Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Favorites! 10/26 Edition

Whew! We made it!!! I had the most exhausting week I've had in a long time! But guess what?? I'm gonna make this blog short and sweet (like me :0) because I get off work early today! Throughout this crazy week, there have been some things that have stuck out. So here's introducing this weeks' favorites!

Favorite Couple: Keyshia Cole Gibson & Daniel Gibson

This couple is so cute! I just started watching their show, Keyshia & Daniel: Family First, and R&B singer, Keyshia Cole (now Gibson), is really growing into her "wifely" role so much. She's so thoughtful and from the looks of it, has really learned the true meaning of putting her family first & tough love with her maternal family (mom & siblings, etc). At first, I was just going to choose Daniel as my crush of the week, but really-- I like them as a couple & parents to baby DJ, too much to just speak on him alone. I'm really rooting for them!

Favorite Hair Cut: The Wispy Bob
As many of you know, 2011 was such a rough year for me, so rough that it actually is almost 2013, and I feel like I've lost an entire year. I say this to say, that in that time the stress showed up in my hair & now I'm in need of a serious cut (again)... This is the look I'm going for- what do you think? I'm thinking "Hair, Meet Scissors!"

Favorite Spook-tacular Make-Up: Webby Eyes

Totally found my Halloween Make up for my costume... Nuff said

Favorite Friday Song:  Off The Wall- Michael Jackson

I almost ritualistically play this song every Friday... It's like my theme, lol.  I mean, If there is any song the ever makes you want to throw your pens and notepads in the air, kick off your shoes, rip open  your blazer & hike up that skirt to dance on top of the desk-- this is the song :0)

Favorite Family of the week:  The Harris Family

Ok... I know I've featured rapper, T.I. Harris & his family before, but if you watched the same episode of T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle, as I did... where they have a Cosby Style Funeral for King's Hamster-- You'd understand why this family has to be my favorite.  I still have that episode on my DVR, because it just makes me smile.  The love the family has for each other.  So much, that Tiny (Mom, Tameka Harris) actually wrote a poem for the deceased hamster (Snowball) and they held a funeral in the backyard, with testimony, song, flowers, dark floppy hats & respect.  It was the funniest thing, but at the end of the day, King will remember how much his family loved him... Loved him enough to do a funeral for his pet rodent. 

On that note-- It's time for me to get outta here!  Stay tune for more Favorites next week!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

***Early Release*** of Friday Favorites!!! 10/19/12

I couldn't wait!  I finished my favorites for this week, and am too excited not to send them now!  Just pretend it's Friday, ok?  I mean, it basically is, right?


We made it again!  Aren't you proud of us?  This week has been crazy for everyone in America, I bet!  So, let's take a break from Political Season & check out my Friday Favorites for this week! 

Favorite Look: Lauren's Mixed-Media Style

   Can I just say, that Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite people to watch on the fashion scene!  I identify w/her style so much.  I like that she tries to be edgy & feminine all at the same tme!  These liquid leggings w/the flowy top, with this unexpected pop of turquoise, is so chic! And the one below, she wears them with some animal print Shooties, which are everything! I love mixing styles & "feminine edge" is one of my ultimate favorite styles, because I'm girly without being "frilly". Thank You, Ms. Conrad for being one of my favorite icons!

More on Lauren...

I'm excited that she's announced her new relationship with USC Law Student, William Tell!  I know I was not the only one who secretly was hoping for her to get back with Brody Jenner, but at the end of the day, we just want her to be happy!  Best of Luck to you & William, Lauren!

Favorite Book:  The Pact by Jodi Picoult

  Lauren Conrad has a book club on her website- and one of her posts, she featured a Fall Reading list of 10 books... I decided to take on the challenge!  I love to read & recently purchased a Kindle (which has already paid for itself in spades!).   I love when people suggest books (and movies) for me, because often times they pick reads that I might not have ever chosen on my own! This is my next pick off the list! I just read the captivating description on & can't wait to dive into this mystery! 

Favorite Quote:  Check your face...

"Check your face- because I just found a nose in my business!"

