Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Favorites!

   Welcome to the weekend, again!  I can't believe how quickly this week had passed.  From football to Fashion Week, it's been one amazing ride!  These are my favorites from this week:

Favorite Moment:

When my little brother, Seth- (#14 for the University of St. Francis Cougars) hit his opponent head on.  The guy was twice as big as him- but he took that Stuart heart & crumpled the guy... The look on his face was hilarious! 

Favorite Political Moment:

Our First Lady- Michelle Obama's speech... and the fact that she is the most fashionable & stylish first lady since Jackie O!  She's amazingly eloquent & sexy!  Go 'head, Michelle! Work!

Favorite Fashion Funny:

In Honor of Fashion Week...

Man Crush of the Week: 

 T.I.- Just as sexy in sweats as he is in a suit...  I watched the first 2 episodes of TI & Tiny: Family Hustle... Can I just say that there's nothing sexier than a family man... NOTHING!

Favorite Yum- Yum:

"Hot Vanilla" (instead of hot chocolate!)
   I cannot wait to try this! I've always been more partial to white chocolate, than regular chocolate! This looks like another thing I might not be able to put down...

Favorite Football Funny:  

Favorite Quote of the week: 

Favorite Song of the Week: 

  Hopeless by Dionne Farris... from the Love Jones soundtrack

Favorite Guilty  Pleasure: 

Watching the "usually smug", kiss my butt, b/c they think I have connections they can use me for... Sorry, Suckas!! lol  (Ha ha)

Favorite Reality show of the week:

    This family is so precious! They're like the Modern Day Cosby's!  

Favorite Joy:

Seeing my favorite fashion blogger, the blonde beauty in the lemon button dow, Anna James of Fash Boulevard ( realize her dreams at the Style Awards at New York Fashion Week: CONGRATULATIONS, ANNA!! Your dreams are coming true!!

I had a pretty good week, but boy I'm glad it's the weekend!
Share about yours in the comments below!!

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