Thursday, October 18, 2012

***Early Release*** of Friday Favorites!!! 10/19/12

I couldn't wait!  I finished my favorites for this week, and am too excited not to send them now!  Just pretend it's Friday, ok?  I mean, it basically is, right?


We made it again!  Aren't you proud of us?  This week has been crazy for everyone in America, I bet!  So, let's take a break from Political Season & check out my Friday Favorites for this week! 

Favorite Look: Lauren's Mixed-Media Style

   Can I just say, that Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite people to watch on the fashion scene!  I identify w/her style so much.  I like that she tries to be edgy & feminine all at the same tme!  These liquid leggings w/the flowy top, with this unexpected pop of turquoise, is so chic! And the one below, she wears them with some animal print Shooties, which are everything! I love mixing styles & "feminine edge" is one of my ultimate favorite styles, because I'm girly without being "frilly". Thank You, Ms. Conrad for being one of my favorite icons!

More on Lauren...

I'm excited that she's announced her new relationship with USC Law Student, William Tell!  I know I was not the only one who secretly was hoping for her to get back with Brody Jenner, but at the end of the day, we just want her to be happy!  Best of Luck to you & William, Lauren!

Favorite Book:  The Pact by Jodi Picoult

  Lauren Conrad has a book club on her website- and one of her posts, she featured a Fall Reading list of 10 books... I decided to take on the challenge!  I love to read & recently purchased a Kindle (which has already paid for itself in spades!).   I love when people suggest books (and movies) for me, because often times they pick reads that I might not have ever chosen on my own! This is my next pick off the list! I just read the captivating description on & can't wait to dive into this mystery! 

Favorite Quote:  Check your face...

"Check your face- because I just found a nose in my business!"

Ok, when I saw this quote, I immediately started praying for a moment to use it, lol. It's just hilarious. I could totally feel myself saying "ooooh, snap!" in my head, once I say it to someone.  I feel sorry for the victim, lol.  PS- do people even still say "oooh, snap?"  Yeah, more proof that I need more snappy comebacks! lol

Favorite Crush of the Week:  Laz Alonso

   The first time I saw him was in a commercial... I don't even remember for what... but then I saw him in Miracle at St. Anna (with one of my other crushes, Michael Ealy).  I wish they would cast him more!

New Favorite Drink: Taco Bell Mt. Dew A.M.  

     A mixology of Mt. Dew & orange juice reminiscent of a Mimosa! This sweet & refreshing drink was so delicious!  It had a crisp refreshing taste that left me wishing I had gotten a large!  I petition for Taco Bell to have this drink available all day long!  Try one asap!

Favorite Thing to Gripe About this week:  Pregnant Smokers!

  How selfish can you be?  I was out to lunch w/a friend this week, and I couldn't get past the lady who was 7mos pregnant (in which she announced to the whole restaurant) who I just had seen her put out a cigarette before she walked in to place an order... Then she lit up as soon as she left, again!!  I didn't even know people still did this!  People have such an anti-smoking campaign against regular people not smoking, that it never dawned on me that there were people who still smoke well into their pregnancy.  I mean, I cut folks a little slack if they just found out they're pregnant-- it's not realistic that everyone can quit cold turkey- at least they're trying to quit-- but by 7mos, you should not be smoking, period! This is not the 1950's when we didn't know the dangers! Wow!!

New Favorite Interest:  Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic

   Ok, don't laugh at me... but I'm really interested in having the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic experience... I wanna see what all the hype is about! It's the same way I want to go to the Kentucky Derby, so I can wear a big ridiculous hat, huge sunglasses, a ladylike inspired dress, and gloves... Why do all the celebrities go there? Will I get to traditionally "stomp the divots" at half-time, too? Do they even call it half time? What kind of wine & food do they serve?  Tickets are only $25... I'm so intrigued & hope that one day I can get out to California to sip champagne with the fancy folks! This is definitely going on my bucket list!

Well- those were my picks of the week!  What would be YOUR picks for the week??? Leave some comments below!  

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  1. lol no one says oooh snap anymore, and I will be trying Mountain Dew A.M lol

  2. I'm glad Lauren and Brody didn't end up together. She deserves better. Tho I noticed a slight change in her behaviour that got more childish than she was in The Hills and I don't like it :I

    Pregnant smoker... NO! Few girls that I know, have been smoking and drinking while pregnant... their kids suffer seriouse damage. And I guess they will never admit... Sad.

  3. LOL @ Charles! I don't really say "oooh, snap!" You definitely need to do the Dew A.M. I made one myself, last night & it was so good!

  4. Kat- You think Lauren acts more childish now? Why? I can see that she's a lot different than I expected, from what I saw on tv. I didn't realize she was so "crafty" and into DiY projects and cooking, etc...

  5. Love the outfits AND I learned a new word ...Shooties! Kewl!

    I'm inspired to get a Kindle ...just can't be bothered to shop and wait for books ESPECIALLY since all the bookstores in my area went poof! Da hayle???!

    I say Aww Snap all the time so ... it's cool! ;-)

    Mountain Dew + Orange Juice = Recipe for Bubble Guts least for me and aging digestive system! Mid to late 30's is proving to be a lil sucky ...BUT, it could be worse so #CountingMyBlessings!

    Smoking is tough to quit ...I often wonder if I would be guilty as the 7 mth pregger chick ...yes, it's common sense and responsible not to do it but boy them hormones are a doozey! #SpartanStrength

    $25.00 ...Word? So is in LA? I have a cousin that lives there so ...yeah #LetsGeaux!

    Love you! You're so much fun to read :) TGIF!

    1. Yeah, I agree- I'm not naive to say that smoking is easy to quit- but I think you should make a stronger effort when you're pregnant. Get some nicorette or one of those electronic vapor cigarettes! Girl, if you get pregnant, I'll be your non-smoking coach! ;0)

  6. LOL I love you, Anisa! You crack me up! Thanks for joining my blog! Tell all your friends! ;0)