Ok, when I saw this quote, I immediately started praying for a moment to use it, lol. It's just hilarious. I could totally feel myself saying "ooooh, snap!" in my head, once I say it to someone.  I feel sorry for the victim, lol.  PS- do people even still say "oooh, snap?"  Yeah, more proof that I need more snappy comebacks! lol

Favorite Crush of the Week:  Laz Alonso

   The first time I saw him was in a commercial... I don't even remember for what... but then I saw him in Miracle at St. Anna (with one of my other crushes, Michael Ealy).  I wish they would cast him more!

New Favorite Drink: Taco Bell Mt. Dew A.M.  

     A mixology of Mt. Dew & orange juice reminiscent of a Mimosa! This sweet & refreshing drink was so delicious!  It had a crisp refreshing taste that left me wishing I had gotten a large!  I petition for Taco Bell to have this drink available all day long!  Try one asap!

Favorite Thing to Gripe About this week:  Pregnant Smokers!

  How selfish can you be?  I was out to lunch w/a friend this week, and I couldn't get past the lady who was 7mos pregnant (in which she announced to the whole restaurant) who I just had seen her put out a cigarette before she walked in to place an order... Then she lit up as soon as she left, again!!  I didn't even know people still did this!  People have such an anti-smoking campaign against regular people not smoking, that it never dawned on me that there were people who still smoke well into their pregnancy.  I mean, I cut folks a little slack if they just found out they're pregnant-- it's not realistic that everyone can quit cold turkey- at least they're trying to quit-- but by 7mos, you should not be smoking, period! This is not the 1950's when we didn't know the dangers! Wow!!

New Favorite Interest:  Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic

   Ok, don't laugh at me... but I'm really interested in having the Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic experience... I wanna see what all the hype is about! It's the same way I want to go to the Kentucky Derby, so I can wear a big ridiculous hat, huge sunglasses, a ladylike inspired dress, and gloves... Why do all the celebrities go there? Will I get to traditionally "stomp the divots" at half-time, too? Do they even call it half time? What kind of wine & food do they serve?  Tickets are only $25... I'm so intrigued & hope that one day I can get out to California to sip champagne with the fancy folks! This is definitely going on my bucket list!

Well- those were my picks of the week!  What would be YOUR picks for the week??? Leave some comments below!  

Stay tuned for more blogs & don't forget to suscribe!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Favorites

     We finally made it to Friday! We're entering into one of my two favorite times of the year- Autumn!  Halloween is quickly approaching & I'm so excited about my DiY Halloween costume! I'll have to let you know what that is in blogs to come.  Right now, I'm enjoying the newly fallen colorful leaves on the ground & cozying up under a blanket weather!  I hope you've been looking forward to Friday Favorites as much as I have! Without further ado, here are my favorites this week:

Favorite Treat of the week: New Orleans Cajun Food

 After watching the R&B Divas finale this week had me in the mood for some of my favorite foods! Cajun!  I'm going to be going down to J.Gumbo's in about 34mins, to  pick me up some savory eats!  I can't decide between drunken chicken, jambalaya, or shrimp etouffee!  My mouth is already watering!

Favorite Laugh of the week:  Relationship Suicide

   Ok, one of my biggest pet peeves on Facebook is when people constantly change their relationship status on Facebook. I'm sorry, your relationship is UNSTABLE! That should really be your "status".  Don't you realize how ridiculous you look?  When I broke up w/my ex, it was so discreet because I didn't want a whole  lot of questions.  I was stealth.... I think it was like a 4am type of operation, lol.  So, I don't get people who change their relationship status every 5 mins. I feel it's one of the most attention-seeking online behaviors, and it's annoying.  Seriously. Get over yourselves. No one really cares THAT much... It doesn't say a whole lot for you, except for that you'll put up w/anything.

Favorite Thanks of the week:  My brother, Cameron Stuart

Cameron is a phenomenal breakdancer & brother. Here he is on the photo shoot for a tv show that is hoping to be picked up All About Music. (He's the cute tall one on the far left w/the LA hat on).  He's willing to be entertainment for our Youth Council party at my job.  I'm so excited for him! He's got such a huge heart & I love him so much!

Favorite Rant of the Week:  Tow-truck Extortion!!!

