Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quick Post: "Today is Going to be Lovely; No Matter Who Gets On My Nerves!"

    Sometimes this place is so irritating to me!  It seems like it's ok for everyone else to make mistakes, but for me... Oh, for me, it's World War III!  I'm pretty proud of myself, however... My supervisor was more than rude w/me this morning, but I kept my cool.  This was an amazing feat for me, by the way-- because I'm NOT a morning person.

One of my biggest pet peeves is being confronted & picked at all the time for [what seems like] EVERYTHING!! But one of my bigger pet peeves, has got to be confronting someone who doesn't think they ever make mistakes & refuses to admit they're ever wrong. Or calling them out on the same things they call me out on, just to get a brushed off or glossed over response, because this time the shoe is on the other foot.  Shouldn't it be the same for everyone??? I mean, if I get chewed out for something, and someone else does the same thing, shouldn't they get at least a curt reprimand???

 I can't wait until I head in a new direction... Mornings like this are what are gonna keep me looking beyond to doing something I truly want to do.  I clearly get no respect or consideration around here...  I need to be someplace where I don't feel like people are always trying to throw me under the bus or be condescending... but you know what? My mantra today is " Today is going to be a lovely day, no matter who gets on my nerves..." I'm not gonna let these suckas get me down! lol


  1. Wow, great words girl! I like this post so much!
    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  2. Great attitude!!