldn't even keep up with conversation that our group was having.  Somehow, some way, it always came back to him & his self-imposed issues. Please get your life! 

Favorite Song:  Tonight (Best You Ever Had) John Legend, From the Think Like a Man soundtrack

Ok, So I couldn't get past not mentioning Michael Ealy this week... but I just really like the song... Is it MY fault it was his theme all throughout the movie??? I think not.

Favorite Crush of the WeekTerrence J.

     Contrary to popular belief, I've always preferred the "nice guy" over the "bad boy" any day.  Terrence J. seems to be one of the nicest, most genuine men I've seen on tv, besides being so absolutely attractive.  Selita Ebanks... You're a lucky girl! 

Well, thanks for checking out my blog!! It looks like I've got enough favorites for the week.  Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs! Have a great weekend & Don't forget to suscribe!


  1. Tiff you rock. These are the best Friday Favs ever!! I love everything here and just finished Stayed. Her writing is interesting and the story is very well done. I hope you enjoy the book. That song by John Legend is one of my favs. LOL at the surgery cartoon. Thanks for making me laugh. Have a blessed day, Lexie W. Luv ya girl.

  2. Thanks, Lexie!I really appreciate you reading it!

  3. Great blog!

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