Ok, so last weekend, I went over to my sister's house to visit.  The parking arrangements have changed 3 times since she moved in... as a result, guess who's car got towed??? I literally had to keep my cool, because I was so pissed off at the fact that it's legal for tow companies to basically steal your car, then make you pay upwards of $100 to get it back! Really?  I think this is one of the biggest forms of extortion there is!  You pull into my sister's complex at night (or even in the daytime, for that matter) and there are no visible signs to the driver to show you where visitor parking is located. What's wrong w/having a ticketing system so people will get the hint, but not have to be put out?  I literally called the tow company an hour after I had been there, and it was $110 to get it out. What a rip off! I'm sure anything $50 or less would be sufficient.  So basically, the apartment complex fails to display signs for parking appropriately, pays a towing company to patrol their lots, and if the rules have changed since you were there last, then you're S.O.L... Lovely...

Favorite Look:  Brigitte Bardot Hair

    I LOVE Brigitte Bardot... not necessarily for her scantilly clad photo shoots or foreign/French films, but for her gorgeous Mod Hair!  So many of her hair styles are right up my ally.  I'm loving her sex-kitten bedroom hair with little bows and headbands!  This is one of my favorites. It's a girly updo without being too much.  Beyonce did this look too, and I think it's so chic!

Favorite New Docu-drama:  Extreme Cheapskates on TLC
Ok, so this show doesn't come out until October 16th, 2012... and already, I've been fascinated by the sneak-peaks.  Online, you can watch the first 2 episodes.  What I can say is that I will never make fun of my mother for being cheap again, after seeing this! Wow... I mean, I respect the value of a dollar & try not to be wasteful, but these fools take it to t a whole other level.  I hope you'll be watching with me!

Favorite Quote of the week: Dreams Don't Work, Unless You Do

 Some people really do live charmed lives... Unfortunately,  I am not one of them.  Some people seem to have everything they ever dream fall into their lives effortlessly.  They rarely have to try for anything.  Those type of people usually piss me off... but at the end of the day most people have to work for their dreams to come true.  I was inspired by this quote I saw, and am learning what it takes to have goals and to make them work.  Here's to a better me! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites of the Week!

Welp, we all made it to the end of another work week!  I'm not entirely awake, myself-- Somehow I manage to get myself to work at 8:30am, every morning, but my body doesn't officially wake up until about 10:30-11am lol. I decided to do my favorites in attempts to forego another cup of So, without further ado:

Here are my Friday Favorites

Favorite Fall AccessoryLeather Fingerless gloves

Ok, The lady in the Middle, Princess Carole Radziwill (Real Housewives of New York) is wearing fingerless leather gloves without it looking too costume-y.  I actually own a pair of these gloves- for about 3years now, and have not worn them once, because i couldn't quite figure out how to wear them without looking too costume-y, biker, "trying too hard to be fashionable".  Nonetheless, I've been dying for someone to do it the way I would- and Princess Carole has rocked it (no pun intended) on several occasions! Thanks, Girl!

Favorite Fall Beauty Look: Heavy eye, nude lips

    Ok, not going to lie, when I wear make-up, it usually is this look, anyway... however, I love the non-traditional smokey eye in warm colors.  This looks much more glamorous than the traditional vampy-blue/black smokey eye.  She just looks so warm cozy! Exactly how you're supposed to feel this fall.

Favorite Book of the Week:  Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

   This book was on the Oprah Book Club.  I am not a part of the Oprah Book Club, however, when it showed up in my bookclub on, I had to put it on my own reading list.  This story tells about a woman's journey along the pacific crest trail, in search of finding herself. I've just started this book, and the writing style is interesting and imaginative.  Can't wait to continue reading to see where her journey to self discovery takes her. 

Favorite Fail of the Week:  Lance Gross

    Ok, as sexy as this man is.... I really don't know if I can get down with the tattoo that says "Dark N Lovely" on this right shoulder... Really, Lance?! Something about this does NOT sit right with me for any man, let alone a "straight man".  This tattoo makes me curious as to Why???... Why, Lance, Why??? I mean, we all make mistakes, but you have enough money to cover this one up. I don't get it. What's the joke? Until I hear the story, the jury is out... Lance might be fired from my dream team...

