Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites!

So, it's that time for me to do another Friday Favorite, Lauren Conrad Style! Check out my favorites for this week!

Favorite Look:
           The Classic Effortless Sofia Loren

Favorite  Treat:

Favorite Crush of the Week:

           Indiana Pacers Player, George Hill (oooo-weee!)

Favorite Quote: 

Favorite Fall Pre-View:


Favorite Season Finale:

Favorite Bite:

Favorite Laugh:

Favorite Read:
Favorite Sport:

 Tailgate Party, Anyone?  Football is here & My baby brother starts tomorrow as Slot Receiver at Univesity of St. Francis! #14 Seth Stuart!

Have an Amazing Weekend, Everyone!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favorites

Lauren inspired us to do a Friday Favorites Blog on  I know she's been doing it forever, but after realizing the joy she gets from it, I thought it'd be awesome to do the same. Who knows? maybe it'll become a weekly thing? We'll see... Here's to the first Friday Favorites, by Tiffani Sharice!

Favorite Smile:  (This was probably a Monday Favorite...)

Pinned Image

Favorite Look:  (I'm getting this dress ASAP! It's so me! Flirty w/a little bit of edge)

Kohl�s Craving: My New Fall Collection

Favorite Moment:  (Every girl knows that moment...)

Pinned Image

Favorite Crush of the week:  (MMMmmmm mmmMichael Ealy!)

Favorite Breakfast Bite:  (Overnight Oatmeal, inspired by Lauren Conrad)

Pinned Image

Favorite Flirty Skirt:

Pinned Image

Favorite Photo:  (Lofty Aspirations)

Pinned Image

Happy Friday!!