Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012: Another New Year

     So this year, I've actually made resolutions...  Usually, I don't make them, because I think it sets yourself up to fail, sometimes.  But a few of mine are definitely attainable.  Here's to a new year! ;0)

My New Year's Resolutions:

 1) More Bible studies & keep striving to have a deeper relationship w/Him.
 2) Don't let last year's heartache ruin what this year has to offer--Get over my Ex.
 3) Take more vacation/stay-cations
4) Have Mimosas every Saturday morning.
5) Take each day at a time. "Every day starts off fresh, with no mistakes in it, yet..."
6) Of course- Get back on track of losing weight again... (Ya'll know what Im talking about ha ha)
7) Get & maintain the classic "Staples" of my wardrobe. Pretty much everyone says it's the same things (LBD, white button down shirt,Nice blazer...etc) but I've never had them all at the same time.
8) Spend more money on clothes than on food.
9) Be more balanced as far as putting myself ahead of others. I'm notorious about putting others first; but sometimes its to my own detriment. I love to give, but half the time I'd never spend as much on myself, as I spend on other people.
10) Return to my love of reading/writing again.

Blessings to everyone this year