Favorite Laugh of the Week:  Dr. Kluck, Plastic Surgeon

   Seriously, it makes me laugh every time!

Fashion Fail:  Really...  You're a grown a** man!

     Ok, you mean to tell me, you're a fully grown man.... sagging his shorts..., with house shoes & a little girls' Dora the Explorer back pack on... Really?! Who does this?  I think you should be able to have fun with fashion, but this isn't cutting it for me. Sorry dude, you FAIL!

Annoyance of the Week:  Please Stop Talking!

   You all know that guy... The one who is obsessed or fixated on something you could either a) care less about or b) he has beat that dead horse to the white meat.  I'm always there for my friends, but sometimes enough is enough!! I've delt with this type of person a few times this week.  It was so bad, he couldn't even keep up with conversation that our group was having.  Somehow, some way, it always came back to him & his self-imposed issues. Please get your life! 

Favorite Song:  Tonight (Best You Ever Had) John Legend, From the Think Like a Man soundtrack

Ok, So I couldn't get past not mentioning Michael Ealy this week... but I just really like the song... Is it MY fault it was his theme all throughout the movie??? I think not.

Favorite Crush of the WeekTerrence J.

     Contrary to popular belief, I've always preferred the "nice guy" over the "bad boy" any day.  Terrence J. seems to be one of the nicest, most genuine men I've seen on tv, besides being so absolutely attractive.  Selita Ebanks... You're a lucky girl! 

Well, thanks for checking out my blog!! It looks like I've got enough favorites for the week.  Stay tuned for more upcoming blogs! Have a great weekend & Don't forget to suscribe!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Restored, Renewed, Revived, Reclaimed and Redeemed...

“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.” - Audrey Hepburn

    2011 started off with a bang.  I was hopeful and more sure than any other year that "This Year" was going to be my BEST year ever!  Everyone in my family was doing ok, mostly.... I thought I finally had the man I was going to be with forever & he claimed he felt the same way, I had just paid off my car, I was satisfied w/my house,  I was growing in my relationship w/God,  I was comfortable & established seniority at my job, I had actually made huge accomplishments in my forever life-long battle  of the bulge-my weight.  This year was going to be the best...obviously! 
     Little did I know that January would be the only "good" month in the entire year.  I lived, horrified & unbelieving, that all the things I mentioned above one by one had started to be ripped out of my life.  I think for about 6mos, I was in shock of it all.  I couldn't deal... I was merely trying to understand and  comprehend the whole notion of "When it rains it pours"... How does someone not drown? As soon as you get yourself self up, than **BAM**  a semi-truck hits you with another disappointment. Your car blows up *BAM!*...  Two of your family members die within two months **BAM!** ...  Everything at your job goes haywire *bam!* Your relationship with the one man you're actually in love with ends **Bam!!** ...and there are other chics involved, lies that were told, and the new chic wants to start drama with you ***BAM!!!, BAM!!!, BAM!!!*** I think, generally, I can handle disappointment well.  What I have a hard time handling, is the feeling that my entire life is being ripped away from me; In some form or fashion, It felt like someone/something in every area of my life, that I cared about or loved died... I think I held a funeral in my mind every day.  I mourned for the dreams that I lost... the actual family that I lost... the convenience & comfortability of what I had was shaken... It was a year of loss... I felt like I was dead. On good days, I merely existed.  On the bad days I called in sick, b/c I couldn't pull myself out of bed.  Depression set in, and at times, felt like it was physically holding me down. I've never felt that.  Like I said, the first few months, I was in shock... and the months continued, each tragedy kept coming... it even became somewhat comical at one point.  I had to make my pain laughable, to even get through them. 

"The beauty of having the sky fall, is that one day you'll wake up and notice the sun is shining brightly, again. You got through what you believed was a dark, neverending moment that ultimately did pass... Those moments always pass."- Karrine Steffans
    2012 has been pretty much of the same thing, however- I see a little light at the end of the long dark tunnel.  Actually let's face it, it's more like dawn at the end of the tunnel.  Light would suggest that I actually had a clear path to where I want to go from here. All I do know is the only way is up.  I've been praying for some direction and healing to revive my soul.  HE needs to restore me to the person I used to know.  She wasn't perfect, but she loved life and people.  She trusted in good things & that when you do things in love, people are able to see your true intentions... I'm renewing my thoughts.  I'm trying to push out 2011 & the aftermath of 2012 out of my mind and heart before 2013 comes. 

      I'm sad to say that the last few months, I haven't been very kind to myself.  By nature, I've always treated others better than myself-- but I never abandoned myself. In 2012, I think the abandonment I felt caused me to abandon the last thing I had left-- me.  It just felt weird, that despite everything I lost, that I was still around. Up until a few weeks ago, I've been a functioning shell of who I was. Sure I could breathe and move as always; laugh and smile; cry and think... but there has been so much emptiness behind it; going through the motions of LIFE.  I'm now reclaiming myself.  I'm purging myself of my zombie-like mindset.  I won't give up.  This is something that has proven to be pretty hard for me.  It's easy to give up.  After all the things that happened, giving up felt like sweet relief.  And by nature, I'm a very "balanced" person.  Generally, I'm not really a "go getter".  This is some self actualization for you-- because most people don't actually admit that.  I crave balance, which by default I pick and choose my battles; you win some, you lose some. And I'm usually ok with that. I'm not very competitive.  You find that the only things that I truly fight for, are things that I love & have a passion for.  A date with a guy I'm only "kinda" interested in doesn't work out, oh well... You mess with my family... "It's OVER for you". That's pretty much how I roll.  Over the past few months, I've realized that I haven't had a passion for me, or for anything else, for that matter.  My emotions run deep and long- so imagine how disconnected I had to be to simple  "make it". 
     This week, I've been coming to terms with the fact that my life is way off course, from what I thought it would be... But I'm learning to embrace it.  I'm learning not to lose hope, faith, or passion- but to actually be more of a go-getter.  I'll be the first one to tell you that motivation & ambition aren't my strongest points.  I looked back at all the dreams I had as a little girl, and started thinking about somewhere along the way, someone stepped on my dreams.  I don't ever remember anyone encouraging me along the way in the things that I actually wanted to do.  For a period in time, I do remember them encouraging me to draw & do art-- which is far from what I really wanted to do.  Somehow, those behaviors formed thought bubbles of "you can't do that", " Most people don't have that...", "That's not real life..." "That's unattainable..."... etc.  Somewhere along the way, that lack of support resulted in the death of those dreams. So I shut them out and succombed to the more "practical"  dreams.  And you know what? Now, I'm BORED
    Given the past events, I'm wondering if maybe I gave up on those dreams to easily.  I'm doing a lot of soul searching lately. For once in my life, putting Tiffani first... Really trying to figure out what God wants for me in this life-- because apparently, what I thought he wanted was far off.  Sometimes, tragedy has a way of making you put things into perspective.  I'm done sleeping on myself.  Been sleeping on myself too long...It's been proven that only God is there for you.  Sure, friends and family are there at times, but eventually, they get tired of listening to you.  Sooner or later, you have to start to look up & start climbing out of your pit... or die.  I'd rather die trying, than just to lay there and waste away.  So I'm praying for a new outlook on things... One that is permanent & that will allow me to do great things. Through all of this, I know that I am like the Phoenix Bird... The legend says that: The phoenix can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune's spite; revive from ashes and rise.”- Miquel  de Cervantes Saavedra.  Well, I'm rising!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bonus Blog

  Sorry to those of you who look forward to my blog. I've been one part slacking & one part sick.  I'm also trying to make some different moves in my life path.  Sometimes, things don't always go as we plan, but we always know that God has a plan for why things happen the way they do.  This has proven to be one of the most difficult things for me to grasp.  I get so frustrated & disappointed at times, especially when I'm hopeful in things I've put all my heart into. But, I'm still learning each and everyday to embrace life, one day at a time, instead of living too far in the past or future. So- with all that being said, I'd like to share with you some of my hi-lites over the past couple of weeks... Please excuse the fact that most of these, if not all are about TV/Fim... Afterall, I was sick- there's not much else I was doing besides taking meds & sleeping. Here we go!! :

Favorite Movie: Unconditional

   Unconditional, starring my future husband, Michael Ealy... Laugh if you, want to- you know I am laughing, lol.  This was an amazing movie provided by Christian Media. Although I am a Christian,  I don't always like "Christian" movies. At times  I feel they lack the authenticity of real life & struggle.  I feel a lot of times it's a one-sided view of the world... but not this movie. This movie had so many different dynamics, messages, and nuances.  More than anything, it has Michael Ealy, lol. Well, ok, a great message too...

Favorite Talk Show: The Wendy Williams Show

   While I was sick, I sat many days on the couch, watching my pre-recorded episodes of The Wendy Williams Show.  I started recording it, because after watching her interview w/the Think Like A Man cast, I really appreciated her authenticity and interviewing skills.  For those of you who know me well, I'm a more "get to the point, ask what you want to know person".  I hate when people beat around a bush; mind you, I believe a great deal in tact, I like for people to get to the point.  Wendy, I feel, does this better than any talk show host I've seen.  She gets the information we all want to know! Go Wendy!

Favorite Guilty PleasureHere Comes Honey Boo Boo

   Yes... I tried that.  I had to check out why everyone was raving and fascinated with this show.  As we all know, the child pageant world is somewhat the trainwreck of southern society-- at least to us Northerners... But for some reason, we can't seem to turn away from the spray tanned, flipper wearing, big-haired little girls that go on about "Glitz" and "Beauty".  The picture above pictures probably my favorite phrase from the entire series... and it came from the Belle of the show, Honey Boo Boo... "You Betta' Redneckonize!"

Favorite Reunion ShowThe Real Housewives of New Jersey

   Another Not-so-guilty pleasure of mine, is watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Last Sunday's episode proved to be every bit as volatile and "Giucy" as we thought it would be.  One thing I wish they wouldn't do, however, is scream & talk over each other for long periods of time. I wish Andy had the Cajones to step in a little more and break it up.  If anything, the viewers would appreciate it.  This season's reunion is broken up into three parts, each one promises to be more revealing than the next.  Teresa Giudice completely comes off as a fame whore in this episode with her attention-seeking antics and inability to let any other Housewife share her story, thought, and air.  She even went as low as to try and turn a moment about Jacqueline Laurita's son, Nick's, autism, about her.  She's proven to be one of the most narcissistic women on the show. The girl needs a muzzle. Then the nerve for her to come on Wendy Williams and try to "explain" more of why she acts this way. She's on there about every 3 weeks! Please. I'd love to hear more from anyone else BUT Teresa. I think I'm mostly excited to hear from Rosie, Kathy Wahkile's no-holds-barred, rough and tumble sister.  Can't wait!

Favorite DVD of the week:  Think Like a Man

Oh, yes, another reference to Mr. Ealy.  What can I say? I'm a little enamoured with him, right now.  I got to see a lot of his trueness in some radio interviews on Youtube & other blogs- and what I can say about him, is that he's one of the most grounded celebrities I feel like I've been able to relate to.  That being said, this week's pick is for another reason... which I'll mention in the next Favorite...

Best Moment: My Brain!!

The fact that God has given me the ability to be technologically competant, is a huge blessing.  I never take that for granted.  Being a Single girl, living alone- I have no one to help me with the "manly" duties.  I use that term loosely.  You're talking about a chic that changed my own brake pads, and didn't smudge my fresh Cherry Red Manicure.  I'm a beast, when it comes to taking care of business around my home.  As it relates to the DVD: Of course I pre-ordered Think Like A Man as soon as I was aware of it's release date.  Well, my actual DVD player is old & needs to be replaced.  So, I was watching my brand new movie in my laptop on my Toshiba Player. Much to my chagrin, it was like watching an old Kung-Fu movie-- you know the kind, where the words don't match up to the dialogue. I tried to suffer through it... and at first wondered if there was something wrong with the DVD, itself.  After cleaning it about 1000 times, I tried something else.  By adjusting my power levels, I was able to figure out how to sync up my DVD.  I felt so powerful in that moment! And relieved that I could watch my movie in peace!

Ok- I've written enough! Gotta save something for the next blog.  Have a great week, everyone!!